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Ask five business professionals what an online presentation is, and you may well get five different answers. An online presentation is a type of content that brings the traditional business presentation (typically Microsoft PowerPoint) to an anytime, anywhere environment online.
Online slide decks: These are the most widely used but least sophisticated online presentation medium.
Narrated audio presentations: Adding synchronized audio narration to presentation slides represents a substantial step up in online presentation experience. Interactive video presentations: As engaging as audio-narrated presentations are, nothing compares to the total multimedia experience of the interactive video presentation. Each type of online presentation has its strengths and benefits and, therefore, should be part of a content creation portfolio.
The online presentations we cover in this website, on the other hand, are durable pieces of content that can be edited, revised, enhanced, updated, and accessed anytime, anywhere, and on-demand from a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices. Knowledgevision reduced our cost per hour of online learning content created from about $3000 to about $150. SlidePresenter is also there, with our knowledgeable experience, to help at any point during your lead generation campaign!
Case StudiesRead our case studies and learn how our customers are succesfully employing SlidePresenter. WebinarView a live demo of SlidePresenter's corporate training application in one of our free webinars?
Did one of the important attendees not make it to the presentation that you delivered yesterday?
I’ll look at three such options here, and then tell you more about how you could upload your PowerPoint to YouTube as well.
AuthorStream is a new entrant, and although it does not compare in features to SlideShare, it does have its share of unique features. And if you want to make videos from your PowerPoint presentations free of cost, you can do that with nothing other than what’s included with every version of Windows XP or Vista. A new survey of B2B marketers shows that online presentations have broken into the list of top ten content marketing tactics--used more frequently than webinars and webcasts, infographics, research reports, ebooks, and 13 other tactics polled.
The new capabilities of today's cutting-edge online presentation platforms are clearly starting to turn marketers' heads. Online presentations have taken their place among top content marketing tactics used by business-to-business marketers, according to just-released joint research from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.
The highly-respected content marketing benchmarks survey, which included responses from 1,217 business-to-business marketers in North America, showed a continued increase in both the use and perceived effectiveness of content marketing. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Presentation software tools can be used to make dynamic presentations for either online or in-person viewing.
Business people today may find it hard to imagine the days when slide projectors and cardboard graphics were the main tools available for presentations on sales, manufacturing or any other business topic. Giving effective online presentations is as basic a business skill as balancing a checking account. Online presentation software allows business people to create presentations in the form of a slide show, which can be controlled and paced by the presenter. But the software also can be used to deliver and store a presentation via the Internet, where audience members can access it at their convenience. Todaya€™s software also allows the presentation author to incorporate traditional text and images into their message. In this article, wea€™ll talk about creating online presentations, including how to use screen and video capture software to make your presentations more effective. From science to culture to tech and beyond, get essential stories and videos straight to your inbox.
Software programs like PowerPoint let users create slide presentations to emphasize points. PowerPoint allows the presenter to create a series of panels -- similar to slides -- which can hold text, graphics, hyperlinks, spreadsheets, digital photos, video or sound, and animation.
Once the author has assembled the presentation, he can give it live in a meeting using a computer-screen projector.
That same vice president, however, could also choose to skip the travel and place the presentation online. By converting the files to HTML, a PowerPoint presentation can be placed for download on a company's Internet or intranet site, where it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Other options for using the Internet to make the presentation available include sending it directly to audience members via e-mail or broadcasting it live over the Internet using a microphone and digital camera. The PowerPoint files also can easily be converted to XPS or PDF files, which makes them sharable across a wide variety of platforms.
To view these presentations, visitors simply have to enter their contact information into a form. You can then send anyone a link to your presentation, and they can view it online in an embedded page. It’s interface is cleaner, and they also provide a free PowerPoint plug-in that bundles in free PowerPoint to Flash conversion on the desktop.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. It is dedicated to advancing the art and science of online presentationsState of the art online presentation platforms like KnowledgeVision go where the viewers are, adapting to the screen dimensions and capabilities of mobile devices.Online Presentations for Dummies is a complete guide to using online presentations as a new communications medium.

Software such as Microsoft PowerPoint have not only changed how presentations are created, but also how they're presented. Such presentations can be stored on a computer hard drive or disc for the presenter to access in person, live in front of the intended audience.
But they also allow the presenter to use more advanced media, such as video capture software and screen capture software to bring digital video images and animation into play.
Presenters are limited only by creativity and their judgment as to the appropriateness of each of these features.
In this way, PowerPoint can be used to augment points, entertain an audience and bring cohesive understanding to a subject in the traditional meeting setting. The author also can turn the presentation itself into a Web site that contains files necessary to display the presentation in any Web browser.
Also, a new, compressed Microsoft Office PowerPoint XML format reduces the file size and offers big advantages in terms of storage and bandwidth requirements.
The visitor then has the benefit of viewing your presentations for free and you are able to generate valuable leads from your target audience.
That’s not as far fetched as it may sound – and you need not even email him your PowerPoint! You register and become a member, log-in, upload your PowerPoint, add keywords, and then retrieve a link to your online presentation.
And Google Docs can make creating and giving Internet presentations fun and simple, allowing the business associate to imprint his individuality into the process. Another advantage is that such presentations are highly reliable and portable, which would assist, for example, a vice president tasked with making the same marketing presentation at several outlying offices.
It doesn’t matter whether you want to present a content from a conference sponsor or an individual topic-specific presentation of a company that is relevant for your target audience. The software and those who use it have at times received criticism for putting the presentation's flashy nature over the message's importance [source: Manage Smarter].
As management consultant Abhay Padgaonkar reports, PowerPoint users must know and understand their audience to craft an appropriate presentation. In order to get new contacts, you can put informative online presentations on your website, which viewers can easily access after they fill in their contact information.
Since most searches rely on self-initiative when looking up specific themes on the internet, your company becomes an integral part of solving customer’s problems, which is the first step in creating customer loyalty.

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