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I have been working online since 2006 and in that time I have coached and mentored over 60 individuals who are now running highly successful Affiliate Marketing Businesses. A few years ago I created an Affiliate Marketing Training Course that was created on the premise of earning $1,500 per month or $50 per day.
I realize that does not sound like very much to many of you but at the time I created the course the economy was in terrible shape (at least worse than it is right now). People across the country were losing their jobs, their homes, they could not pay for your everyday basic needs, it was just a horrible time for hundreds of thousands of families across the US. I had build up a nice steady passive income for myself or rather for my family using my Affiliate Marketing skills and I was content with taking on clients and working with them on a one-to-one basis. However after a few years of working with individual clients I decided to create the $50 per day Affiliate Marketing Training Course because I knew that $50 per day was an easily achievable goal and it was in stark contrast to what you would find most Internet marketers promising. People are opportunists, not all people but there are enough out there just waiting to pounce when they see someone in need, someone that has reached a point of desperation and that is exactly how many people felt when I released my first ever Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Todd Restrepo contacted me just last week (10-5-12) and asked my if I would be willing to give him a testimonial to use on his newest site.
I am just being honest here with my thoughts but to me I was sickened to see just how many opportunistic people there were back then. Our country was in a crisis and yet there were people just ready and waiting to take advantage of others when they were most vulnerable. If you perform a simple search in Google for Affiliate Marketing Training or How To Make Money Online or How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business you will find MILLIONS of results and 99% of them do nothing more then make empty promises.
Okay it may not go exactly like that but the theme is always the same, they have found the secret to building an Affiliate Marketing Business that will generate thousands per day and it does this all on auto-pilot and in most cases they will only be releasing a limited number. If you are a realist like me you have to know that those claims are ridiculous and they are just well crafted sales copy designed to grab your attention and to get you to take out your credit card. When I created my Affiliate Marketing Training Course that promised you could make $50 per day or $1,500 per month I based those figures on what I thought was absolutely achievable by most people willing to invest an hour or two a day working at their new Affiliate Marketing Business venture.
I used the very tactics I taught in the videos to market the course and at the time I sold approximately 3,000 copies and I charged a one-time payment of $97 because that was an affordable price and I knew that most people could earn 3 times that within two weeks. To this day I still have people who bought the course sending me emails thanking me for creating an easy to follow Affiliate Marketing Training Course.
Well since the first release of the course I have created brand new videos and updated some of the online Affiliate Marketing techniques.
I am now releasing the newest version of my one and only Affiliate Marketing Training Course but with the new marketing strategies and the easy to follow step-by-step training I am more than confident to say that with just one to two hours of work each day (5 days a week) anyone should easily be able to reach the $3,000 per month mark or $100 per day. As you can see from this page I am not into fake sales pitches, I am not promising you the world, I don’t have eye catching graphics and flashing $1,000 bills I am just offering a simple to follow Affiliate Marketing Training Course that anyone could easily build up to earning $3,000 per month or more in passive income. I sold a similar course like this a couple years back based on the premise of being able to earn on average of $50 per day or $1,500 per month and as you read most of those who took action have gone on to build themselves some very successful Internet businesses. Now with my new Affiliate Marketing Training Course earning $3,000 per month or on average of $100 per day is a very achievable goal but what’s even more exciting is that once you hit that mark you can just keep replicating the same strategies over and over so you are only limited by your personal ambition and desire. My 9 Part Video Series Affiliate Marketing Training Course takes you by the hand and walks you through every step from start to finish which all but guarantees your success.
In this video course I teach you everything you need to know to achieve a great deal of success with Affiliate Marketing (which is exactly what I do) but if you are not ready and willing to invest just 1 to 2 hours of your time each day all the training in the world could not help you.
I am not some pushy salesmen type of person, I have never wanted to be in the spotlight and that is why I have kept a fairly low profile in all my years of marketing online. How can I possibly make that statement when there are thousands of other Internet marketing courses being sold online? Not only did I create an Affiliate Marketing Training Course that anyone could implement and achieve tremendous success I am here to make sure that you succeed.
I will be here to help you so if you get stuck or just don’t understand something you will always be able to contact me and I will get you past the hump. This is an offer you will not find from any other Affiliate Marketing Training Course or from any other type of Internet marketing training.
