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The purpose of advertising with Google and Bing is not to get the most visitors on your website, but the most relevant visitors. Marketing managers Professionals who are responsible for market resources and support their sales team. Online marketers Online marketers who use our online marketing solutions and international databases, with multiple data sources to find the best leads and prospects for their business. Purchase managers Purchasing professionals who are searching on daily bases to new vendors or global partners. Social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the famous current examples of how the landscape is changing… and there will be many more. What is most important for brand management in the digital age… solid, strategically precise, brand and marketing objectives. Effective marketers must be flexible and willing to try new techniques, and Casa Dana Group has always done so.
The services we provide always begin with a simple conversation… about goals, objectives, experiences and opportunities. It seems only logical that most business-to-business companies consider LinkedIn to be the most effective and successful social media platform for content marketing; after all, it is built on business relationships and networking. When Google Glass came out, we kind of did a shoulder shrug—it seemed to carry with it a pretty hefty point of entry with a $1,500 beta price tag and Clark Kent-looking frames. We all know what a webinar is…but, do we all know how to prepare and present a compelling webinar? Forming an online brand has some unique challenges to ensuring your message is received correctly, with a major aspect being your company website.
The following blueprints outline some key elements to building up a solid website to enhance your brand online. So, you know you need a blog, but feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of creating—and sustaining—one. While there is a marked difference between how business-to-consumer tactics relate to business-to-business marketing, sometimes there are lessons that cross over.
One recent example in our modern age is how a business can use social media to communicate with and inform customers and prospects.
Now, of course we’re not talking about building a fan base geared around the latest microchip to hit the engineering scene. We’re talking about being where the people are—these tools have given marketers new methods of communication that will appeal to a number of different audiences, in the manner in which they chose to obtain their information. And from a business perspective, it’s important that a B2B company is the one holding the reigns to harness it’s online brand.
The critical component is recognizing the individual uses of each, and how these tools can—or can not—be used effectively to enhance your current marketing program. One of our favorite infographics still has to be the “Social Media Explained” donut analogy (see image top left)—we wish we could track down the originator and give them a big pat on the back! But in all seriousness, some of these social media sites can be put to productive use in a business environment.
As for Facebook, while it definitely paved the road for many a social media tool, it’s still primarily anchored in the consumer realm, but can be effectively used for certain situations. These are just a few ways in which social media tools can be effectively employed by B2B companies.
While we don’t recommend allocating a huge part of your annual budget to building out all these tools, it might be time to think about which ones are worth taking a look for the coming year. Advances in smartphones and tablets makes video viewing simpler, raising the users expectations of content delivery on a mobile device.
Google offers AdWords for video, applying the same PPC principles as a text-only program-you decide where, and when, your video ad shows up…and who sees them. High quality production of video is still important, but ‘shot on-site’ footage also offers a captivating, real-world feel with which viewers can connect.

