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Online Marketing StrategyOnline Marketing Strategy = how to drive maximum meaningful traffic to your goal.
The strategic marketing goal will differ from business to business but the end-game is generally the same; how do we drive the maximum number of meaningful prospects to see our marketing message and then help them to make a purchasing decision in our favour?
Post’s From the Digital Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy.HackedNovember 1, 2015 By Mick Say Has your Website Ever Been Hacked? Getting hacked can happen to us all and believe me, if you think that your website is too small and insignificant to gain the attention of the hackers, THINK AGAIN! Six months after Google launched Panda I am feeling vindicated and quite please with myself.
Social Media has been in the Beta stage for about 14 years but now it’s coming out of Beta and in to the mainstream, Twitter is no longer the domain of self labelled social media guru’s - it is emerging as a must-have life-style accessory for every one with a disposable income above ?14k. A long time friend of mine, James Curd emailed the fable below to me and it set me thinking! Online Marketing Academy BlogHackedNovember 1, 2015 By Mick Say Has your Website Ever Been Hacked?
What our Clients SayDigital Marketing TestimonailMarch 28, 2012 By Mick Say I have had the pleasure of knowing Mick Say for about two years and have used a number of his services and I cannot recommend highly enough. E-Commerce is a wonderful way to expand your business’s reach and customer base, without the issue of retail overheads. It builds & strengthens your brand in the eyes of your Target Market, and dove tails perfectly with your Social Media Marketing Campaign.
Please call us on 1300 190 737 and we would love to talk further with you on how we can build your business empire online. So many companies approach us for SEO, Social Media, ORM how to choose the right service provider?
Many companies: Big, medium or small have to fully understand the potential of online marketing.
Wisecow Consultants helps the clients develop and implement their internet marketing strategy, from going online with their first website to managing the content and overall activity on the site.
Before we begin an online consultation project, we analyse the existing online presence of the client. This plan will involve all the steps from designing a website, developing it, to implementing the website promotion plan.

Call it Internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, e-marketing, ORM (Online Reputation Management) or inbound marketing, it surely is the need of the hour.
SMM – Social Media Marketing is the future of marketing according to many but it’s a double-edged sword and needs skillful mastery. Blog Management – We create engaging Blogs for you and your organization with customised content. We also provide highly-effective strategies on Email Marketing that will engage and impress your viewers. AboutWisecow Consultants distinguish themselves by being the client’s critical friend and the agency’s resource center, streamlining and analyzing data and illuminating opportunities to increase the effectiveness of media spend. Why UsWe have a combined experience in the Indian media industry of more than 20 years ranging from FMCG to Television, Telecom to Print, Radio to Events and Exhibitions, Online to BTL. Every member of Wisecow Consultants has a broad and deep understanding and experience of marketing.
If you need a way to boost the presence of your business, you need to think about your online marketing. Marketing online can draw in more leads and sales helping you grow your business and increase your revenue stream. ExtraDigital have over a decade of experience in designing, developing and marketing websites and web applications that put the needs of your business first and help to drive effective online marketing.
Ae you taking advantage of these key channels in order to ensure that your online marketing drives your business forward? Are you having trouble getting your online marketing up and running at a profit, or finding that your website is a money sink rather than a revenue generator? Get in touch with ExtraDigital today on 01227 68 68 98 to find out how we can help you get a real return on investment from your online marketing now and in the future. Google has announced that it is removing all of the right-hand side ads in its search engine results worldwide.
As discussed in one of our previous Arabic blog posts, The Most Popular Arabic Social Media Channels.
Creative Website Design + Effective Internet MarketingWe'll help you connect to potential customers with an engaging, creative website design. Love From Our Clients: When I started my consulting business, Shebang was the company I called to create my online presence.

My experience with Shebang Design was so successful that I recommended them to another company that needed a fresh, new and technically advanced online presence.
Why does most of our business come from organisations that have had a lack-lustre return with their Digital Marketing? It provides your business with an additional income source, and for many businesses can evolve into being their main income source.
And as with everything else online, when venturing into creating an E-Commerce site, it needs to be Strategically developed and implemented to meet your requirements. As marketing and media consultants we gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual online campaign elements and then arrive at results which will be beneficial to the clients business. Then we proceed to decipher the friendliness quotient of your website with the search engines.
We possess our own particular set of marketing skills, helping each of us to adopt a similar approach to tackle the issues facing your organisation. Then we'll work together to drive traffic to your site with inbound marketing: SEO, blogging, landing page creation and social media services.
Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Twitter, Pintrest, Youtube are some of the popular platforms. Fill out your details below and we will provide you with a no-obligation consultation and quote.
Asa (Shatkin) has a keen eye and proven experience that result in designs that optimize whatever product or services you are taking to the marketplace.
He asks thought-provoking questions and methodically guides you through the development process with a steady hand…never missing a deadline and always fully prepared for scheduled reviews. Shebang consistently delivers leading edge work and I do not hesitate to recommend their services.Lani LiberPresidentCPC Group, LLCOver the last year, Shebang has consistently delivered high-quality digital design and programming services for our monthly promotional emails.
Not only do we have a completely new look to our website but we have recently added a new purchase path from our website that steam-lines our sales and accounting databases.

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