Should you have any questions concerning the course or my training methods please feel free to contact me using the contact page on this site. This is a terrific opportunity and if you are serious about building an online business that could easily replace your day job my Affiliate Marketing Training Course will allow you to do that and more. Improve your online testing skills, increase your company's revenue, and advance your career with the MECLABS Online Testing course.
While more and more marketers are recognizing the need to systematically test their new ideas, few have ever received serious, relevant training in online experimentation. Today, many marketers are not aware of what constitutes a valid sample size, they are confused over the best test design, and they have serious questions about interpreting their test results. The newly-released Online Testing Certification Course is full of enhanced sessions, new real-world research, a testing tool and proven methods for achieving the greatest improvement in conversion. For the past five years, MECLABS has been developing the optimum methodology for online experimentation. Through this rigorous process, our researchers have codified a set of simple principles and formulas that can help an organization run quick, efficient, money-saving microtests. The cost of your certification could be easily recovered with the results of your first test! Provide your information below and we will respond within 24 hours to understand your needs and recommend a training curriculum. This article contains 55 proven ways to market your online course so you can start generating sales. You might want to take notes while you read this, or you can download and print out our course promotion checklist for future reference. This is an important first step to take before you implement any of the strategies listed in this article.
Your ideal student avatar is essentially a representation of the ideal student for your course. Research some of the existing online courses related to your topic so that you have a good idea of what is included in those courses and how they are presented.
This step is important because it helps ensure that you create a course that people actually want to take. Use a tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner or Buzz Sumo to identify the most popular keywords related to your course topic, and include those keywords in your course title. Your blog is a great place to promote your course, especially if you regularly publish articles related to your course topic. A great feature for Thinkific users is our Sales Widget, which makes it really easy to do this.  Tweet this.
Add a few positive testimonials to your course sales page from other students who have taken your course. You probably send and respond to numerous emails on a daily basis, and some of those people you are emailing could be interested in your course, if they knew about it.
If you have a website or a blog, add a page to your website that includes details about your course.
To build your email list, create a resource (like an ebook, PDF guide, or training videos, for example) and give it away for free in exchange for someone’s email address.
A great way to build an audience of people who are interested in your course topic is to start a podcast about that topic. Do some research to find podcasts related to your topic and that have audiences that would likely be interested in your course. Your social media profiles are a great way to build your personal brand and position yourself as an expert on your course topic. One of the best ways to sell your online course is to host a live webinar for people who are interested in your topic. To learn more about how to use webinars to sell your online course, check out our article – The Complete Blueprint To Selling On Webinars. After you’ve hosted a successful live webinar, you can use the recording of that webinar to sell more courses.
Once you’ve created multiple courses that are closely related by topic, you can bundle those courses together and sell them at a discounted.  For example, if you have 3 courses that sell for $197 individually, you could sell all 3 courses together for $497 (resulting in a $94 discount for your customer).
Thinkific users can easily create bundles for their online courses. For instructions on how to set up course bundles, click here.
A great way to re-purpose the content from your course is to share the same concepts in a book. Make sure you mention in your book that you have a course, and invite readers to visit your website or course sales page to learn more about it.  Tweet this. Write a description for your course that is very compelling and clearly articulates the benefits of taking your online course. If they allow their speakers to sell their product or service at the end of their presentation, offer to split the sales revenue with them. Starting a local Meet Up group about your topic is a very effective way to get in front of your target market on a regular basis.
At some point in your course, ask your students to leave you a review or testimonial for your course.
To see how Thinkific users can easily add student reviews to their course landing page, read our instructions here. Write articles related to your topic and submit those articles to other blogs and publications online. HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a great service that connects reporters with relevant experts (aka news sources).

Find other online instructors who serve your target audience and have courses that are complimentary to your own.
Thinkific users also have the option of adding other instructors to their online school, which makes partnering with other online instructors so much easier. Find people who serve your target market but who do not compete with you directly and ask them to promote your course to their audience.
