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If your theme isn’t already responsive, you can make it so in systems like Joomla through custom coding or modules like Bootstrap.  Our Support Center has a helpful article on how to do this! If your site was custom built, you will want to contact your developer to see what options they have available to make your site responsive.  If you haven’t built your site yet, but know you are going to be working with a developer, be sure to ask if they include responsive designs in their services.
Responsive site layouts open a world of possibilities to your site and your business.  Not only does it allow you to ensure the online representation of your business is as neat and tidy as your storefront, but it will allow you to connect with more and possibly new demographics of customers. Czaja Silvasi is a QA Representative who monitors InMotion Hosting’s Sales, Support, Billing and Web Design teams to make sure they are giving our customers their absolute best. This entry was posted in Infographics, Technology, WordPress Themes and tagged Android, iOS, Responsive design, tablets, web design on March 1, 2013 by Czaja Silvasi. Earlier in the year, we conducted a survey of website owners and managers to understand their online business. I have made a few assumptions in deriving this research, and for those academics who want to qualify the number crunching, please write a comment for me, and I’ll see if I can follow up personally. Survey Results Spend on Online Marketing by InMotion Hosting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The ratios of groups sizes to one another seem to match patterns we see in our existing customer base.
147 respondents is too small a sample to give an accurate assessment of spending on online advertising. Out of all the respondents that showed an interest in marketing costs, only 65% of them reported they actually put their hands in their pocket and spent money on promoting themselves.
Spending on online advertising This includes all forms of paid advertising including Facebook paid ads, Google Adwords and Display Networks. What is not shown on the graph though is something harder to explain: That out of our sample of respondents the biggest pool of spending are those in VPS hosting, attempting to draw in their traffic mainly through Search advertising. One insight the survey results seem to offer, is that as websites progress up in resource requirements, advertising focus moves away from paid search listings, to banner advertising on display networks. SEO spending is hard for people to quantify, so the questions were designed to prompt users into thinking about their spending habits. Classic SEO spending comprises of subscriptions to SEOmoz analysis tools, and a lot of time backlinking and site restructuring. Overall, Social Media tools receive less monetary commitment than any other form of online promotion. Perhaps the general public opinion is that social media is free, and therefore should not be invested in.
One consistent fact across all responses, was that there is an even distribution of spending among all website owners. This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, News, SEO, Social Media and tagged advertising costs, how much to spend on advertising, marketing costs, marketing spend on December 10, 2012 by admin.
Infographics are great because they encourage your visitors to engage and scroll around for longer to disseminate the information.
Templates, icon sets, and anything your readers can download and come to you for recommendations. You are free to use our content on your websites, critique it, and re-use it for personal or business use, all we require is a link back to our website.
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How to Research Infographic by InMotion Web Hosting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Our discussion channel for webmasters, is a live Q+A is a broadcast via Google Hangouts supported with a live twitter chat stream via #IMHhangout. Questions to follow a round of introductions: I’ve prepared a couple of handouts for you to keep track of in this huge subject! How to Research Notes by WordPress Hosting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, News, SEO, Social Media and tagged behavior, how to research, online behavior, online behaviour, research on, what is research on November 7, 2012 by admin. Make Money Online Infographic by WordPress Hosting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Our weekly webmasters live Q+A is a broadcast via Google Hangouts supported with a live twitter chat stream #IMHhangout. Questions to follow a round of introductions: I’ve prepared a couple of handouts for you to  keep track of in this huge subject! This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, SEO, Social Media and tagged affiliate marketing, make money online, making money online, work from home on October 16, 2012 by admin.
This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, Social Media and tagged debt ceiling, newsroom, same sex marraige, tax debate on August 15, 2012 by admin. After intense searching and testing, I have found one mobile app that reigns above all others to compare with Snagit‘s unbeatable screenshot educational sharing tool. As yet, Techsmith have not yet released a mobile app version of their Screengrabbing tool Snagit.
It can layer objects, but unfortunately not additional segments of screenshots which I would say is the major portion missing from this app that would otherwise make this a near perfect competitor to Snagit. There are all the usual tools such as rotate, cursor effects, re-framing or canvas resizing.
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A little while ago we published a Photoshop Template complete with Guidelines so you could create your own Facebook Page Timeline cover. I’m looking forward to screencapping a bunch of reader’s responses so get on and show me your FB Hacks! This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, SEO, Social Media and tagged download facebook template, Facebook Album Template, Facebook Hack, facebook hacked, facebook photo size on June 28, 2012 by admin. Instead I’m going to focus on making smarter use of your Facebook Brand page, exposing some of the recipes to get you the most clickthrough, traction, and interaction. However, the tact has to be a lot more objective for the start-up, small business owner, or consultant level business. This entry was posted in Cool Tools, Infographics, Social Media and tagged Facebook cover size, facebook photo size, Facebook profile photo size, facebook tab photo size, free facebook template on June 8, 2012 by admin.

