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6- Passport is not required for minors who are registered under their Parent’s passport. 8-Visitors must hold their documents to till the next destination and they should have a sponsor in UAE to cover their stay in the country. GCC Residents Entry Permit is valid for (30) days before entry from issuance date , and stay period after entry is (30) days from entry date, and its extendable for (60) days. Upon arrival if GCC Residency is found to be expired or cancelled , entry permit holder will not be granted entry. If profession of GCC Resident is found to be changed after issuance of this entry permit , entry permit holder will not be granted entry. Read the information carefully and then click “GCC Residents” in the left side menu as shown below.
It seems you have to make fresh application for her as there is no option to add spouse in dependents on the website.
My visa got approved just 4 hours before I reached the border, I think it was because of large amount of visa applications because of eid season.
If you are going in September, I recommend you to apply for evisa 15 days before you travel. For the main applicant, only first page of passport is enough, don’t bother with remaining pages. I personally recommend you to apply for visa for yourself first and wait till your visa gets approved and receive it in your email. If you are travelling by car via Ghuwaifat border, then you have to select Abu Dhabi as the emirate. Only the starred red color fields are required to be filled, rest all you can skip, same applies to booking reference. I applied online and added my daughters as accompanied- i didnt saw your post of not adding the kids under our visa. There are two columns namely residence ID and ID card, there you have to upload your wife’s iqama twice. 1-I manually typed her name in arabic according to iqama cause according to system translation it was slightly different.
Now I am curious to know again on how to apply daughter – shall i select the option abu dhabi as in dubai the profession for child is not appearing. You are welcome; On arrival I am not sure as the talk of the town its gonna be closed by 1 sep 2015 but dont take risk doing it.
This is what happening some say 1 sep was last date and some say 1 october will be the last date.
Also the fees is charged after visa accepted or immediately and if immediately what if the visa rejected? Hence, if you want to go there and try your luck, that is a really good thing and we appreciate your desire to do that because most likely you would return as a successful person and better human being. Today we are going to show you how you can get UK entrepreneur visa and start a new chapter in your life by stepping up and actually chasing your dreams and becoming what you want to become because you were not created to be average.
To enter United Kingdom as a entrepreneur and make anything you want to make, you can get a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. You also must have evidence that you can support yourself financially because that is the only way to show that you are good enough to handle a business. For those who are outside UK, you must have 3100 ? and for those inside UK you need to have 900 ?. It is strongly suggested that you read the guidance  first to understand what to do and how to do. For the question of how long you can stay in United Kingdom, the maximum limit is 3 years and 4 months.
Everything is explained in good way in the second link but if you still need more guidance you can ask us like always. Saudi Arabia is the second largest Middle Eastern country and is well known for vast oil reserves and holy sites for Islamic faith followers.
If you are planning to movie is Saudi Arabia or if you are doing job in Saudi Arabia then you must be assure that Saudi Arabia introduced new rule for visa for 2013 and 2014 year Everyone should be aware of this new rule of Saudi Arabia visa before moving to Saudi Arabia .
Saudi Arabia have different type of visa and each category of visa has its own rule and regulations. Sharia law are the guidelines for common law in Saudi Arabia and all individuals entering Saudi Arabia must abide by these laws.

Now Saudi government also introduced online visa status checking so now you can check visa status online by website. If you got umrah visa or hajj visa then you must be leave the country after the 30 or 40 days.
For student visa you need to complete a form and required a letter for the university which need to submit to Saudi ambassy.
Now you can visa status online and enjaz is authority name which handle all the visa can also email all visa query to Saudi embassy.
What are new rule for employment visa in Saudi Arabia and what are new rule and requirements of employment visa for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. For employment visa in 2013 , you need a a letter from your Saudi employer (or sponsor, if not the same) consolidated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a signed copy of your employment contract from company. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
An EAD, employment authorization document or employment authorization card, allows L2 visa holders and H4 visa holders, among other eligible visa categories, to legally work in USA.
If you e-file your employment authorization document application, you must pay the EAD card fee by credit card, debit card, or electronic transfer of funds from a checking or savings account from a US bank. Visit E-Filing Form I-765 for specific instructions on e-filing application for employment authorization. Note: If you do not hear from USCIS within 90 days, you can go to the nearest USCIS by making an infopass appointment and obtain an interim EAD card.
Your employment authorization document is valid for two years and may be renewed as long as your spouse has valid L1 or H1B visa status.
When filling out details like profession make sure that you type in the initials of you profession and then select one from the drop down menu list.
I added them in my application as accompanies but the status coming to separate their applications from mine but there is no edit or modification button there. I attached their applications with mine almost two weeks ago but still status showing in process. You can’t depend on visa on arrival because of eid holidays, they will avoid giving you visa to cut the rush.
And also, if you are travelling with your family, first apply for visa yourself alone first and wait till your visa gets approved.
I still have problem, I dont have credot card to pay visa online and also do i need to have saudi exit re entry visa? Mark, saudi exit re-entry visa is compulsory for you to travel and credit card is the only way to pay for online visa.
Its been 12 days I tried to send emails and called but their numbers seems to be not working. One more question, if your travelling at the end of September don’t apply for visa now as it is more than 1 month. As the second name is not starred field, you can skip that and write your second name in last name. Rafi for the valuable informations; I would ask one more clarification regarding the Residence Permit Copy and ID Card which are the mandatory field. I don’t think they will issue same visa for you and your daughters as your daughters may be holding separate passports. For your daughters, please apply individually as they won’t accept your current visa for you and your daughters at the immigration, they may ask you to apply separate arrival visa for your daughters. I applied 1st for myself then the next day for my wife and the day after for my 1st daughter and later for my 2nd daughter; so that not to take risk of loosing the money at once. As we hav little time left coz we plan to travel on 12 Sep, is onarrival still valid, we would travel by road. If you and your family is traveling from Saudi then I believe you need to take Abu Dhabi visa. The system says that application already exist with incomplete payment details, try after 1 hour, I have tried 10 times after 1 hour, still same error. It has been 36 hours and still my old application exists in the system and it is not allowing me to apply again for both myself and my wife. But that doesn’t mean you have no right to live there after that because you can extend your visa if you need.
Many people refer to Saudi Arabia as The Land of the Two Holy Mosques which refers to Masjid al Haram and Al-Masjid al Nabawi, which are the two holiest places in Islam.Saudi Arabia is very holy place for all Muslims and every year million of Muslim visits the Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj.

