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At some point in time we as a society have decided that it is fun to share stuff online through the web. Content has always played a rather large role in the online marketing area for websites but since Twitter and Facebook have steam rolled their way onto the scene things have only become a bit more fierce than usual. We all know and understand the importance of social sharing and where it has come from but have you ever heard just how crazy the numbers behind it are from the mouth of Facebook?
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These people are in a state of dilemma, a lot of marketing offers; advertisements are been introduced to them, daily. Brand is all about uniqueness – standing out from the crowd and becoming the go-to resource for target audience. The aim is to share a picture once and have it scour the entire web, generating targeted traffic to your blog, and boosting your bottom-line. And social media marketing is an arm in your marketing systems, to bring you closer to meeting your business goals. It’s a wrong marketing practice to sell to fans on social media networks; instead, redirect fans have to a landing page or salespage in your blog. These types of pictures usually go viral, and when properly SEO-optimized for the right keywords; alt, title and description, Google can crawl, index and rank such pictures. The essence of developing free online photo albums is to have access to the pictures when you’re on the go. Those on the same Local Area Network (LAN) can access the free online photo albums and use the pictures for their business. One powerful way to improve Google ranking is to allowing bloggers, web designers, graphic designers and content marketers to use your free pictures for their projects. If you’re looking for online photo album services, checkout the mixbook coupon code (this link) and snapfish code (this page) subscriptions today.
We make use of Flickr photos on our posts and anybody can start this form of online picture sharing services for free or charge for it. Pinterest is rocking the internet-world, because, people have fallen in love with photo sharing.
Pinterest overwhelmed everyone by inventing a powerful platform where photos can be shared, and not just text. Posted in Social Media and tagged free photo sharing online, online picture sharing, social media influence, social media marketing. Pinterest has really created huge hype in quick time, that’s why lots of businesses are now focusing on sharing their images so that they can attract more visitors. Insurance Post returns in 2016 with the region’s leading claims event, the 4th annual Claims Conference Hong Kong which will be held on 10 May.
We are told we live in a brand obsessed age, but price is still seen as the key driver when it comes to buying insurance. Post's brand new event, Motor Insurance World will provide a one-stop shop for all things motor. The Post events team works alongside the brand's editorial staff and industry advisors to produce content around key issues affecting the insurance industry. To achieve competitive advantage, a major focus for insurers is a push to improve the quality of their customer interactions.
Rebecca Rutt, senior insurance writer, Money Saving Expert, sheds light on the view that customers are being ‘duped' by unfair administration fees and why the regulator needs to get involved to enforce a blanket ban on unfair extras. A leading specialist Insurance Broker is looking to find a Senior Account Executive to work for their Corporate Division in London. We are looking for team oriented Commercial Account Handlers to join our Newmarket Bluefin Office.
When it comes to data sharing, the insurance industry should follow the lead of the banking sector by unleashing competition among multiple data suppliers. Social media marketing is all about being value because no one on the internet wants to visit a poorly built site and a useless article for the sake of visiting it or for any reason. You probably want to get your articles out there, you want to get your brand in people’s emotions and interest, your hard worked on content browsed and shared because after all, this is what online marketing is about. Your audience on the internet is every potential visitor or every person that made their way to your site somehow. In life outside the internet you have endless ways of capturing the imagination of those around you but in online marketing this is downgraded to the goldfish rule. The goldfish rule is that when someone visits your site you have 5 seconds to capture their focus until they forget your site and move on to the next topic. This was proved with Stumbleupon a few years ago, however their tests determine that this was down to 3 seconds. If you can get 2 or 3 of your friends to share an article on Twitter using embeddable social media buttons it means that the leader has started and soon the sheep will follow, because the person that starts the action is the leader and that can be anyone that takes the initiative and time, but also the risk that no one will respond. What is not obvious is that people know somewhat about the topics spoken of up until here in this article, so they embed just about every type of button known to mankind on their site.