That said, integrate videos with other marketing tactics-they are most effective when brought into the fold. As is true for any online content piece, keywords are critical to traffic generation and rankings. Keep is short & sweet—two to three minutes is an ideal length, but shorter pieces are effective as well. What better way for people to ‘get it,’ than tying a visual image in with your technical data.
Given all these attributes, it’s no wonder that video has emerged as a B2B superstar…and it appears that it’s still rising in usefulness.
Everyone is invited to be part of this meetup and know more about the Periscope which was purchased by Twitter in March 2015. The San Antonio Online Marketing Group is created to help you or anyone who wants to learn or need assistance with social media marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques, video marketing strategies, mobile marketing and building WordPress sites.
Oferujemy uslugi z zakresu projektowania, aktualizacji, modyfikacji stron internetowych, sklepow internetowych, blogow, web aplikacji.
Strona internetowa Lezajsk City wykorzystuje pliki cookie zapisywane w pamieci przegladarki internetowej. We’ve developed a Social Media Flowchart to help you understand how your website, social platforms and other services work together.
Local Search Group, a Houston based online marketing company, now offers their digital marketing expertise to the medical, petrochemical and offshore industries. Local Search Group has an exemplary team ready to meet our clients’ online marketing needs. With over 100 years of combined sales and online marketing experience, the innovative team of experts at Local Search Group is taking their proven methods into the energy and healthcare industries. Local Search Group utilizes a system that puts their clients’ customers in touch with current inventory so customers have an accurate view of what is available.
The Local Search Group team expertly manages pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization and social media for their clients. Founded in 2010 Local Search Group conducts operations from its Houston Texas headquarters while delivering results for clients around the world.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Finding the best e-mail addresses, website leads and detailed company information about companies all over the world.
The fastest way to grow your business is to convert prospects into customers.The most comprehensive lead generation tool ever created. E-mail allows a personal approach and gives you immediate insight into the reach and effect of your message. Through years of experience in business data and partnerships, with multiple data sources, RealTime Lead Group can give you detailed company information from over 50 million companies in 100 countries. It doesn’t matter if the target group is located at the home country or at the other side of the world, we offer a sales solution!
Our databases reaches states, countries and world regions to get the best results of your market resources. Today finance plays a larger role than ever in the growth and success of the business, which means you need access to the right information anytime and anywhere. If you’re looking for raw materials or expanding your production capacity, via our database solutions you find the right solution. This, however, always starts by applying a strong set of clear objectives and metrics to assess exactly how these marketing programs contribute to the business goals. In addition, 55% of marketers rated Twitter as an effective platform, which is a 5% increase from last year.
While it is mainly used for professional networking, LinkedIn can also be used as a social media platform.

He knew that just following the puck, or the market trend in our case, was not going to get him the goal. You have some topic ideas in mind, but how is that going to translate into a consistent, ongoing, informative and educational resource? All you need to do is post application examples so they can pin it and refer back when a project starts for them. Even short 30-60 second clips are beneficial to clearly stating the benefits of your products or to highlight an application example.
If you have to go as long as five minutes, make sure there’s enough compelling information to keep viewers engaged. Images help retention, and in today’s fast-paced business environment, being able to make that lasting impression is critical to success. If more info is needed, they’ll find all they need, neatly organized on your easy to navigate website, of course…right?
For some more details, read this article by PR News that explains the benefits of using YouTube…and why it shouldn’t just be a “nice to have” thing. They have a staff of certified digital marketing experts and the ability to meet the needs of both B2B and B2C clientele. The RTL-Group was formed by merging several big international data publishers who have been active in the international B2B database market since 1946. It is a highly effective way to draw attention to your products and services, attract more visitors to your website and … increasing your sales! Are all the opportunities used to get leads from your website and do you know exactly who your website visitors are? For every sales team we offer a proper solution based on the company’s needs and budgets.
As traditional media like newspapers, print publishing and television wane, the Internet expands in many directions.
Still, many BtoB marketers – especially in the manufacturing and engineering industries — believe Twitter won’t be an effective platform for their type of business.
Just as you would make a status update or post a link to Facebook, the same can be done in LinkedIn.
He needed to head to where the puck was going, arriving at its location before the puck even made it there. And this great video infographic demonstrates additional insights into why so many marketers are using video and why you should be, too! The RealTime Lead Group can therefore be seen as one of the main B2B database publishers in the world. Whether you have never created an e-mail marketing campaign or you’re an experienced e-mail marketer, B2B E-mail Marketing has the solution to fit your e-mail marketing needs. Businesses need to defend against market erosion on the one hand, and take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the tsunami of Internet developments on the other. It doesn’t matter, because making the perfect sandwich is an art, carefully crafted to meet your tastes. Social media platforms may be appealing because of their simplicity to manage, but you never know when they will make changes that adversely affect your business.
Apart from business information services, we offer online marketing products and services to get in touch with potential customers. Upload your own html-template, create your e-mail from scratch or use one of our standard templates to create your campaign. We offer B2B advertising solutions to enhance your online visibility and Financial services to analyze companies and minimize your risks.

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