Bahrain , Kuwait and united arab emirates citizen can enter in saudi arabia without any visa and in these country you can enter without visa if  you have Saudi arabia passport.
This article will give you sufficient information regarding business Visit Visa , diplomatic and Official Visa , Employment Visa ,family visit Visa , government visit Visa , residence visa , student visa , transit visa ,temporary work visa , hajj Visa ,umrah Visa. Now Saudi Arabia also offer student visa and less restriction but new rule are introduced in employment visa of Saudi Arabia in 2013 and people predict that in New Year 2014 more strict rule will be implement for employment visa for Saudi Arabia. So there are number of travel agent in all over the world which can arrange all umrah or hajj requirements of person so its better just to choose a good travel agent which can book hotel and restaurant during your stay in Saudi Arabia. Now Saudi government invest million of dollar in education and offer many student visa so if you are interesting to get the student visa then its right time to apply for student visa and you can get scholarship offer from many universities.
Saudi government is also in negotiation with Philippine government to resolve the employment visa issue.
You need all your educational certificate and must be attested for higher education authority of you country. Valid Passport (+ a good quality scanned copy of the page with the photo and the address page). An EAD card is not required for employment, but it is recommended to apply for EAD in order to establish employment authorization in the US. Mail a paper application at the filing address associated with the corresponding eligibility category. However, you will need to go to a USCIS Application Support Center for the electronic capture of a photograph, fingerprints and signature.
In case you are applying for a visa for you wife too then fill in a separate application with relevant and accurate details. Once your visa gets approved, attach that evisa in your dependents visa application at the end along with your iqama and passport. Upload your single son photo, son iqama copy, son iqama copy, passport 1st page of your son. My wife visa was rejected at the first place so i amde few changes in the application (memtioned in my previous post) and alhumdullilah git approved the 2nd time. Whenever you plan to visit Saudi Arabia you should have information that we type of visa you require. If you are planning to move in Saudi Arabia and if you have offer letter from Saudi Arabia then you must take some basic knowledge of rule and regulation of Saudi government. Still Saudi Arabia didn’t offer permanent immigration So permanent immigration Is not possible in any gulf countries like UAE , Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So what are new requiments for employment visa for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and what new rule for Canada and USA citizen are.
However, you will need to go to a USCIS Application Support Center for the electronic capture of a photograph, fingerprints, and signature. In sponsor details, write, “Wife of (your name), company name, address and your saudi mobile number. Well, like most of other visas it is easier to get entrepreneur visa and people only think it is difficult while actually it is not. Saudi Arabia government offer different type of visa and you must apply for that visa in which category your visit fit. For employment visa there are some different rule for USA , Canada and other nations like Pakistan , India and Bangladesh. To enter Saudi Arabia, a passport valid for at least six months at the time of the visa application is required by all national. Saudi government has a biased attitude and they implement their entire rule more strictly only at Pakistani, India and Bangladesh.
Upon entering the country you will be asked to surrender your passport for at least 24 to 48 hrs and you may be asked to take blood testing, fingerprinting, and retinal scans.
Three copies of your official medical report, including HIV test results, issued by a licensed physician.Expats on long-term assignments need to have their Employment Visa extended to a Residence Permit (iqama), which is valid for one or two years. Please note that visa procedures and requirements change and it is always good to check the latest ones at the Saudi Embassy Visa Section in the country where you live at the moment.

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