We host every kind of industry website you can imagine, a large proportion of which are WordPress based platforms.
There are lots of equations, depending on the product, to derive the ideal acquisition cost.
Of course, not all costs are variable (on a per customer basis), but you should assume that you are not going to acquire 10X customers in the next couple months. After all the above calculations, you may conclude that you are comfortable spending $100 to acquire one new customer. You are setting up an Adwords campaign with a total budget of $1500 per month ($50 per day). For example, if 10% of visitors sign up for the trial, and then 10% of those pay – your result for the Adwords campaign would be 50 trials (10% of 500) and 5 paying customers (10% of 50). While assessing different ad networks, ask them what their average CTRs (Click through Rates) are.
Raj Sheth is the Co-Founder of Recruiterbox, an online Recruitment Software & Applicant Tracking System designed especially for small businesses. Great strategy and I often have to work through this process when I add PPC clients to determine the target CPA. It’s my good luck that I clicked on this blog today and got your article and learned that how to decide that how much and at what place we should plan our advertisement campaign to grab some more customers in limited budget. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. The overall goal of your online marketing plan is to get your website on the entire first page. In an iCrossing article from March 2007, it was noted that when a brand (or business) shows up in both the natural search results as well as the sponsored listings (PPC) consumers click on that brand 92% of the time. That is a very powerful internet marketing plan.  And it all translates to being on the first page.  Again, that is where the consumer is, that is where the leads are and, ultimately, that is where the money is!!!! You need to do what you can to get on the first page.  Taking the time to create a cohesive online marketing plan will help you get there. And that is where Markomm comes in.  For our clients, we can help them strategically implement their internet marketing plan so they can have immediate results as well as the long term benefit of getting on the first page. In one of the next articles, we’ll give you some tips on developing a winning internet marketing plan.  Before we end this article, I want you to strongly think about one key metric…budget. In the picture below, you can clearly see that consumers are spending more and more time online and on the computer.  What is shocking about this is that the majority of advertising dollars are being spend in other areas…areas where our consumer is spending less and less of their time. Russia and Eastern Europe are the regions where marketers expect the most future growth to occur, with significant decreases in opportunities in Canada, Mexico and Western Europe. CMOs expect the majority of firm growth to occur internally, with 70 percent of growth spending allocated to internal growth strategies, 13 percent to partnerships, 10 percent to acquisitions and 7 percent to licensing. Explore strategies and techniques that you can use on the Internet that will enhance and support your business’s overall marketing objectives.
Awesome!  Then, you decided to expand to the internet to increase your foot traffic, sales, or company recognition. When she is not busy at work, she enjoys Roller Derby and organizing over 15 pairs of Chuck Taylor shoes that she keeps in her closet. We wanted to learn something about the real issues that online business owners face when making decisions about their online advertising budget. However, it is a significant pool to start to see spending habits and determine the focus for the next set of research.
The average spend amongst those that did budget for online promotion was a surprisingly meager $202 per month. This includes text-brokering, paying for press releases, link building, CRM subscriptions and analysis tools. This includes monthly subscriptions to CRMs for social media management, automation and scheduled posts tools, multiple account management tools. Even if you add in spending on Facebook promotions at an additional $1,370 across the board for all website groups, this total of $2,660 per month across our entire respondent pool represents a small amount of commitment. The importance of social media engagement for businesses is constantly over-hyped, yet here we have results that show it is the smallest portion of spending across the board by all online business. Our survey attempted to draw out any hours used and not accounted for by asking respondents what hours they spent doing online activities. An average spend of less than $10 per person per month and no significant big spenders makes the social media marketing scene a steady outflow, but not an investment spend.
We want your websites to thrive and host valuable information to generate your online business. There is no ranking penalization for duplicate content, and they are quick and easy space fillers. Social networks have allowed the majority of us to believe information is readily available. This world of online data is important for small business, website owners, college students, interviewees, and analysts. If you are on the internet, there is a part of you aware of the massive online income potential that everyone else seems to partake in. I’m looking forward to suggestions from other mobile people on how they overcome this. I Particularly love the export feature which is more versatile than Snagit; being able to share to virtually any other app loaded on your mobile device is pretty ingenious! Now here’s a quirky template for you to customize presentations of your Facebook Albums on the Timeline.
Obviously most brands that have a lot of consumer awareness about them are already going to have visibility and so probably aren’t optimizing the most out of their pages. After all, you’ve gone to all that effort of branding your page using our facebook template, and you want your customers to find you.