Offering a satisfaction guarantee to your students is a great way to increase your course sales because it reduces the risk that a person assumes when they buy your course. A commonly offered satisfaction guarantee is the 30-day money back guarantee, where anyone who is not satisfied with your course can request a full refund within 30 days of their purchase.  Tweet this. Some people will want to purchase your course, but they don’t have the space on their credit card to pay the full purchase price of an online course upfront. For example, if you sell your course for $497, you could offer your students a payment plan of $97 per month for 6 months as an alternative to paying $497 upfront. You can use Google Adwords to create ads that appear in the search results for specific keywords related to your topic. Using Facebook, you can create ads that target people based on their specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and affiliations. Starting a Facebook Group centered on your topic is a powerful way to build a community of people who are potential students for your course. For a complete guide on how to create, grow and maintain a Facebook Group check out our article – How To Use Facebook Groups To Build A Thriving Community.
Starting a LinkedIn Group centered on your topic is another great way to build a community of potential students for your course, especially if your target market is professionals. Visit other popular Facebook Pages related to your topic and leave comments on those pages as your Facebook Page (not as your personal profile). Most Facebook Groups prohibit self-promotion, so make sure you read the group guidelines before you share any direct links to your website, blog, or course with the group.
Let other people promote your course for you in exchange for a percentage of each sale by creating an affiliate program for your course. Thinkific users can easily add people (including their students!) to their affiliate program. Translating your course into another language is a great way to increase your sales without having to create additional courses. Most forums and message boards allow people to have a signature that appears at the end of their posts.
There are numerous sellers on Fiverr who will promote your message to their Twitter followers or Facebook Fans. In addition to having a personal Google Plus Profile, you can also create a Google Plus Page specifically for your course. Benefits of Google Plus posts include a higher ranking in Google search results, the potential for your posts to be shared by others, plus you can link to other web properties from your Google Plus Page including your blog, other social media accounts, etc.  Tweet this. Buying YouTube ads is a great way to promote your course to people who are watching YouTube videos related to your course topic.
Reach out to websites and blogs that serve your target audience and offer to pay them to add a banner ad for your course on their website.
Every single client I have ever coached has since been able to quit their day jobs and are now earning an income far greater than what they had earned in the past. Many of my clients have gone on to build multiple Internet businesses and in many cases they are all bringing in a steady stream of passive income. For many back then $50 a day or $1,500 per month was enough to keep them from losing their homes or from getting evicted from where they were living.
You see I do not have to worry about what anyone else is marketing out there because that has no affect upon how I put my training together. As I said earlier as long as you take action and put in the necessary 1 to 2 hours of work per day just 5 days per week FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, period!!! Not only will I be here to make sure you succeed I will show you how to grow your business and eventually I will teach you how to automate it.
The MECLABS Online Testing Course will cover the key principles for conducting successful online tests.
You’re definitely not the first person to create a course before they created a plan to market it.
The first few strategies we mention should actually be implemented before you create your course, but the rest of them can be used pretty much any time after your course is created.
Understanding who your ideal student is before you start marketing your course will help you create marketing material that compels and speaks directly to their frustrations, needs, and desires. Write at least a one paragraph description describing your ideal student and keep them in mind as you implement the marketing strategies listed below.   Tweet this.
The goal here is to determine how you will differentiate your course from your competition. If you have an audience (from a blog, podcast, email list, social media, etc.), send them a survey to ask them what topics they are interested in learning about. What search terms (aka keywords) are you going to use to find the information you are looking for?
This will help to position your course as exactly what a potential student is looking for as they search for your topic online.  Tweet this. There are literally millions of people searching for “how-to” videos on YouTube on a daily basis. Deanne uses Thinkific to create her Hoop Lovers online school, and many of her students found her because of her YouTube videos. You could even create multiple promotional videos, each with a different title, to increase exposure for your course.
If no one has taken your course yet, let a few people take your course for free in exchange for a testimonial.  Tweet this.
Once that page is set up, add a link to that page to the main menu of your website so that visitors can easily find it and learn more about your course.
Update your bio on all of the social networks that you have a profile to reflect your area of expertise. Give away your mini-course for free, and at the end of your course invite your students to purchase your main course if they want to dive deeper into your topic.
Email the people who registered for your live webinar but did not attend and give them a link to watch the recording.
Like with a series of books (think of Harry Potter), each course in your “series” helps to promote your other courses.
