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El marketing online es una forma de comercio electronico que se basa en estrategias de mercadotecnia ajustadas a la tecnologia con herramientas, servicios o tecnicas tales como: SEO, SEM, blogs, programas de afiliados, redes sociales, avisos en paginas web, correos masivos, publicidad en moviles, entre otras.
El marketing online permite comunicar, promocionar, publicitar y vender productos y servicios, por lo tanto debemos ser creativos y adecuar toda la tecnologia de la que disponemos a las necesidades y objetivos de la empresa (microempresa, pyme o gran empresa) y no olvidar que se tiene que actuar siempre con responsabilidad e integridad. Gracias a Internet ahora tenemos acceso a un mundo sin fronteras, ni distancias, es por ello que el marketing online nos permite llegar de forma rapida a mucha mas gente y de una manera mas economica. Flujo: cuando ofrecemos una web interactiva el usuario navega por varias secciones porque se siente atraido. Funcionalidad: necesitamos una pagina inicial atractiva, facil de navegar y que sea util al usuario.
Feedback (realimentacion): una vez que el usuario este navegando nuestra web debemos aprovechar la oportunidad de preguntar que le gusta y que le gustaria mejorar.
Fidelizacion: crear comunidades con los usuarios que entran a la web para que nos aporten contenido y poder atenderle de forma personalizada.
La usabilidad: la navegacion debe ser intuitiva, facil de utilizar para personas de cualquier edad. La interfaz: un diseno correcto permite resaltar contenido nuevo e importante para el usuario, esta es una forma de lograr atraccion hacia nuestros productos y servicios. Los motores de busqueda: debemos posicionarnos de forma organica SEO y de ser posible pagar para aparecer en los buscadores SEM. Crear perfil de la empresa en twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, youtube, entre otras. Google Analytics: permite de forma sencilla la medicion web, es muy utilizada a nivel mundial, tiene todo lo necesario para el analisis web. Google Website Optimizer: permite probar varias opciones de contenidos por ejemplo campanas de forma rapida y sencilla, para luego optimizar la campana segun los resultados de conversiones que consiga en cada version de la pagina. Google AdPlanner: es una herramienta que permite analizar nuestros competidores mensualmente para ayudarnos a planificar nuestra estrategia de marketing.
Google Insights: esta herramienta nos ayuda a estudiar el mercado mediante el analisis de palabras clave y su evolucion por sector o geografia. SocialMention: esta herramienta de control social realiza un seguimiento de mas de 80 fuentes diferentes que incluyen blogs, noticias, twitter y youtube. MailChimp: es un servicio de mailing profesional para el envio masivo de correos electronicos que nos ayuda a controlar la lista de destinatarios, la forma y contenido del mensaje y el envio y sus resultados. Google Alerts: son mensajes de correo electronico que recibimos cuando Google encuentra nuevos resultados que coinciden con busquedas que queremos supervisar. Nosotros podemos ayudar con el marketing online de tu empresa o negocio, solicita presupuesto sin compromiso.
In other words, online business marketing is recommended, but it should influence the offline business too.
Create and share valuable information with potential buyers instead of bragging the merits of buying your business product or service. A thought leader, influential leader or an authoritative figure in the online sphere positively boosts the offline business.
Put your mind to it and you can actually come across a lot of contest and giveaway ideas, custom-made for your business. Apart from the local print media, the online marketing should be consistently present on mobile, social media and the web. Amplify the blog’s reach by connecting with fellow niche bloggers and utilizing their audience via strategies like guest blogging. Prepare the online marketing strategy well before the launch and keep improvising as the need arises.
Gone are the days, when you had to learn HTML code, know how to upload via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and create images in Photoshop in order to design a website. A blog platform makes it easy to update your classroom website by simply uploading one post after another. In previous blog posts, I talked about a Blogging Unit, a plan to start blogging with your students. What time are you willing to spend monitoring and commenting your students’ blogging activities? What specific skills do you want to promote through your classroom or individual student blogs?
What engages and motivates your students to work harder, invest time outside of the classroom for academic purpose, think on higher levels, push themselves further in their reading and writing? I listened to one of Wes Fryer‘s podcast as he talked about the difference between accommodating and transformative technology tools for learning.
