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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks) and Back End Technologies (MYSQL, PHP, Apache etc.). Software Development Companies, Business Consultants, and other IT & Digital Marketing Professionals and companies. Processes for Businsses, How to sell digital products using your website, WordPress for eCommerce and Team Management. CSS, Java script, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks) and Back End Technologies (MYSQL, PHP, Apache etc.).
Advertising Experts and SEO Experts, B2B Videographers, Consultants and other Pros to get things done within the budget and time. Infusionsoft), Social Media Marketing using Hootsuite, Search Engine Marketing using paid marketing i.e. CEO’s and decision makers of reputable organizations from all over the world with majority of Tech Pros). SEARCH Strings to find professionals with particular skillset, job experience and have been training this to Recruiters as well. These are arguably two of the most used, but also least specific, job titles in this market. Remember these are advertised salaries and don’t include bonus or share participation elements etc. It might seem a bit odd to start what was originally a web site promotion exercise by looking at the business objectives. It is pointless promoting the website and achieving number #1 on the search engine listings for dog food if you are actually selling cat food. For businesses that cannot answer this question, everything else is a waste of time and money. It is important to be absolutely clear about what the web site you are promoting is trying to achieve. Everyone needs to have a clear picture of what the site is for and where we are going with it. For example, it is not always the case that the web presence is fully in line with the business objectives and it needs to be.

It is only when we have the site objectives fully understood that we can really start to think about the key terms, or keywords that are relevant to the online promotion that we need to be competing on. In developing the key terms to focus on we are outlining the foundations of a strategy we can plan on and move forward with. Secondly, this work develops our understanding of the task in hand as it applies to the current online presence and indicates where our efforts should be applied and when. This is a more than a site examination as it looks at the full online presence and the appropriateness of each element to what we are trying to achieve and how we are to go about achieving it. For example, a web site may have to have a content management system added to make it easier and quicker to update, or a content management system removed if it is creating indexing problems. Building a successful online marketing strategy is just like building anything – it starts with a solid foundation. SEO is a technique which helps search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) find and rank your website higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. 95% of searchers click on a page that appears on the first page results for Google, Yahoo or Bing, so it is important to appreciate the value of SEO. Building a solid SEO strategy consists primarily of selecting relevant keywords and providing valuable content related to those keywords. Content marketing is important because it helps build your brand and inspire confidence in your company.
Online content marketing has expanded the field to include blogs, training videos, podcasts, and even video games. A social media marketing strategy can be as simple as having a company blog, a Twitter account, or attaching “Digg This” and “Tweet This” tags to the end of articles.
In order to make the most of a social media marketing strategy, you need to interact with your fans and create a true community.
These three components are just the foundation of building a successful online marketing strategy and you don’t have to be an expert to understand them. With 2-3 year experience in Textile designing, specially in print making, embroidery wears & developments.
With a full understanding of what it is we are trying to achieve, we can then plan for it much more effectively. However, if you are serious about achieving online marketing success you are really looking at marketing and business promotion overall these days – it is not a separate thing.

On the face of it this always seems an easy question to answer, but that is often not the case and careful thought needs to be applied before taking the next step. Firstly, it sets a benchmark of the current on-line presence and how it performs with respect to our chosen key terms. A social media account that mixes inappropriate personal information with an ostensibly business presence may need to be edited, or re-established. In the past, SEO was driven by factors like keyword placement, keywords density, and even how many times a keyword was used to link to that page. A page that had nothing to do with a keyword could be ranked in top three, just by optimising the page.
In fact, six out of ten consumers say that after reading a custom publication, they feel better about the company. By utilising the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalised and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. It can also be as complicated as having a full campaign that encompasses blogs, Twitter, social networking and viral videos through YouTube.
Show that you are accessible by allowing people to ask questions, voice concerns, and even complain. By building a solid online marketing base, you can begin to build a successful strategy that works for your business.
We may be selling directly, soliciting enquiries, or even just trying to build a communication relationship via email  and social media. We then have a start point we can measure from and see how future work is affecting rankings.
Today, this means that sites who rely solely on keywords are often ignored by the search engines.
Low quality content is the most common mistake and can affect your rankings and damage your brand.

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