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For example, there are benefits to making your meme interactive – that is, asking customers to upload their own pictures based on your company’s suggestions.
Basically, anything that repeats a familiar theme, but with a unique twist, can be considered a meme: dubbing a new soundtrack over a familiar video, adding different captions to a familiar image, showing pictures of different people in a familiar position, or videos of different people doing a familiar action. Sign up below to receive free monthly videos, infographics, and whitepapers which will keep you in the know.
Smart phones are ubiquitous these days, so it only makes sense that the vast majority of Facebook users are mobile.
Yes, we’re all hoping that 2011 is going to be the best year in quite awhile, but one thing I know is this – the Calvary is NOT coming. A recent study found inbound lead generation to be far more cost-efficient than outbound marketing strategies. Respondents spent about 37% of their lead generating budgets on inbound marketing techniques and about 30% of the budges on outbound techniques – such as direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing.
Believe it or not, there are still people who either don’t have a website, or have an outdated website that makes them look like they are still doing business in the last decade or so.
It’s impossible to change your yellow pages ad once it’s been produced – so you’ve got it get it right from the “get-go”!
When you decide to include online marketing strategies into your overall plan, all of a sudden the possibilities are endless. Typically marketing of services is done following the services marketing mix using the 7 Ps framework unlike the marketing of products for which the marketing mix involves the 4 Ps framework. The initial movement in marketing strategies was from a direct marketing scenario to brand marketing. However, with services gaining prominence over time, it was realized that the very definition of services was evolving as more and more services were being focused on internet or info-tech based services where direct interaction with the customer was lost. Since services cannot be differentiated purely based on features on offer, the major differentiation to create a brand association and thus customer engagement, is through tapping the social networks.

The 7 S framework for digital marketing started gaining in prominence for services marketing strategists. Over time, it was realized that social media is perhaps the biggest tool today to lead a brand marketing strategy for many of the services and product categories, since in both cases, the target segment often uses the internet as a source of information (through websites or though the personal social network) while deciding on a service vendor.
To promote a contest, or a sale you’re having, or maybe a new line of products or a new service you’ve added?
Once you’ve viewed them, you may also want to think of comments you can add to each one you post. The study was completed by 167 professionals involved in their business’ marketing strategy. Make no mistake, if you don’t have a website, that you are proud of, you are missing the best opportunity to grow your business.
It follows the same principles you’ve always followed: you get the right message, to the right market, using the right media.
You can change your newspaper ad if you desire, but it’s expensive and normally pretty limited and, let’s face it, boring! You can change your message whenever you want. Once you decide what message you want, getting  it out is almost instantaneous. In direct marketing, the marketing managers typically had a role of sales managers and the most important strategic focus was to ensure a incentive structure for the sales force, both internal salesmen and external salesforce (dealers, retailers, distributors) such that the one-to-one marketing could be done at the point of sales. While branding definitely ensured that the customers develop a brand association with the service, sometimes the nature of the service is such that the essence of the service is a transactional one.
While the dynamics of a pure internet marketing strategy is slightly different, the essence of the same has been captured in more comprehensive frameworks on digital marketing, which have been derived purely through the theories based on economic rationality. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. But memes are sort of like Pokemon – there are a bunch of different kinds, and you’ll probably want to catch…er, make use of… them all, at some point or another.

If you haven’t figured out which businesses are likely to take off even in slow times, then you need to get the latest study that shows which of the industries are most likely to continue to make money in these times.
They consisted of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales people in businesses of all sizes. Do you wish there was an easy way to understand what is going on online without having to get a degree in computer science? You can only get one message out at a time, to a large market, (most of whom are really not your target market), that is looking at print media. Over time marketing managers have realized the sustainability of pull marketing than the traditional approach of push marketing strategies. However, it was realized that if a fraction of the sales force deviated or moved to another firm, the entire customer segment was lost to the business. So brand marketing focus gradually started to shift towards customer engagement and the benefits of social networks started getting conceptualized.
Almost ? of the companies were involved in the business-to-business sector and were involved in business or professional services.
This paved the way for the next generation of marketing, namely marketing using social media. People create them to make political statements, to crack up their buddies, and, most importantly for our purposes here, to market their businesses. Now as services gained in importance, it was realized that the differentiation of services was even more difficult based on tangible features like that of a product.

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