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BERLIN: A German newspaper has apologised for mistakenly publishing a fake Charlie Hebdo cover that featured an anti-Semitic cartoon on its front page the day after the French publication was attacked last week.
The daily Berliner Zeitung featured four real Charlie Hebdo covers on its front page on Jan 8, along with a fake one depicting what appears to be an Orthodox Jew making a quip about the Holocaust.
The Berliner Zeitung said on Thursday it “failed to recognise that one of the cartoons was a fake” and offered its “profoundest personal apologies for this highly regrettable mistake.
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The University of Connecticut Libraries recently expanded its access to online historical newspaper archives with the purchase of four additional titles through ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
ProQuest’s sophisticated search interface allows a variety of search approaches – such as searching for the appearance of a name or keyword throughout the entire text of the paper,  searching for the occurrence of words in specific fields of the article, or searching specific parts of the paper.
Social and media historians, genealogists, linguists, and others have used ProQuest Historical Newspapers in many varied research projects. The content in ProQuest’s Historical Newspapers complements another online newspaper database licensed by the Libraries, Early AmericanNewspapers 1690-1922 . Jean Cardinale Nelson is the head of the UConn Libraries' Public Programming, Marketing & Communications efforts. The British Newspaper Archive added over 200,000 pages in February, bringing the current grand total to over 7.5 million. 50 titles have been updated this month, including the Durham County Advertiser, the Wiltshire Independent and the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer. We’re currently optimising the digitisation process, making gradual improvements to the way newspapers are loaded onto the website. Our immediate focus is on the quality of the digitisation, followed by a focus on the quantity of newspapers being loaded. We are currently running a normal level backlog and are continuing to increase the number of pages that we publish. I for one love this site, and have found many, many anecdotal stories of my ancestors, giving an insight into their lives and characters that simply can’t be found on registration documents. It would be useful if you could put up a list of titles (and runs within titles) you intend to upload next, just to give us researchers an idea of what to expect – it would certainly make planning easier. Hi just wondered if and when you will be adding the Brierley Hill advertiser and county Express (Stourbridge) to the archive.
Your list Newspapers added to The British Newspaper Archive in February is extremely interesting but is more tantalising than helpful to me in my own use of the BNA.
I, and possibly many others, would then be able each month, to search just those newspapers added the previous month. For instance, 1935 may be ready to upload before 1934 or 1936 if those papers require any extra work.
Hi Tyson, we’ve tried to provide coverage for as much of the UK and Ireland as possible to begin with and will then return to add more depth to this. What is the situation with the backlog accumulated during last year’s ingest problem?

Hi Kitty, we’ve been working through the backlog and should have it cleared in the next couple of months.
We’ll be adding more newspapers from the First World War period over the next few months too. We have had a lot of people using our editable newspaper powerpoint templates and have had a lot of good feedback. There have been a few requests to use these in portrait format, so we have converted this popular template so that it prints out well in an A4 format. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag.
Hi, in PowerPoint you should be able to edit all the headings, text and change the pictures. Hi Anna, Yes all the presentation are currently only done in PowerPoint however other people have mentioned that they would be great in Word and so it’s something we are looking into for the future.
Just to clear the confusion, cos I myself didnt know how to edit these slides, first click on the link given, then instead of clicking open, click save first.
The second urban legend lacks the political gravitas of the story just told, but is nonetheless interesting for its persistence, especially for didactic purposes in German language classes. Now turn the clock back, not to 1795, but to June 26, 1963, and President Kennedya€™s legendary visit to Berlin at the height of the Cold War.
In his 1993 article, JA?rgen Eichhoff explains that Kennedya€™s words (provided to him by a near-native speaker of German, Robert H.
Thus President Kennedy did not misspeak, which explains why the myth developed only outside of Germany (see the serious images from German media on this page where JFKa€™s words were reprinted). It said it had posted a correction in Friday’s paper acknowledging that it mistakenly printed an anti-Semitic cartoon. Researchers can, for example, search for all articles appearing on the front page on a particular day,  search for keywords among thousands of scanned editorial cartoons, look for names in birth announcement sections of the paper, or search only real estate transactions or display ads. As with the titles available through the ProQuest product, the content in Early American Newspapers is also derived from the scanning and optical character recognition process of newspapers which had been previously converted to microfilm. There’s still plenty more to be scanned, so we’ve already started chasing the next milestone – 8 million pages!
The number of pages will fluctuate from time to time, but we remain committed to our goal of 40 million pages over 10 years. These include adding more newspapers from the First World War period, continuing to add more from across the country for the period 1710-1950 and increasing coverage for the Greater London area, Ireland and Wales. No matter if the pages add up or not, it will be a lot easier to see which new papers you are adding.
It looks like we may have a bug on the page as it should certainly be displaying more additions than it currently is.
We currently display the titles alphabetically for ease of reference, but would consider altering this if the majority of our customers would prefer a chronological list. Even returning from extended absences, it would be easy to separately run through two or three months to catch up. For example, the paper I’m interested in-the Bury Times-has not been updated at all since it was originally added.

This is actually something we’re very keen to introduce on The British Newspaper Archive, so watch this space! As some newspapers require more attention than others, it can often mean that years are not added sequentially.
Thankfully, the local library has many of the other titles published for Folkestone, but the Folkestone News they only have for 3 years. Rest assured, we plan to make it much easier for you to find articles in recently added newspapers this year. But it would only open in PowerPoint and I wanted it in a word document so I had to copy each bit individually. One of the many differences between the grammars of German and English pertains to the use of articles, especially indefinite articles (a[n], ein) that come right before words denoting professions and geographic origins. One of the presidenta€™s most famous lines of all time was the one he uttered twice, at the beginning and end of his stirring speech, to express solidarity with the citizens of the divided city, namely Ich bin ein Berliner.
But even if Kennedy had misspoken, Professor Eichhoff adds, native speakers of German would have understood precisely what he meant. The database provides full-text searching and page and article images of an astounding number of early American newspapers, including over 50 titles once published in Connecticut cities and towns.
With 200000 pages added the last month, that would mean those eight volumes consisted of papers with 80 pages six days a week.
In other words, I have not found a way to search the additional newspapers without bringing up all the entries that I have already found, except by using an impossibly large number of searches filtered by individual newspaper date.
It wasn`t a long running newspaper, but it`s possibly the most interesting of the Folkestone titles. While in English one would say I am a student and I am an American, the German equivalents are Ich bin Student and Ich bin Amerikaner, without the ein. Ever since, German teachers in this country have quoted this line as an example of what their students should NOT do.
A rarely mentioned corollary of the rule about ein in front of professional terms and nationalities in German prescribes that if the subject of the sentence only has certain characteristics of the profession or nationality referred to, but is not really a student, American, Berliner, etc., then the ein is required. And in somewhat of an ironic twist, the dialect word Berliner, referring to a pastry, is not even used in the city of Berlin, but farther west. Menu section of website are - News, Sports, Business, Lifestyle, Opinion, Entertainment, Classified, Technology, Videos, mobiReporter, Forums. Ajit Punjabi is a national newspaper and it has good circulation from Punjab and its nation. On the other hand, if someone is just acting silly, that person would have to say Ich bin ein Clown. The Hindu is published from 18 locations in India named Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Mangaluru, Tiruchirappalli, Hubballi, Mohali, Lucknow, Allahabad, Malappuram and Mumbai.

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