This provides an incentive for people to purchase multiple courses from you at once.  Tweet this. You can self-publish your book on Amazon in digital format using Amazon Kindle, or in paperback format using CreateSpace (or both). Do some research to find local events related to your subject and contact the hosts of those events. This simple request will help to ensure you receive an ongoing influx of positive reviews from your students, which you can then use in your marketing online. You can even schedule your price promotions to coincide with widely recognized holidays such as Boxing Day or Black Friday. Make sure you submit a unique article to each website (they do not want articles that are also published on other sites). By signing up as a news source, you’ll receive an email three times per day that includes media opportunities in which you could be quoted. Consider becoming an affiliate for them (and vice versa), or bundling your course together with theirs to create a special “package deal” to offer to new students.  Tweet this.
For example, a blogger who writes articles about your topic but who does not have an online course would make a great promotional partner because their audience would likely be interested in your course. It also conveys confidence because you wouldn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee unless you knew that very few (if any) of your students are going to unhappy with it.
However, they can pay for the course if those payments are spread over an extended period of time. If you know what keywords your target audience is using to search for your topic online, this is a great way to get your course in front of them just as they are searching for your topic.  Tweet this.
Keep in mind that Facebook is a social network, so people are there to socialize (not to buy stuff). A good review from a popular blog related to your topic can definitely help you to increase your course sales. Contact the owner of the video through a private message and tell them you have a way for them to make some extra money from their videos. Running a Facebook Group is also great for personal branding purposes because it helps position you as an authority on your topic.
LinkedIn is also a great platform for professional networking in general, which can lead to numerous opportunities including speaking engagements, partnership opportunities, client referrals, and more.  Tweet this. Plus, getting featured on news outlets, large publications, and popular blogs helps to increase your ranking in search engine results. People who see your comments will also see the name of your Facebook Page and may decide to check out your page. Create an infographic that shares some interesting facts, statistics, or a step-by-step process related to your topic and publish it on Pinterest. Forums are essentially online communities where people who share a common interest hang out and interact with each other.

Unless you are fluent in another language, you should probably hire someone to help you with this. That signature is a great place to add a link to your course.  And here’s the cool thing… it doesn’t have to be your signature! Send the owner of the account a private message and ask them if they would consider posting an image from their account to help promote your course. This is a great place to publish information about your course topic, including links to blog posts, podcast interviews, helpful resources, etc. Before you commit to paying a web site owner for a long period of time, ask for the opportunity to test your ad for one month to see how their website visitors respond to your ad. The important thing is that it is done, and after many long days and nights of being glued to your computer creating, recording, and editing your course content, you finally have time to enjoy daylight again. And unfortunately this isn’t the movie Field of Dreams where the “build it and they will come” approach works. If you wanted to learn how to design logos in Adobe Photoshop, for example, you would likely enter the keywords “how to design logos using Photoshop”, or some similar variation of that phrase. Some great places to include some information about your course are the top bar of your website (if your blog theme doesn’t include a top bar, you can add one using Hello Bar), at the end of each blog post, in your sidebar, and on your About Page. YouTube videos can even rank higher than websites in the search results of numerous search engines. Make sure you include popular keywords related to your topic in your video titles and descriptions so they rank well in search results for those terms.
Even if someone who sees your email signature isn’t interested in your course, they may know someone who is and tell them about it.  Tweet this. Include a link to purchase your course directly on that page, or alternatively a link to a separate sales page where they can purchase your course.  Tweet this. When someone is on your email newsletter, you get to earn their trust by sending them helpful tips and advice related to your topic over time. Some of our favorite email marketing service providers include MailChimp, Convert Kit, Aweber, Get Response, and Active Campaign.  Tweet this.
Enter some of the keywords related to your topic in the search bar, and make a list of the podcasts that appear in the search results. At the end of your interview, casually mention that you have a course about your topic (or even better, offer a free resource), and tell the listeners how they can get in touch with you.  Tweet this. Include a link to your main website (or even directly to your course) in your profiles so people who are interested in your course topic know where to go to learn more.  Tweet this.
This strategy gives your potential students a risk-free way to learn from you before they decide to purchase your main course.  Tweet this.
This helps to position you as an expert and it also helps to build trust before you introduce your course and ask for the sale.  Tweet this. You could even use the recording to set up an automated webinar, and then run ads to the webinar for ongoing sales.  Tweet this. At the end of each of your courses, mention that you have other courses related to the same topic.
Mention that you have a course about your topic, and would love to give a presentation to their audience. As a rule of thumb, your presentation should be 80% valuable content and 20% sales pitch.  Tweet this.
