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2014 Online presentations service Prezi secures $57MCloud presentation platform Prezi that has been gradually eating away at Microsofta€™s Powerpoint market share for the last few years, has secured a $57 million growth investment. Creating a presentation using Prezi is a matter of arranging and connecting text, images, and videos to tell a story.Working on the premise that presentations haven't changed enough in the 50 or so years since the slide was first invented, Prezi takes a radically different approach. To begin, you place ideas, images, and videos on a blank "canvas" in a way that naturally tells your story. Prezi Desktop software is available for PC, Mac, and Linux users with paid accounts, offering a way to create and save zooming presentations offline. Hands-on: For anyone accustomed to traditional presentation software, working with Prezi takes some mental reprogramming.
Much as the vast emptiness of a blank word processing screen can paralyze writers, the initial emptiness of the Prezi canvas felt intimidating at first. Prezia€™s interface gives you an overview of the presentations youa€™ve created.Prezi is an exciting and powerful tool for people seeking freedom from the restraints that traditional presentation software imposes, and for whom compatibility and exchange with PowerPoint or other tools isn't necessary. Best use for Prezi: Representing an exciting new paradigm for creating presentations, Prezi in many ways seems a lot more logical than the linear structure that most applications enforce today. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Prezi is distinguished by its Zooming User Interface (ZUI), which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation media.
Prezi is cloud-based, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. Publishing value-added content on variety of presentation websites can help you in keeping your clients informed, updated, and aware of information that is important to them. Rather than structuring presentations as a linear sequence of slides, it treats them as a unified whole that you can zoom in and out of at will. Next, you connect these elements by creating a deliberate, linear path that designates the order in which the elements will appear during your presentation. That edition comes with 100MB of storage but adds a small Prezi watermark to the resulting presentations, which are included on the site's public exploration area. We had a lot of fun playing around with the service, but we soon realized that it was going to be very difficult to compare with our other contenders. The absence of the enforced linear sequence also meant that we had to think a little more purposefully about what kinds of elements should be included, and where. If you prefer an imposed linear structure or need compatibility with existing formats, however, you may prefer a more traditional route. It's certainly a good choice if you're a free thinker frustrated with the linear format in other software, as well as if exchanging traditional presentation files with other people isn't a concern.

Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. This is part one, we will follow up with embedding and online business prezi deliveries)Today we have officially published major new features after a very exciting development session.These features are not just updates or new options you can choose, when creating a prezi.
Underlying Prezia€™s success to date has been its growing reputation amongst businesses which are using it to persuade clients, woo customers and train internally.
You can zoom in the focus of the presentation to explain a detail, or zoom it out to emphasize the big picture.
A version with 2000MB of storage and additional privacy, branding, and offline capabilities costs $159 per year. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. We have just stepped on a brand new road that offers a lot of new possibilities for everybody.Published prezi PageWhen founders Peter and Adam created Prezi, they wanted the author to stand in the spotlight live on stage, and the tool to stay in the background providing a remarkable visual aid to the speech.
They offer easily digestible snippets of content that break down communication problems and understanding. Due to the completely different paradigm it uses, however, Prezi can't import or export files from other presentation packages. Prezi  - initially meant to be a presentation tool, gradually grew into an online storytelling tool, with pages like Financial Times or Techcrunch embedding it to show content - eventually becoming a new medium. We have already mentioned that for executives and sales persons who often go to business meetings iPad can serve as a cool accessory to impress the client. But frankly speaking, nobody will demonstrate presentations on the iPad at these business meetings. Visitors can see other public prezis by you,  a selection of popular prezis, and advanced sharing tools a new embed feature that lets you fully customize the size and playback mode of your work. Besides using the tools below you may consider building a site using WordPress for presenting stuff online.
Choose simple navigation to roll through a prezi with single clicks anywhere on the embedded window, or free navigation that gives you the possibility to separately click objects and frames as well just as you were showing your prezi with the editor.
But at different exhibitions and conferences, where you can meet many partners and customers, iPad - is an ideal solution to show presentation on the go. WordPress gallery themes are great for photographers and designers showcasing their creations in an online portfolio. Every week, our system introduces a new selection of the most popular public prezis and publishes them in the showcase.
We have already reviewed Prezi - it's one of the most original and exciting services for online presentations. However a wordpress magazine theme is excellent if you have a log of content and many categories you want to showcase on the front page.

We also keep an eye on your work, select and pick prezis that we find most interesting every week. It's interesting that presentations are not saved on the tablet, but broadcasted from the Internet. None of these could have ever been created without your support, so thanks a lot for your comments, emails, posts and tweets about Prezi, and please keep on sharing your thoughts!What more is comingWe will roll out a new feature, where Pro and Enjoy customers can deliver, show a prezi to their clients, bosses, in a secure, very clean, non-branded no-logo format, using password protection, option to download, technical help, etc. It also doesn't allow to edit presentations - only to demonstrate.2009 Prezi - fresh look at the Web presentationsWhen it comes to presentations, the minimalist style, that is usually more appropriate to business applications - not works so fine.
It's coolest feature is that the entire presentation is placed on one large virtual board, and its demonstration - is navigation on this board with dynamic scaling.You can add and position text, media content and design elements on this board.
Then you create a route - connect the elements in the order (and scale) you want them to display. However, during the presentation you can easily change the route and the scale and freely browse the presentation.
All this looks very dynamic and effective.Presentations can be demonstrated on the Internet or download it on your laptop and show offline. And you can create presentations in online account or in a special desktop application (available only in paid accounts).
There are also collaboration features - you can share presentations with co-workers.Free account provides 100 MB disk space and allows to create only public presentations. The purpose of this product – on-line demonstrating of PowerPoint presentations and images in popular formats.
Once downloaded (note: Doxwox should be downloaded by EACH meeting participant), the presentation starts literally in a few seconds. DOXWOX was designed as an alternative to telephone conference calls at which PowerPoint presentations are being presented and discussed; however, online broadcasting helps you to avoid that famous question “Where are we??” as Doxwox gets mutiple users on the same page at the same time.
Its multi-tab interface allows switching by just a click between multiple presentations and sets of images without starting a new presentation. Maybe there are others that would just be painstakingly slow with low-speed internet connection?Reply Violet Jenkins March 16, 2011 at 8:06 pmThis list is awesome and so comprehensive. Really helpful list for commercial purpose.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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