So, we’ve decided to put together a table of the top tweaks that webmasters were applying to their WordPress CMS (by industry), to save you the build time when it comes to seeing what they recommend. I will be chewed out by analysts and math geniuses for suggesting this approach, but I have my reasons.

Since we do not have a specific business or product example, I am going to stick to my software subscription model from above.
The only way to find better channels is to either experiment with a few different networks or get references and reviews from advertisers going after the exact same market.
Growing a small business himself, everything he writes is based on what he has experienced in his ventures. This is something that I do not think that many small businesses look at when they are looking to market themselves online. Not surprisingly, low price still rules, with 34% of the 511 CMOs surveyed citing it as their #1  priority over the next 12 months. Recent projects include short MORADO shot in the Baja, doc THE ART OF HALL WINES in Napa, and music video WRONG'S WHAT I DO BEST at the San Francisco Art Institute. She also has a few awesome websites she runs, but they are not 100% work appropriate.  Czaja first joined InMotion Hosting in 2011 as a Customer Care Representative and recently celebrated her 2 year anniversary with the company. The survey is still open, so we can take another look later on to compare differences in people’s spending budgets in 2013. Of course dividing these numbers up into average spending across each web hosting group reveals a general trend that can be seen in the infographic. These individuals are competing with other thousands of similar more established businesses. Are you stuck with ideas on how to flesh out your website and need a quick boost of content to keep your audience reading? Great ways to stimulate discussion on your website is to present your own critique of the infograph. As an example, I’ve embedded our upcoming blogroll to show where we look for contribution or exchange. The format is going to be a fairly open forum for debate, opinions, and shared experience, here are the guide questions to stimulate your thoughts.
We value your input through the TweetChat hashtag, make sure you tag your conversation with #IMHhangout so that everyone in the community can see your voice!
Whether you are looking to gain freelance gigs, earn through advertising, sell services, do information marketing, or simply learn what affiliate marketing is all about, this hangout could be your starting point! In the mean time the only suggestion I have is to leave the G+ app, and restart it if you see this message come up. For those of you who like to engage co-workers and audiences with the wonderful tools offered by Snagit, I knew I had a hard task on my hands to find anything remotely comparable.
Removing images from the stream, additions to the album that aren’t in groups of three, will end up in the film strip showing the two earliest un-presented additions to the album in the left-to-right format, with the latest image up front.
Imagine you have $5,000 per month for online marketing – how do you go about spending this? In other words, if I can simply pay to acquire another 40 or 50 customers per month, what would I be willing to part with?
For example, in venture-funded software companies, or newer ecommerce companies, folks spend an insane number of dollars to acquire customers (at first), because they are trying to capture a large portion of the market and create their brand name. On the flip side, keep in mind that you need to stick to a campaign for at least 4-6 weeks. These networks will take a fixed sum of money from you and promise, let’s say, 200,000 impressions. When considering a new expense, we boil everything down to how many policies do we need to sell to cover that new expense. The more hosting horsepower individuals are investing in, the more advertising dollars they are spending. Finally, and I think this is the most important for modern SEO, is the investment in CRM suites like Buzzstream for tracking those new webmaster to webmaster relationships and general business development. As the business becomes more steadfast and require more resources due to high traffic, they focus on more on embedding themselves into the web ecosystem using CRMs. There were not enough hours in any one category of activity to determine if site owners focus more on one job than another in marketing their websites. Here are three great tips you can put into immediate use to get Google crawling and your visitor traffic sticking around. Not only is that original, but your insight gives the reader a deeper understanding of your abilities as a contractor.
If any of these articles apply to you, then please do reach out and place a comment on this blog. This subject has the broad scope to enable a talk for a long time, so as the host I’ll simply aim to eek out of those that join us what has worked for them in the hope you might glean something useful for yourselves.
In other cases, there is stiff competition in what you are pursuing, and thus you will need more marketing muscle. From your site’s past traffic data, you must have calculated the number of visits that convert to customers.
Since we know the value of the time and effort selling those policies cost us, it gives us a much better picture of how much we can afford to spend.
His Broadway features have garnered acclaim, including SHREK UNMASKED, the most viewed BTS video for the musical on YouTube. Based on what they spend on web hosting, we have grouped the respondents by the type of hosting technology they use.
The format this week is going to be a fairly open forum for debate, opinions, and shared experience, here are the guide questions to stimulate your thoughts. All photos no-matter what their layout will be re-framed to a centralized square of 133px to display as the thumbnail in the film-strip.
Apparently the word-of-mouth, social media, PR presence, testimonials, videos, etc services that they provide can cost 10% of what old school commercials cost.

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