You can also invite other speakers to come and share their insights with your group.  Tweet this. If you receive any negative reviews from your students, use that feedback to improve certain parts of your course to ensure a better learning experience for all future students.  Tweet this. With Thinkific, you can create specific coupon codes to share with your audience whenever you want to run a price promotion.  Tweet this.
Spend some time researching popular websites related to your topic to help ensure you submit an article that is a good fit for their audience.
Reply quickly for the best chance of getting selected for a quote in an article, and ask for a link back to your site.  Tweet this. Contact potential promotional partners and ask them if they would be interested in promoting your course to their audience in exchange for a fee or a percentage of sales generated.  Tweet this.
Don’t try to hard sell your course in your posts, but definitely include a link to your website or course in your Quora bio.  Tweet this. You’ll need to get those people off Facebook (and on to your blog or email list, for example) in order to sell your course to them.  Tweet this. The best way to get your course reviewed by a blogger is to offer them free access to your course in exchange for a public review of your course on their blog. Offer to pay them include a link to your course in their video description or even a call-to-action to check out your course in the video itself.  Tweet this. Once you have your press release prepared, submit it to a press release distribution website such as PR Web.  Tweet this. You could submit a post about your course, but a better approach would be to submit a post about your topic and mention your course in the post as a helpful resource. This will help your Facebook Page rank in the search results on Facebook for your course topic.
From there, they will be able to learn more about your course and also choose to like your page if they want to see your future posts.  Tweet this. Include a link in your post to help drive traffic from Pinterest to your website or online course.
Pay them to re-write your presentation slides and record their voice in the chosen language. Find people who have a high post count in forums related to your topic who are not using their signature.
Since Instagram posts do not allow links, it is appropriate to ask the owner of the Instagram account to change the link in their bio for 24 hours, and then post an image with a description that instructs their followers to click on the link in their bio.  Tweet this. Since Google owns YouTube, Google Plus, and Google Hangouts, they give preference (from a search result standpoint) to videos that are created using Google Hangouts. In 2009 I was unemployed and my husband had just been laid-off from his job of 18 years, financially we were in trouble.
This is the real world, where you have to hustle hard to get the word out and get some sales for your course. Create a YouTube channel about your course topic and publish helpful videos on a regular basis.
When you eventually promote your course to them, they are more likely to purchase it because you provided value to them upfront before asking for the sale. By submitting your podcast to platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud, you could end up reaching hundreds or even thousands of people on a monthly basis for free.
Make sure you read the description of each podcast (and even better, listen to a few of their episodes) before you contact the host. Since your current students are probably the most likely to purchase from you again, creating additional courses for them is never a bad idea.  Tweet this. Also, make sure you include specific keywords throughout your description to help your course rank in the search results for those keywords.  Tweet this. Include a link to your website or course in your author bio at the end of your article.  Tweet this.
You can even offer to include them in your affiliate program (more on this later) so that they earn a commission whenever someone who reads their review decides to purchase your course through their affiliate link.  Tweet this.
Having a Facebook Page will allow you to attract fans for your page so you can share content related to your topic with them. Reach out to people who have audiences that would likely purchase your course and ask them if they would be interested in promoting your course as an affiliate.  Tweet this. You can find professional translators on freelance networks such as Upwork and Freelancer.  Tweet this.
Send them a private message and offer to pay them to add a link to your course in their signature. Create a unique link or coupon code for each website you place banners on so you can track how many sales come from each website.  Tweet this. Instead, include an invitation at the end of your presentation to visit your website or learn more about your course.  Tweet this. I came across Todd’s no-cost, no-website Affiliate Marketing Training Course and after much thought I invested a $100 we could not afford.
Send each podcast host a personalized email, introducing yourself and explaining why you think you would be a good fit for your show. Hire a graphic designer to create a professional cover image for your page, and include a link to your course in your page description.
When they change their signature, it will automatically update in all of the posts they’ve published in that forum.  Tweet this.
It was the best decision I ever made!  Here I am almost 4 years later still using the exact methods I learned from Todd and I am earning more money than my husband and I have ever earned even with us both working.
You can also run Facebook Ads from your Facebook Page (you can’t do this from a personal profile).  Tweet this.
Pay attention to the questions people ask about your topic (this is also a great way to get ideas content ideas for your course).

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