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You can learn an easy content creation formula that takes less than a day to implement and will provide a steady stream of rankings, traffic and leads to any website and business. You’ll move viewers from being ignorant about you to becoming qualified prospects and eventually buyers. When you see how incredibly simple this process is, you’ll want to run to your computer to start your own 10x10x4 campaign.
You need only a computer and an inexpensive video camera (even an iPhone or Android phone will work). When you upload videos to top video sites, they get ranked and show up quickly in the search engines, which love video. Tim’s “lead capture” page (shown above) promises you free videos about losing weight, getting a perfect night’s sleep, reversing sports injuries and more in exchange for your email address.
I usually put the “Enter Your Name and Email” video on this page, but in Tim’s case, I put just a picture and bullet points about what people would receive if they gave us their info.
As soon as the viewer signs up, we send the “Thank You” video and say we’re sending the 20 free videos via a link to their email address.
Then comes the most important video, when we ask viewers to invest in Tim’s book (the “Buy My Stuff” video; if you don’t ask, you don’t get). For the bonus video, I recorded another Q-and-A session with Tim that I call “Success Leaves Clues,” about how he became so successful in just a few years and how you can, too. Every venue for your videos—articles, blog posts, social media and video link—can generate dozens of incoming links for you.
A diverse staff brings a patchwork of perspectives excited to generate creative, inventive solutions. In this step of the series there is going to be a pop quizz, but don’t worry, there are no wrong answers. A recent study has come up with the following statistics as to how much exposure people have to different mediums and where the average company spends its advertising dollar. We recommend starting with a $10 a day budget and track performance for a month and make any alterations to help improve performance and ROI.

If you would like to find out more about Pay Per Click and how it can benefit your business, give Andrew, Chris or Simon a call on 08 9745 9170.
Read more- >Say hello to the City Of Wanju, and their new logo and website!Posted: 19 Apr 2016 Wanju will be a city like no other. We want your business to succeedBrandicoot is committed to providing you with the right tools to market your business effectively. So, I have listed here some of the awesome free business wordpress themes, which are really good and has many features as well.
You’ll go from being a salesman to an authority, trusted adviser and friend—the real goal of marketing.
Write down the top 10 questions a potential buyer should be asking about your product or service. Upload your videos to as many video sharing, social bookmarking, podcast directories, social networks and blogs as possible.
In a few days, you’ll dominate the keyword phrases associated with your videos and see rankings and visitors.
And when users watch your video and visit your site, they’re five to 20 times more likely to take action and buy than from an ordinary link or a paid advertisement. I lost 17 pounds and 4 inches off my waist after a month with his program, so I wanted to share my results.
I broke my rule because I found that the number of people who opted in increased when I removed the video! Here’s the tone Tim took for this video (you should use it, too): “Thanks for signing up and taking action. When you educate, inform, entertain and build rapport, the audience feels a sense of connection with you and will buy products and services from you, a credible expert. I’ve helped thousands of small-business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and consultants in many businesses in more than 60 countries. These WordPress themes are especially designed keeping the needs of business in mind and therefore, these WordPress themes will help you provide vital information to your visitors by showcasing the products and services.

It helps you connect with visitors, explains your offer and tells why they should enter their contact information. When visitors fill in the form, you tell them they’ll receive their videos as soon as they check their email. You can post your videos on YouTube and try your luck, or you can try a service that works as PR Newswire does for press releases, but in this case seeds the web with your 20 videos.
And you are sending visitors to your “lead capture” page for a free offer; this is where you capture names and build your list. Feel free to browse through this collection and download your favorite theme for your website. Once you spread your 20 videos all over the web, you’ll offer people who viewed one of them the chance to see many more, all free if they supply their names and email addresses. Websites play the role of a tool for promoting your business on internet to give it a global presence. What worked in 2015 may not work in 2016, hence one needs to be on their toes to be able to find success on the web.It is not difficult to be an online marketer, but to be a successful one – well it is not as easy as it may sound. As an online marketer your main focus is to market your product and reach your target audience in an efficient way. A blog is basically a piece of writing that is generally opinionated but also highly informative. Almost all websites have a blog section today which is mainly used by the company to promote its businesses.How many times you post a blog on your website depends on a number of things including the nature of your product and the number of visitors you have.

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