Using a blog in the classroom can be an accommodating tool, if used to upload homework assignments and asking students to submit the answers to these assignments as comments instead of a paper turned in. A blog becomes a transformative tool for learning when students can add constructive comments for each other or write for a wider audience than just their teachers. Some teachers and their students might go through the different steps of a classroom blog(s) faster than others. You might have started out with a static website, then ventured into giving your students a voice by commenting, writing  and reflecting on a classroom or individual blog. Just as a static teacher-created-website (with no two way communication channel),A  a classroom blog (not open to comments, responses from and collaboration opportunities with the rest of the world) can seem like a one way street. A great place to start contacting and connecting with other classrooms is Sue Waters’ Class Blogs list.

University professors have accepted the challenge to connect their pre-service teachers as mentors to K-12 students.
What an incredible opportunity to find and connect a subject matter expert or eye witnesses of an event with your students. Set up blogging buddies between the classes to document, summarize, reflect and comment on each other’s experiences and learning. Find buddy classes who can complement a unit of study by bringing in a new perspective and points of view (different culture, history, geography, language, religion). By allowing students to publish their work on the Internet, making their work available for potentially millions of people to view, read, comment on and learn from gives them a true authentic audience.
A blog is the perfect platform for students to share their work with others, including embedded images, audio and videos. Imagine students becoming aware of their learning process and sharing it with classmates in their school as well as peers from around the world? Imagine classes reflecting on their learning goals and accomplishments and sharing these with the upcoming grade level to learn from and improve upon? Imagine students documenting unique learning opportunities, such as field trips or guest speakers, with text, images, audio or video to share with learners separated through time or space?
No matter where you are in the blogging process (static site, local site or connected site), what matters is that you are aware of your location and the direction your are moving towards.
Educational Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in the area of Modern Learning & Literacies, Globally Connected Learning, Blogging as Pedagogy, Digital Portfolios, iPads in the Classroom. Blogs are a powerful marketing mechanism to enhance your online presence and strengthen your internet marketing strategy.
Our services are open to all types of clients - small, mid or large size businesses, and virtually any kind of activity, regardless of profession or industry.
To learn how you can gain competitive advantage with our blog marketing services, call the MOS SEO Services toll free number 800-670-2809. It was 7 years ago today that I started this blog as an experiment to document industry news and develop my writing skills.
The year 2010 provided to be one of focus on Social Media and Content Marketing topics over our past emphasis on SEO and Online PR. Overall, the most visited pages for this blog included our famous BIGLIST of SEO Blogs and the best list of Blog and RSS directories. If you’re a regular reader, what were some of your favorite posts over the past year? After 7 years of blogging the focus of this agency blog is still to document what TopRank Marketing considers as topics worth discussing with an emphasis on Content, Search and Social. Con esta herramienta tambien podemos segmentar a los usuarios en funcion de su comportamiento, por lo que podemos mostrar el contenido que mas interesa a cada usuario. Even though the online business segment is estimated at trillions, offline businesses still account for at least 90% of sales, according to a report by Forrester.
The mentality of the Internet age influenced shopper is different from the traditional shopper two or three decades back.
Rather than shoving the business brand on their faces, build the brand image through valuable information.
Attend conferences, seminars, speak at workshops, partner with fellow thought leaders and many other ways are there to help you stand out from the rest. Or, make some discounted products available at the local business store and give them access to people via the website.
You just need to feel the audience pulse and deliver what they need, and in a comprehensive understandable manner.
With sustained long-term efforts, it will become possible to drive offline sales with online marketing. Choose from thousands of template themes available online (for free) to have a well designed and good looking presence on the web. From the beginning of making a decision to integrate blogging in your classroom, then writing, commenting, linking, and embedding media to using a blog as a hub for your classroom’s learning community.
Tech use which accommodates replicates existing analog (non-digital) learning or communication. As you are moving along in your blogging process and experiences, you might be ready to append another chapter to the above mentioned unit by Connecting your classroom to the world. Students and teachers might be blogging in a password protected environment preventing others (outsiders) from reading, commenting and interacting. In order for your classroom blog to be connected, the teacher and students need to actively be looking for peers, mentors or experts to interact with. Don’t be shy and contact another teacher to inquire about possible blogging collaboration between your two classes.
