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Presenter is a very interesting and creative online presentation maker app through which you can create simple presentations, demos, banners, etc. Presenter is a very simple to use and easy to understand app that comes with a very attractive interface. In order to start creating presentations, the users are first required to go through a simple registration process. Aurora3D Software offers special discounts for people purchasing on behalf of an education establishment or business. The features given to make presentations are quite creative and can serve as a replacement for PowerPoint.
You can add text, multiple slides, shapes, icons, images, audio and video files into your slides.

The app lets you choose banner size if you want to create a banner and choose theme for your infographics from a separate set.
When your order payment completed, the serial number will be send to your Email immediately. It means that you can get multiple copies at discount price – and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. The strong point of this online presentation maker is that it brings together all the engrossing tasks under one umbrella and provides a very fresh package to the users. The only difference between custom and presentation is that you get to choose from a different set of themes in both options. Users can individually select content in their project and add animations to every one of them.

You have to drag the icon, of the feature you want to use, on the canvas to upload images or media files. Basically, this website is an online presentation maker app that lets you create files with various available tools and publish & save them in your account.

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