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Here are my top five top tips for creating online promotional video content for your business which will help you to engage with customers and generate new business. I would of course recommend engaging a professional production company to produce your online promotional video.
There’s a lot of talk about video content going viral and reaching millions of viewers in a very short period of time. However, you can certainly increase your chances of your video content going viral within a target market sector.
Whilst there are plenty of places you can host your online promotional video these days the one that is going to help you most in achieving better SEO is YouTube – because it is part of Google and used by them in search returns. Once you have your online promotional video up on YouTube you need to spread the word about it. Finally, make sure you tell all your existing clients, suppliers, colleagues and friends about it and ask them what they think and to ‘Like’ it if they do. If you have read this far then you’ve already realised that producing an online promotional video would be a great idea for your business. If you want to produce an online promotional video, but don’t have the time or inclination to learn the basic skills, then maybe it’s time to bring in the professionals who can do it all for you. I’ve just completed a website promo film for another BBC Apprentice winner, Ricky Martin, for his specialist recruitment company HRS (Hyper Recruitment Solutions) based in Loughton, Essex. Not only do HRS recognise the huge importance of commissioning a website promo film as part of their general marketing activities but also the major role that video plays in efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Not only that but a well produced and properly indexed website promo film will drive more relevant visitors to your website – and keep them there longer. The video was shot in the Video Artisan edit suite against a chroma key background and superimposed Ricky over a stock office shot from iStock.
The instant success of this website promo film has inspired HRS to commission more video content for their website going forward. Also keep an eye on my blog for news on more work we’ve produced for BBC Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau and his amazing Stylfile collection.
Video Artisan - the video production company of choice for your next business film or video media project.
Promotional Video - Corporate Video Production - Web & YouTube video - Training Films - Product launch Promos - Event filming - Multi & Single-camera Conference Coverage - Video Blogging - Video Search Engine Optimisation - Format Conversions and Duplication - Freelance Videography - Freelance Cameraman - Freelance Editor. Only 30-minutes from Central London and Stansted Airport – 5-minutes from Britain’s Motorway Network – 1-minute from the beauty of Epping Forest. Chris Yacoubian’s life was on an exciting, but exhausting, path until a twist of fate inspired him to make a change. Copyright NoticeUnless otherwise stated, all images, graphics, videos and text on this website are copyright of 'Kevin Cook' trading as 'Video Artisan' (see contact section for details). It is not enough to just add a video to your web site and then sit back and wait for the success of your online marketing campaign. Some marketers just grab a cam coder or a video recorder, record anything they like to record, edit it and add the video to their web site.
Promotional videos can cater to the needs of direct marketing, where the online marketing objective is to directly promote a product or a brand and to promote sales. These videos are usually aimed at triggering a direct action of purchase. Educational videos are indirect marketing sources, usually aimed at marketing objectives to increase customer trust and enhance company?s reliability. Viral videos are again indirect marketing videos aimed to promote the company and to reach to a masses of audience. Hence, once you are committed to making video part of your corporate marketing strategy, as a prudent marketer you need to still ask yourself a number of questions such as aims and objectives of your marketing campaign that will help you in choosing which kind of video you want to produce.
Although all of these types have potential to generate traffic to your website and improve your bottom line however there are risks and rewards for each kind of video, Hence as a marketer you need to be clever at harnessing that impact and using it to your advantage. In the next few paragraphs we will discuss all these video types in detail and will discuss the key challenges the marketers can face while using these videos to market their products and services online. The culture of viral marketing can be attributed to the initial days of the very first social network mediums which were actually interactive networks where people used to interact with each other to share jokes, views and power point presentations etc.
Due to its extreme interactivity these mediums soon become popular among masses of people, providing businesses an opportunity to use these mediums to market their selves and their products. Even before that the use of viral videos was vastly registered on Youtube, the most widely used source which is being visited by millions of online visitors daily to search videos for any kind of information they want. Online marketers soon clutched this opportunity and started posting videos in order to get the message viral.
However, there are several factors to consider if your objective is to go through viral marketing. A viral video varies from the other types of online marketing video in terms of it’s location. Few online marketers fear embedding a viral video on external sites as once a video is embedded outside the company?s site the company totally loses control over it for example there is no control on the surrounding text, the surrounding pictures and ads. If you allow your video to be watched anywhere, you have to consider that viewers may see your logo and messaging put adjacent with less savory images etc. It is also very difficult to track the success of viral videos as you can?t identify whether your video reached your target audience or not.
However, if your video is hosted on a video sharing site like YouTube, you can review the comments your video receives to get an idea of the level of “buzz” your viral video have generated, however it is still difficult to identify its impact on driving online traffic to your website. Hence this is why viral video is best suited for online marketing campaigns aimed to create brand –building and buzz-making and to reach to masses of audience.