Imagine connecting your advanced students to mentor students from other schools or countries? You could also connect your foreign language students with native speakers to practice the target language as well as support a cultural exchange. Gone are the days, when only the teacher read their work and gave them feedback through a grade.
Be aware if you are using your blog as an accommodating or a transformative tool with your students.
MOS SEO Services can help you identify and successfully promote your products or services on the web with professional online blog marketing services.

MOS SEO Services has put together a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in blog strategy, blog optimization and blog analytics. All are great topics in the online marketing mix, but as you’ll see below, readers are eating up social media content as fast as they can get it.
22 Social Media Marketing Management Tools – With 1,495 retweets and nearly 200 Facebook shares, this post about social media was very popular. 5 Examples of Social Media in Healthcare Marketing – In line with our editorial plan that offers a matrix of tactical marketing tips intersecting with vertical markets, this post resonated with marketers part of the huge Healthcare industry looking for examples of social media in action. 5 Ways to Weave LinkedIn Into Your Marketing Mix – LinkedIn is on the rise with over 90 million users and every Fortune 500 company represented. A Based on social signals, search referring traffic and other KPIs, numbered lists continue to dominate the format that gains greatest exposure for content we post here. A Advertising, PR and Email will also enter the mix a bit more as well as some new faces from the TopRank Marketing team. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
You can use this strategy to gain traction on the online website as well as the offline business.
Or, create a Facebook landing page and hold a contest there, and courier product to the winner directly. After having introduced Online Safety , discussed and continuously reinforced the concept with real world examples and teachable moments within the classroom, you and your students might be ready to lift the password protection to the site, allowing global voices into your learning community. Another great way to jumpstart connecting your students to the world is by participating the Student Blogging Challenge.
Read all about Darren Kuropatwa‘s mentoring partnerships he has established for and with his students. A great way to be able to get in touch with all different kinds of experts (in a variety of fields), is to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter. If it was a particularly good work, the paper would make it home for parents to read and then pinned to the refrigerator. As students are creating and sharing tutorials, summarizing their learning and reflecting upon their work, they can provide a valuable contribution for others. We combine our proficiency in search engine optimization, web marketing strategies and customer relations with proven blog marketing experience to provide successful online blogging services to all our customers who come to us seeking a distinct web reputation. We can also deliver ongoing support and technical assistance for any web related marketing services including web designing, web development, SEO, PPC, link building, email marketing, and more.
These basic tips are a great starting point for companies that want to increase their reach and customer engagement on Facebook.
Due to the meteoric rise of publishing and sharing tools, the social web can be overwhelming for marketers.
These tools offer a range of benefits for creating and measuring search friendly social media content. Content marketing and relationship building are key to longer sales cycles common to B2B marketing and social media offers an exceptional platform for engaging prospects with content and social media. A response to a listing of (mostly men) top social media pundits on ClickZ by Erik Qualmann, this post lists 25 women who are rocking the social media world.
It also offers contrasting views between Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan on social media strategy vs.
A plethora of new features and integration with other social channels has made LinkedIn a place worth spending time on outside of recruiting. That’s the genesis of this post on practical and first hand advice on building a successful Twitter marketing strategy. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. You cannot exist in isolation; carve an image online that helps consumers to associate with the business. Or you might connect with the same grade level and a teacher from another school just down the street from yours.
By growing and maintaining a network of professional global educators willing to help YOUR students, many of them at a moments notice, is vital to connecting your students to authentic learning experiences.
These tools are part of growing category of software that help marketers, advertisers and public relations professionals manage their brands’ social participation. These examples show how successful B2B companies are implementing social media into their marketing mix. A While numbered tips posts do quite well, personal observation posts like this one seem to connect with other marketers (and consultants) experiencing the stumbling of many companies and their efforts to make sense of the social web. Depending on your comfort level, you might just take a leap and connect with teachers and students half a world away. Listen in on another podcast from Wes Fryer’sA  Ideas for International Study Students Adopting Classrooms and Inspiring Students to Constructively Write the Web.

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