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The question of choosing a video platform is often a dilemma for companies that want to elaborate a video marketing strategy. This post belongs to a series of articles about Free Video Platforms Vs Professional Video Platforms.
When a company decides to start working with a Professional Video Platform it may be already carried on video marketing activities. Video marketing actions intended to generate customer engagement usually fit better with Professional Video Platforms since it is important to work well design and branding issues. When the marketing needs a special focus on brand image, it requires an online video platform, which allows the video player insertion on the corporate website, and the inclusion of calls to action and recommended links in the player. Professional solutions offer the possibility of including advertising in the video file,  a company can increase online sales thanks to this function, which we may also refer to as monetization through videos. In addition, any professional solution like the Flumotion platform allows integration with other enterprise tools. Other useful functionality that professional providers offer is registration forms which can be included before, during and after a video is displayed. Analytics are critical to check the results of the marketing actions and business video professionals are aware of this. Moreover, whatever the objective of our actions is, it’s always interesting to drive traffic directly to the website of the company, where interested users will find other value content such as offers, whitepapers, manuals or videos how-to. Finally it is noteworthy that a growing trend in marketing is the creation of UGC (User Generated Content) portals.
We will soon explain in another article in which cases a free video platform can help us with our video marketing strategy. Upsight is launching a new mobile marketing tool that lets marketers understand their users in real-time and create marketing campaigns to target them.
The Upsight Marketing product was more than a year in the making, and Upsight executives said it highlights the fact that mobile marketing and analytics have become a single, consolidated business that offers more convenient and powerful tools for mobile marketers and developers.
Upsight was formed more than a year ago through the merger of data analytics firm Kontagent and mobile marketer PlayHaven. The product is targeted at enterprise customers who want more sophisticated solutions to manage their marketing campaigns. Brinkman said the tool can be used to distill 22.5 million users to the handful of people who are highly likely to convert to paid users. More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. Learn how Netsertivea€™s technology can help you unleash your marketingand put you in the lead.
With an ongoing commitment to their US network of dealers, Meridian, a world-leader in high-performance digital home entertainment systems, announced this week the launch of an innovative localized marketing program in partnership with Netsertive, a Google Premier SMB Partner specializing in automated digital channel marketing technology for the Audio-Video industry. Through the program, Meridian dealers will be able to track digital marketing results through Netsertive’s online platform, weekly alert summaries, and regular meetings with a professional client success manager.
With this program, Meridian will gain greatly improved brand control, critical insights into channel performance and coverage, empowerment of their dealers to embrace local digital marketing and stronger local marketing performance. The new marketing program will be available to dealers supporting Meridian’s award-winning products, beginning immediately. Netsertive has moved to the forefront of the digital ad tech industry with a vision of using technology to connect local consumers with products and businesses.
Meridian Audio, based in Cambridgeshire, UK, was founded in 1977 by two music lovers: psychoacoustics expert Bob Stuart and design engineer Allen Boothroyd. In 2008 Meridian entered the world of automotive with its partnership with McLaren Automotive. Through online video marketing, a business is able to speak directly to its audience and consistently deliver the right message to its target market. The success of your online video marketing efforts depends on how well you leverage your content.

