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Omar tipped me off yesterday to a rather amazing presentation creator currently in private Beta called SlideRocket.
I tinkered around with it for quite awhile, and I was impressed with the number of features it includes. The thing that I enjoyed the most, however, would have to be the varying slide transitions that are available.
There is just one problem…there are too many of these darn online office applications out there!
My inquiring mind is now wondering that if a better online office suite emerges are you less inclined to use it if it’s not coming from someone that is well established? The Town of Coaldale is giving its residents an opportunity to learn more about the services the RCMP policing model will bring to Coaldale starting January 1, 2016.
The Commanding Officer, “K” Division, Marianne Ryan was joined by other senior officers to introduce the RCMP policing model to the community.
The Town will remain under a contract with the City of Lethbridge for the services provided by the LRPS until the end of 2015.
Town will contract seven RCMP officers with two additional support personnel, provided by the Town.

Representatives of the RCMP highlighted the anticipated service levels for the new Coaldale detachment which will share a building with the rural detachment which will be relocated from Lethbridge to Coaldale. The Town received approval from Alberta’s Solicitor General to withdraw from the services of the LRPS in June of this year.
Introduction to Product Presentation is an online professional development program that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to produce a range of displays and product presentations. This course is delivered completely ONLINE via our elearning system, with printed materials available for purchase (optional and subject to availability).
We usually give our moms, wives, or girlfriends flowers on Mother’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions.
It’s completely Flash-based, and the interface I would say is one of the best out of all the competing products. Not only can you upload media such as pictures and videos, but you can also search online sites such as Flickr and Yahoo for media to add to your presentation. In a few clicks you can search and add a famous quote, word definition, or Yahoo map to a presentation without ever leaving SlideRocket.
Following the presentation, a question and answer format provided residents with the opportunity to ask questions related to the policing model offered under the RCMP.

At the end of September the Town received a letter from the RCMP’s “K” Division outlining the steps required to transition to a new policing services for the Town and a snapshot of what the new detachment will bring to Coaldale. It involves applying visual display knowledge, safely maintaining and using a simple tool kit, and accessing and organising relevant materials and equipment. The op of the salad should be white in order to make a great background for yellow mimosa flower decoration.
It’s still quite limited at this point, but if they build up the number of plugins it would become a very attractive service. If I start creating all of my presentations with them how do I know that they’ll be here tomorrow? Construction on the new detachment building is expected to begin in 2016 with an opening in 2018. The top of the salad should be of light color (for instance, you can sprinkle grated boiled egg whites or grated cheese over the top of the salad).

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