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I thought I would do a quick Email Mentor review do to the fact that I have had quite a few inquiries on this program.
The Email Mentor program comes with a delayed price tag of $47 a month, yes they do state that the price to belong is FREE but this is just in the initial stages which you will see after reading my Email Mentor Review. Bobby the owner describes Email Mentor as a blend of Email marketing and affiliate marketing all rolled into one, just a little food for thought, Affiliate marketing is a broad term used to describe what a person does when they direct clients to a merchant’s website to make a purchase, Email marketing is simply one step in a process that Affiliate Marketers use to gain traffic, it can be a very effective tool when used in conjunction with a series of steps funnelling prospects into the buying stage.
The Payout- If you are one of the lucky ones you will get paid out on the 25th of each month but only if you hit the threshold of $400, that’s extremely steep when you consider many affiliate programs that I belong to payout after $100.
Paypal Bows Out- Paypal, the premier payment company online has dropped Email Mentor as a client which raises some  concerns, Paypal will drop programs that they do not want their name to be associated with I am not sure if this is the case here but it does raise the question. Bobby B states that because they are such valued customers of Email Response Pro that members of the Email Mentor program will be given a 7  day $10 trial but after researching this claim I found this is a standard offer by Email Response Pro to all of it’s potential customers, makes me question what Bobbies motive is here! I am leaning towards the Email Mentor program as just a creative Email Response Pro affiliate pulling off a very creative way to make money from Email Response Pro commissions.

The Email Mentor system is pitched as a clone system that requires no knowledge of Internet marketing or Email marketing to be successful and that in itself is worth some scrutiny. With the new InstaEmail Template Machine, companies can create a professional-looking email template in seconds. First, choose from six layout options, including various placements for the logo, header image, primary text and secondary text.
Push it directly to their VerticalResponse account, where the template will automatically appear in their account’s email creation dashboard. The template filler text includes helpful tips on how to create an engaging email newsletter, such as personalizing the greeting, techniques to connect with readers, and where to include links. The InstaEmail Template Machine is free and there is no limit to how many templates can be generated using the tool.
Email marketing involves some very specific training to have success with this form of marketing which I didn’t find evident inside the Email Mentor program.

It would add some credibility to the Email Mentor program if Bonny B was who he says he is which I can’t find any proof of. Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online.
Users simply type in their business website URL and the tool instantly detects the images and color scheme found on the company’s website. Its mission is to empower small businesses and non-profit organizations to easily and affordably create, manage and analyze their own marketing campaigns. If you have had any experience with this program I would appreciate some feedback, cheers Mike.

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