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For every gamer it’s fun to take some time out of your traditional racing games like Need for Speed, or Grid or any other racing game and enjoy racing games online. This online racing game is very easy in the beginning, but as you level up, it becomes difficult unless you upgrade you cars and buy new weapons. 2 to 20 players race against each other in several different game modes and on various terrains.
These online car racing games can be unexpectedly fun as they will have different gameplay and different driving mechanics, which will give you a fun time.

There are 15 different rally tracks in this game and you have to race against 20 opponents. Each race has 32 cars including yours and you get prize money depending upon your position after the 2 lap race. You have to race against toy cars like your own and in the race you get different weapons to get the fun of annihilating your enemy.
Winning races will earn you different rally points and race points, which will enable you to unlock new cars.

The best thing about this game is it rewards in game money for nearly everything you can do in this game.
You can go off road if you think it is suitable but you have to finish first in order to win.

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