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We all know gym memberships range from ridiculously expensive to dirt cheap (I mean Planet Fitness is something like $10 per month…that’s like $120 per year). Yeah, being fit brings countless savings (some that can be quantified and others that can’t), and that’s all awesome, but no matter how fit you are or how much money you’re saving on your gym membership, nothing is better than literally getting paid to workout.
Around 8 pm at night I received an e-mail from The Beachbody Challenge Team informing me that I had been selected and won The Beachbody Challenge $500 Prize – pretty cool way to end 2014 if you ask me.
It was as simple as entering The Beachbody Challenge and logging in my workouts in the SuperGym. That was it really – I made sure I had a before and after pic, entered the challenge, and logged in my workouts and within 6 months I was selected as one $500 winner!
So, I have spent $170.00 to workout over a 4 year period or $42.50 per year to get into, and stay, in the best shape of my life! But, that’s not all because I have the chance to start winning another $500 next month…and if that happens…well there’s no way in hell your gym will be better than mine…unless you own your own gym…then you probably get paid more money than me to workout…but I am assuming you don’t own your own gym!
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What also seems unbelievable is that Carell and Fey never worked together before this or knew each other well.
More successful in supporting roles are Mark Wahlberg, hilarious as a shirt-shunning security expert who helps Claire and Phil, and James Franco and Mila Kunis as the real Tripplehorns, though that’s not their real names, either.

What a combination ~ the scenes with Mark Wahlberg that are shown in the ads here would make me see this, let alone anything else.
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These are 9 videos result for the T25 workout, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the T25 workout online. Play and Stream Cardio Training For Beginners Like Focus T25 Workout Day 1 Full free online here. Watch Insanity Workout Videos Online For FreeWATCH INSANITY WORKOUT VIDEOS ONLINE FOR FREE patama quotes sa mga plastik na kaibigan, . Sounds like I might be setting you up for a to-good-to-be-true-gotta-be-a-catch story…BUT I AM NOT! Now, lets include the weights, pull-up bar, push-up bars, and balls I purchased at the start of a now almost 4-year Beachbody tenure.
Steve Carell and Tina Fey are sharp comic actors who manage to elevate a script that might have turned into an unwatchable movie if it had starred, say, Matthew McConaughey and Katherine Heigl.
Theirs is such a lived-in, real-world chemistry that I had to keep reminding myself they’re not really married to each other. Franco may be an academic in real life looking to pursue a PhD at Yale, but he cracks me up when he plays clueless and stupid. Going in knowing that the plot requires a slight suspension of belief but that it’s very funny and Carell and Fey have great on-screen chemistry is all I need to know to go buy my ticket.

I’m not amused by a bunch of takes that were ruined because the actors had the giggles. From backing their products and workout programs with money-back-guarantees to paying their customers $500 daily just for logging in their workouts to paying $100K to the grand prize winners, Beachbody don’t play when it comes to supporting and giving people incentives to get fit and, more importantly, stay fit! This seemingly harmless stunt results in an outrageous, all-night adventure that involves mob bosses, strippers, corrupt cops and politicians. Their comic rhythms are perfectly synced, making every scene as funny as possible without looking like they’re trying too hard. Sometimes it takes a lot of smarts to portray morons (see Carell as Michael Scott on The Office).
I had no expectations except to laugh and laugh I did (stay for outtakes over the end credits).
Of course the last time I made a statement like that was when I went to see LADYKILLERS because Tom Hanks was in the movie. Yes, it strains credulity but fuggedaboutit, you’re there for the laughs, not the logic. The gig should have been given to a middle-tier actor who could use the paycheck instead of someone already on a hit series who doesn’t need a thankless part.

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