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100 Product Preselling Tips – 1 to 10You'll learn a 100 ways you can presell your product before you officially release it. You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. If you were to see a publication date on this post older than 90 days, would you still read it?  If you saw more than 2,500 words sprawled in front of you – would your eyes be enthralled or glazed?  And perhaps just as importantly, would you still consider this post useful if you had to dig deep through search and social results to find it? But the one constant that will stand up in the face of it all is compelling, engaging and original content.  Relevant content is the one thing that will never be punished – and the one thing that every online marketer will seek for insight on how they can do it better.

This is not meant to be taken as an elitist swipe – this is meant to be taken as opinion.  And it’s OK to share opinions in your blog posts.
For instance, is it your opinion that Google Panda and Penguin were deployed with far too little forethought and no clear understanding of their actual impact – and that this is probably why they need to refresh seemingly every other week?  Go ahead and say it – the worst that someone can do is disagree.  And these disagreements can become the comment threads that transform your content marketing piece that was published in August to a conversation that stretches for months – with each new piece offering a bit of new information that can help your post achieve rarified evergreen status.
It is my opinion that these five constants are the key to marketing with content to other online marketers.
However, it’s hard to achieve a strong mindset without gaining something very important first….

I’d be happy to see this list expanded upon – or disagreed with – in any ensuing comments or reactions below.
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