This is the wrong approach because well as the title says less is more in social sharing and online marketing. Now i’m not saying all articles on Twitter and Facebook are shared like this  and not all people are the sheep but from experience this is one definite way of starting the social ball rolling and the best way to get traffic. Now, if they see 20 buttons but only 2 have leader actions this makes them afraid to be the ones taking control and sharing on the other buttons. If there were to be 3 buttons and two of those buttons had plenty of shares then the sheep might just start using the 3rd button because if two has plenty of shares and there is only one without, this means the share ratio is higher than the unshared. By watching posts go viral you enable buttons one by one until every available button has shared views on it. A site with the first image of social sharing buttons would be shared much less, whereas the second image, a site containing those buttons would be shared almost instantly by someone having the same interests because if so many people found this topic interesting and it’s actually a topic the person reading is already interested in, then this must be truly worth sharing. Sharing on social media helps hackers sharpen "spear phishing" attacks they use to trick their way into computers, security experts said Monday.
Spear phishing refers to individualizing deceptive messages sent to people in order to trick them into clicking on links or opening files booby-trapped with viruses. Public posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and other online venues give hackers fodder to mimic the way people write and the words they use, said Ulisses Albuquerque of the security firm Trustwave.
The Trustware security consultants created a software tool that "fingerprints" the way people communicate by analyzing online posts. The tool scrutinizes posts at social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to ascertain writing styles, right down to hashtags added to indicate subjects of online posts.
A hacker unable to break into a company's computer network could write a convincing email pretending to be from a friend of an employee and include an attachment or link that, once clicked, unleashes malicious code. He said the Trustwave-developed tool was not designed to extrapolate insights into people's conduct or personalities, but that such observations could be made if desired.
The tool provides "spear phishers" with outlines for creating messages likely to hook prey. It is intended for "ethical hackers" such as security professionals working with companies or organizations to find and patch weak spots in computer network defenses, according to Albuquerque. It can also be used to help prove when posts claiming to be written by someone are bogus, he said. Facebook on Friday was blocking links to bogus websites set up to look like the home page of the popular social network in a "phishing" attack by hackers. Facebook is preparing to take on Twitter by adopting the messaging service's iconic hashtag symbol, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
A hijacked Associated Press Twitter account that rattled markets with false word of an attack on the White House put the security of social media in the crosshairs. McAfee Labs on Monday reported a surge early this year in malicious software aimed at stealing passwords at social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook is introducing hashtags, the number signs used on Twitter, Instagram and other services to identify topics being discussed and allow users to search for them.
A solar-powered airplane landed in suburban Phoenix Monday night after a daylong flight from Californiaa€”the latest leg in its around the world journey using only energy from the sun. Most people in the developing world who have asthma, cystic fibrosis or other chronic lung diseases have no way to measure how well their lungs are functioning outside of a clinic or doctor visit.
Cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan were able to hack into the leading "smart home" automation system and essentially get the PIN code to a home's front door.
Before you place any bets on the next NBA playoff games, take a look at UC Merced professor Harish Bhat's Twitter account. Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright on Monday identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin following years of speculation about who invented the pioneering digital currency.
Solar Impulse 2, an experimental aircraft flying around the world to draw attention to clean energy technologies, is to take flight again on Monday, organizers said. It doesn’t matter what we are sharing as long as we are sharing something throughout our social networks. We share information now because we can do it much easier and the results can often times be very rewarding for a business or an individual.
Sharing is the process of also pushing others information around because the social media space is all about building a community and scratching others backs.
Social sharing is only growing in speed and power and we see it everyday in the headlines throughout our global news sources. Facebook has been strategically positioned to help offline and online businesses move to the next level.
They can help us connect and communicate professionally in our day to day business activities. For instance, you could share a picture of you designing a web page or speaking to a group of people in a conference.
You can also upload and share such photo albums with co-workers, families and well-wishers. Paid subscription might take some time to grow, especially for beginners, but when it’s ‘free,’ it’ll get publicized by satisfied users.

So, the more beautiful and relevant photos you share, the more influence you create on social media sites, and consequently, the more success your blog will be.
It is a marketers paradise, especially when one knows how to use them.I am also interested in the possibilities Pinterest can offer. Combining top level content and a bustling exhibition hall full of ideas and solutions to help grow your business, this one is not to be missed. This report outlines the market forces driving change, opportunities that technology-led innovation can provide carriers and the next steps that insurers should consider.
They want to visit sites that capture their interest and either creates emotion or shows them something they didn’t know before. Your audience are your friends, your family, your co-workers and everyone that surrounds you daily.
So lets just say 3-5 seconds is the average attention span of the average person browsing the internet.
The great thing about this is that if your article is shared only once or twice by a leader, that gives people the ability to follow. Within the first few seconds you have to capture the emotion of the person browsing your site and this is done with fancy titles or normal obvious ways including images and the likes.
This also makes the ratio of shared buttons versus not shared buttons obviously much higher and gives the unshared buttons the focus. Whether it was the fact that we just ate lunch or a great industry editorial piece we have been writing sharing became the new norm in online behavior and continues to be the norm in content marketing.
All it takes is one great article for a journalist or a business to make it into the right spotlight and they become an industry player overnight. You don’t want to just share your own content and information over and over because eventually it just seems like too much self promotion. Everything from the technology that follows us everywhere we go to the easy to use websites where we can share just about anything. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! To get started with online picture sharing, you’ve to recognize what types of pictures go viral. It’s very important that people access not just a picture, but 10s and 100s of it, which can encourage them that you’re the right business to trust. It is the talk of the month and I’ve seen a lot of bloggers create an account, and most of the celebrities use it connected to Twitter now. Often we think that the more information about our brands we throw out there in people’s faces the more they will see our product or our business. This brings in the fear that if they share there will be no response because to the naked eye, there’s less response in the total ratio of buttons than there is response. Sure some people take it to a whole new level sharing a bit too much if you ask me while some have not conducted it enough to try and grow their own business. Some of the biggest and strongest brands who have a large social reach don’t just focus on sharing their own material but also help spread others information to reach other new audiences they might not have been able to reach out to with just their content. Every business should be embracing the aspect of online sharing because it can really strengthen the visibility of a person or a business online. It might just be a hipster thing, but its popularity seems to be really taking off, so I think it is another platform to try and use for our own benefit. If they see many shares on the number of shares located on most embedded social buttons they will in turn also share because their reasoning is, if so many people like this I dont stand the chance of not getting any reaction because so many other people reacted.
The social space is all about being “social” and you can’t be social without communicating about others as well. Taking the right approach to your online content sharing campaign could allow your business to propel into a whole new light, a light that allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field.
I hope to come up with a strategy soon, and I am sure I’ll use the tips you recommend. This is all good but when it comes to online marketing there is a huge difference in both the way people interact with brands and the way they process information. Spreading information around online allows a person or business to also build a brand for themselves as they share their content through a variety of networks.
Sharing is caring so show your audience and your peers that you are somewhat a team player. That doesn’t mean you have to go and help your competition but moving an article for an industry leading news source in your space certainly will not results in anything negative.

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