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Ask five business professionals what an online presentation is, and you may well get five different answers. An online presentation is a type of content that brings the traditional business presentation (typically Microsoft PowerPoint) to an anytime, anywhere environment online.
Online slide decks: These are the most widely used but least sophisticated online presentation medium.
Narrated audio presentations: Adding synchronized audio narration to presentation slides represents a substantial step up in online presentation experience. Interactive video presentations: As engaging as audio-narrated presentations are, nothing compares to the total multimedia experience of the interactive video presentation. Each type of online presentation has its strengths and benefits and, therefore, should be part of a content creation portfolio.

The online presentations we cover in this website, on the other hand, are durable pieces of content that can be edited, revised, enhanced, updated, and accessed anytime, anywhere, and on-demand from a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices. Knowledgevision reduced our cost per hour of online learning content created from about $3000 to about $150.
SlidePresenter is also there, with our knowledgeable experience, to help at any point during your lead generation campaign!
Case StudiesRead our case studies and learn how our customers are succesfully employing SlidePresenter. WebinarView a live demo of SlidePresenter's corporate training application in one of our free webinars? To view these presentations, visitors simply have to enter their contact information into a form.

The visitor then has the benefit of viewing your presentations for free and you are able to generate valuable leads from your target audience. It doesn’t matter whether you want to present a content from a conference sponsor or an individual topic-specific presentation of a company that is relevant for your target audience. In order to get new contacts, you can put informative online presentations on your website, which viewers can easily access after they fill in their contact information.
Since most searches rely on self-initiative when looking up specific themes on the internet, your company becomes an integral part of solving customer’s problems, which is the first step in creating customer loyalty.

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