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Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. You will have noticed that there's a fair amount of choice online for reaching and interacting with your audience, in fact it's overwhelming!
To help you review and prioritise, we developed the "Digital Marketing Radar" which gives a prompt on the different types of sites and apps you should think about to gain visibility. This is the first version and we intend to refine and update the Radars, while keeping them simple, so tell us your suggestions! I've always thought that the Conversation Prism developed by Brian Solis a several ago now was a great way of thinking through your options for making use of and monitoring social media. The Bullseye is featured by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Maiers who released a new book: Traction, a nice hook to show the challenges of gaining visibility online to drive customer acquisition. For a more detailed assessment of media channels is a next stage I recommend our Content Distribution Matrix which can be applied more generally for reviewing digital acquisition channels. We are now at the point where mobile media time Is now greater than desktop and other media!
Yes, we did create a PDF version which is available free for Basic members as part of the free downloads (access from the Membership menu).
Likewise I suspect that Delicious is maybe more important than Stumble Upon (but that’s probably splitting hairs). Thanks Richard – let me know how it works if you use it as a training aid on your CIM courses?! I agree 100% with Richard, my experience is that in B2B LinkedIn is invaluable compared to other social networks. I would go as far to say that LinkedIn when used creatively and well – can be a great customer service tool too.
Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques.
An online value proposition is closely tied to your brand positioning which answers questions like: who we are, what we offer, which markets do we serve, what makes us different? But it's more than just a selling proposition since it shows what you can offer in way of content, products, services and experiences to engage online customers.A The OVP extends this the difference in that it identifies the reasons why customers will click on, return, register or buy from your site and ideally feel motivated enough to share their experience a€“ the last point being key in an age where the customer increasingly defines the brand. The customer value proposition should state the intrinsic benefits a visitor will get from the the site, content, web service or functionality a€“ and how that ties to your overall product or service. These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing Online value proposition effectively.
Yet for marketers, internal communications managers and other professional persuaders video and boring stock photography seem is often the only type of visual content they ever think about. So what are the killer features comics have compared to other forms of visual communication? Since comics are not yet used extensively in marketing you can use them to surprise your audience. You probably know that people’s attention span online is that of a hyperactive squirrel. When Google launched its Chrome browser couple of years ago they wanted to explain to journalists and bloggers the features that set the browser apart from its rivals.

There’s also something about a drawn, especially hand drawn, line that signals that things are not set in stone and that you are open to change.
For example: if you are an internal comms manager and you want to communicate to staff that you want their opinion on the new initiative.
I would love to hear about other examples of comics as a marketing or communications medium (good and bad) as well as your views about the medium in general. Visual content marketing specialist with a background in digital communications, digital campaigning (mainly Greenpeace), journalism and cartooning. I absolutely have to add another example of a comic that explains complex and abstract concepts: Darryl Cunningham is in the process of authoring a comic about the financial crisis of 2008.
You can't be everywhere, so it's important to prioritise which types of sites and partnerships you invest time and money in to try to gain visibility through outreach, partnering and advertising. In this update, we introduce the Marketing Bullseye FrameworkA - a great new tool to review customer acquisition from Traction which has a similar purpose - see the end of the post for a description. In larger companies it's best to have a strategy for reach, so you should get clarity on your priorities through an online marketplace analysis or brand touchpoint map showing your priorities across paid, owned and earned media.
More recently, we have developed this into a Social Media Marketing Radar infographic - see this post for more details on each platform and to download our free set of infographics.
Justin is founder of search engine Duck Duck Go andA as an entrepreneur involved with this and other startups as a VC, it takes the perspective of startups who are looking to gain visibility.
The statistics are quite shocking which now shows the importance of mobile SEO and Reputation Management in your overall marketing strategy. When a person is searching for general information without clarity of terms that they should be using, there is a strong trend toward that person using Google, or whatever search engine they happen to have on their mobile device (usually google).
The Radar is about prioritising, so if companies felt it was important, they could add it onto their scope. This is really interesting work and will be particularly useful in discussions on CAM Digital Marketing Course Days when talking digital marketing metrics.
Based on my experience I agree with most of the positioning my only divergence is on Linkedin which from a small business, B2B and event based marketing I think is actually more important than any of the other Social Networks if used well. FriendFeed appears to be picked up more by Google Alerts than a lot of other social media so might be worth including.
I have Stumbleupon higher priority since it does pass Page Rank and it has more of a viral effect than Delicious. I definitely agree the Conversation Prism can be a little overwhelming and doesnt support prioritisation. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics. It's important to clearly communicate what online experiences and content your brand can offer for each site, app and type of social presence.
Comics and comic like visual stories (some infographics) are one of the most popular visual content online. Comics have an advantage over simple illustrations or data visualisation: they tell a story. So if you’re trying to explain a complex processes or a technical solution to a lay audience a comic might  be a good solution.

They hired Scott McCloud, a well-known comics artist, to produce a comic that would explain the key innovations. If you use generic stock photos with beautiful smiling people you are also creating anonymous corporate distance between you and your potential client or stakeholder. If you use slick graphics or expensive looking video productions at an early stage of a project you are sending a message that things have already been decided. I have been toying with the idea of using comic strips to simplify and humanize the complex products and service offerings of a B2B client. Trouble is The Conversation Prism has grown over time so that now I can't really use it effectively in workshops - there are too many options and the more important ones aren't distinguished from the less important. It's not limited to social media sites since most sites now have some form of peer-to-peer interaction facility. It can be used to discuss with colleagues or agencies which sites warrant or deserve most attention in the different categories. I think the ability to drill down and really evaluate the content and positioning as part of a holistic strategy is a real winner in terms of making sure an enterprise gets maximum bang for it’s Pounds. That said I find Delicious a useful research tool – must write a little post on that one day. I agree that is an omission, and its value is often underestimated, but that presence would be included under publishers – I will add a note to that effect. And as professional communicators know, there’s nothing more powerful than a compelling story if you want to get your point across. But chances are you’ve ended up paying a lot of money for something that receives a lukewarm response.
Expensive looking corporate imagery on the other hand signal stability and sometimes that’s exactly what you want to get across. Instead it shows all the main places where a company should review its representation used to increase awareness of it's brand through display advertising, search marketing as well as online PR and social media.
Sites which are agreed to be more important which warrant more resource should be positioned more towards the centre and this summarised in your online marketing plan.
I think tools that allow an effective visualisation of ones position should be on everyone’s radar. And they can potentially solve the problem of where to get engaging content for your website and other online channels for a longer period – not just for a one-off campaign.
Unless video is a natural part of your communication or marketing mix then why would you spend thousands of pounds, dollars or euros investing in something that might not even work?
McCloud offset that arcane matter with clever, anthropomorphic depictions of overworked browsers and guilty-looking plug-ins” ( New York Times). But if your aim is to signal friendliness and make your audience feel that you are not an average corporate player then comics might help you to do this.

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