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Marketing firms will be forced to display their phone numbers under a Government crackdown on nuisance cold calls .
Cold callers forced to unmask in nuisance number crackdown Data protection minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe said: a€?Nuisance calls are incredibly intrusive and can cause significant harm to elderly and vulnerable members of society. Last year, the Government made it easier to fine nuisance callers by removing the need for consumers to prove that unwanted marketing calls were causing substantial distress and damage.
Based on the point of view of Lee Frederiksen, the research director for the online marketing study, online marketing is the key of the next round of growth for professional services firms. Product: firms that emphasize on using online marketing mainly provide abstract service such as social networking and online shopping service. Price: since the online marketing business is being operated on the internet, the cost of running this kind of business is much lower than any other tangible business. Promotion: by putting information on the social networking as well as sending email directly to the potential customers, online marketing would make a huge impact on promoting professional services.

Place: Such technology-based service as online marketing fits the professional service most because this electronic platform matches the buying behavior of abstract service better. To sum up, online marketing is not only good for generating growth for the firms but also cutting the budget for marketing, keeping simple and direct information delivery, and perfectly combining the service and the marketing tool together. The Information Commissioner Office said forcing firms to reveal their number would make it ­easier to stop the rogues.
As supplements, online marketing could also be proven as a new & efficient way of developing professional services in the perspective of 4Ps. Online marketing would perfectly link the information of the particular products to the customers. Compared with relationships and referrals, online marketing would bring into contact with more customers and delivery more accurate information for them. By doing the online marketing, there is no physical locations for marketing that need to be oriented because the main battle field is anywhere on the internet.

But David Hickson of the Fair Telecoms Campaign said the move was not enough and demanded a ban on unsolicited calls:a€?We feel ita€™s a terrible step in the wrong direction. On the electronic basis, online marketing shares the same type of operation with the abstract professional services and it would easier to attract the potential customers with the surfing buying behavior. With the greater economic advantage of competition, online marketing has become a more and more popular choice for not only professional service firms but also for other types of business.
This may have been a factor in the central bank wanting to proceed more cautiously with the start of an easing cycle any earlier,” Khan said.
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