YouTube is the runaway choice when it comes to video hosting particularly because of its extensive viewership with over 1 billion unique visitors each month. YouTube and Vimeo are two of the most reliable video hosting tools that can bring improvements on your SEO efforts, drive website traffic and increase the potential of your video to leverage ROI.
Google AdWords for Video is one of the most priceless tools for any business who want to make the most of their marketing efforts through the production of an online video. One of the most important things that should be considered when it comes to online video marketing is how to effectively promote it across social media networks. Online videos remain to be the one of the most effective strategies to promote a brand and create valuable connections with a particular audience. The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is Asia's largest and most elite mobile Internet conference.
In general, the strategy objectives are often decisive in choosing between a free solution or a professional video platform. On a previous post we already put in context what type of video platforms are currently available on the market and we will soon publish a free complete guide about it. Maybe if a company knew from the very beginning how a professional platform can enrich its strategy, it would start working with it directly without the prior step of using a free platform. For any company that has already implemented a campaign of brand awareness, the next step is to achieve the engagement. An example might be: a surf school which uses the call to actions to link them to a registration form.
Thanks to this integration automatic notifications can be sent to personal email accounts as new videos are being published achieving a greater degree of segmentation and dissemination. In addition, some video platforms enable integration with CRM solutions, providing analytical data that will allow us to know how the user interacts with the video second to second, and calculate the ROI of each video.
The professional platforms as Flumotion provide a dashboard which includes all marketing campaigns launched in different media. Video is clearly consolidated in the e-commerce by achieving great conversion rates on the product pages, and the power of video also extends to its use in other areas such as landing pages and email marketing campaigns.
Customers are increasingly demanding that video platforms to allow dual directionality when sharing content. You can immediately see 10 attributes of users, like how much money they’ve spent, the length of time they have used an app, what country they are from, and so on.
Since that time, the company’s engineers have been working on melding the different tools into a single Upsight Marketing platform, with Upsight DataMine business intelligence tools built into it. Marketers can use the different pieces of the tool, including User Explorer, which lets a marketer rapidly find an interesting segment of users and then understand how groups of users affect one another. You can then create a targeted campaign for those users, offering a discount if they make a purchase. Upsight’s tools are used to monitor more than 500 billion data points per month across thousands of apps. In addition, Meridian dealers will have turnkey implementation, automatic reimbursement, and complete accountability. Dealers interested in participating in the program can contact their Meridian representative or Netsertive directly for more information. Based in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, the company automates localized digital advertising and channel-marketing solutions, leveraging online search, online display, social media and mobile platforms. With almost 40 years of innovation and development of consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, Meridian Audio is recognised as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction.
Listed below are some of the most useful tools that can help increase your ROI from your online video content.
Like the usual Google AdWords campaign, your videos will show up based on search queries used by web visitors.
A high-quality video will only be appreciated if it becomes available on channels that your target audiences visit.

But to be able to make the most of online videos and leverage your ROI, there are tools that you must recognize and integrate to your marketing campaign.
Professional solutions have some advantages which not only have to do with its functionality as we now explain. One of the main factors influencing the professional platforms is controlling the distribution across multiple channels and having the ability to centrally manage online content; providing a tool to automate the videos posting on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, besides publishing it on the corporate website. With this objective, controlling the display environment is very important and this is frankly difficult on free platforms, where advertising is controllable to some extent and related searches can play tricks on us. Another example might be a Kitchen goods manufacturer that could use the recipe videos to link them directly to the product pages. They want to create portals with the content created by its users within their own communities and thus involving the audience and boosting user engagement. The dashboard updated the numbers and bar charts in real time as Upsight’s Scott Brinkman, head of product, made changes to the data query. It’s a radical simplification of the product, and it works for both mobile and online, Williams said. It provides standalone localized campaign automation as well as its innovative Digital Co-Op system, which combines brands and local channel partners in turnkey, cooperative online ad campaigns. The in-car system for the Range Rover Evoque signaled Meridian’s partnership with Land Rover in 2010. With online videos, you can enhance your digital presence and deliver a message to a great number of web users effectively.
However, you should know that online videos will only be as effective as the way they’re supposed to be if you will be able to incorporate a marketing plan that will allow you to connect with the most number of leads and gain great conversions. Look for a social media management and marketing platform that can get your content promoted across the channels that you prefer.
These tools can make quality videos remarkable and ensure that your brand will appear where searchers look. He narrowed down the search to drill down on a segment of 120 high-potential users and then target them with campaign messages. Serving specific vertical industries, Netsertive helps local business, multi-location retailers and national brands increase sales in targeted local markets with its expert team and patent-pending technology platform.
The company’s award-winning optical disc players, DSP loudspeakers, video systems, streaming and personal audio products are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to delivery natural sound and crystal-sharp images. The following year Meridian extended its automotive partners to include Jaguar, launching in the XJ Ultimate.
There are also social media tools that will allow you to monitor your campaign so you can actively track your progress and engage in discussions that matter for your brand.
By taking advantage of these online video marketing tools, the success of your campaign is highly possible while bringing in greater profit for your business.
With this live analytics and marketing tool, you can quickly visualize user behavior and identify your most valuable segments, the company said. Founded in 2009, the company has a history of rapid growth, a world-class team, and the strength of venture capital funding from top firms RRE Ventures, Harbert Venture Partners and Greycroft Partners. In 2012 Meridian introduced its innovative Signature Reference Sound System in the All-New Range Rover.
Undeniably, this is a much preferred approach to online video marketing because of the ROI that it can generate at an affordable cost.

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