As we have learned that marketing through viral videos is surrounded by increased uncertainty, it appears much safer to manage video with more tangible goals. Promotional videos are usually goal oriented and the most important thing for an online marketer is to identify the goals of the site and then develops appropriate video accordingly. For example if you are promoting a new product in your website than the promotional video can be something that shows the viewers how to use the product demonstrating product attributes etc. Like any other kind of video, a promotional video should be an engaging experience drawing viewers in and helping them to spend more time on the site. It is essential that the goal of the video must be aligned with the goal for the page the video sits in to ensure that there is a clear path for the visitor to follow.
Unlike viral videos, the success of promotional video is easier to access as it directly raises your websites viewership. Also by hosting consumer feed backs and reviews on your web sites can improve reliability and develop trust in visitors and trigger action. Adding videos that educate and shows viewers how to use the product can help the prospective customer to understand will and he might decide instantly to buy the product Hence promotional videos can have a direct impact on the popularity of your website, your sales and off-course your revenues.
Good videos can prove to be a real differentiator for your company against your competitors. If a visitor learns everything he needs from you, and is convinced, he is more likely to come back and become a consumer.

It is no wonder why more and more companies are focusing on promotional videos as they are most likely to provide a return on their investment. In addition to that it is also essential to discuss here that another variety of promotional videos are conversion videos. The call to action can be added in any part of the video such as it can be part of the script, part of the visual, part of the player or any combination of the three.
Other kinds of educational videos are customer targeted or customer oriented videos that are aimed to provide several general questions that may arise in the mind of your target customers and hence these videos act as proactive solution of their queries.
This is why educational videos are usually considered to be a form of indirect online marketing techniques. There are a number of reasons for adding educational videos online as they can help you achieve multiple goals. That means unlike viral and promotional videos, your educational video doesn?t have to be quite as tightly focused on a single goal.
Education videos can be added to several locations within your websites and off-company website places. Apart from that other general educational videos can be uploaded to your video blogs, or can be used efficiently through e-mail marketing. Also online marketers who use article marketing as part of their online marketing can develop educational videos related to the content if the article and then place the articles on famous online marketing sites that will help marketers to attract potential customers to the company?s websites. We mentioned earlier that primarily an educational video is there to educate and to raise awareness. Visitors to your site who move beyond the landing page and begin to delve deeper into everything your site has to offer may be looking for more information. Educational videos are also significant as they can take the strain away from your customer support team.
Also usually online visitors if find any queries usually doesn?t bother to ask questions and leave the site but if these videos are already available to support them, it can even prove to more satisfying with the customer feeling they were able to get the answer they wanted in a format they are at ease with. Educational videos can help to build a relationship of trust and develops a mentor-mentee relationship between the site and its visitors and improve customers? loyalty and trust.
Key points to consider: An online marketer should consider the following crucial points while incorporating an educational video to their online marketing campaign.
It is essential to note that online marketers should normally restrain from using direct sales messages in educational video. The success of educational video cannot be measured on the basis of attracting or driving traffic to your websites as it is not directly aimed at reaching to masses. Educational videos usually carries high production costs than other forms of videos due to its complexity of information. In the next blog post we will discuss the various types of videos and explore that what type is suitable for various forms of online marketing. About Latest Posts Follow MeReinaldo LopezReinaldo Lopez is a blogger, serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant who specializes in online marketing strategies and helping affiliate marketers by leveraging proven sales techniques and funnels.
When you start the game for the very first time, a name must be put (although it can be changed later).
To search for a fight, players are put into a queue where they will be paired against another player of a similar rank. Various serial codes to get cards will be added in future campaigns and certain physical products. You can change the resolution between various windows or directly full screen, as well as change the sound volume. Did you ever wondered how those neat looking professional videos with loads of typography or cool design graphics are produced ? Apart from the video maker, Make Web Video offers hosting for your created video and you can easily embed your video on your website. If you are not satisfied with the result, your payment will be refunded or you can try to make another video.
In each scene you can change the text just by editing a text field or change the colors of the characters or objects in the scene with a color picker.
The Vernon Area Public Library District (VAPLD) in Lincolnshire, Illinois, is engaging with its patrons in a really fun way to promote this year’s Summer Reading Club (SRC) theme: Read to the Rhythm. Summer Reading Club 2015 – Read to the Rhythm from Vernon Area Public Library on Vimeo.
The video itself took approximately two months to make, from the initial concept to the finished product. At this point, it was time to storyboard, which turns out to be the most important element of making a great, professional-looking video. For more creative shots, we used duct tape and taped our camera to a library cart for stability.
One caveat of making a quality music track and music video is that you do need to have at least one person on your team who is comfortable working with or learning to work with iMovie and GarageBand. is the companion website to the bi-monthly print publication “Public Libraries,” the official magazine of the Public Library Association. PL and PLonline are the only industry publications focused entirely on public libraries and public librarians.
Here's the newest promotional video for Ultraman X featuring the Xio team and Ultraman X in action courtesy of Tsuburaya's youtube channel.
All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only.
Having video on your business website has become a vital part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
But I’m equally aware that some companies and organisations might prefer to start off by producing their own content in-house – if only as a proof of concept. Decide what you want your online promotional video to achieve and don’t waste a second of your film deviating from it. Whilst this often happens with funny or current news clips on YouTube, gathering viral momentum for an online promotional video is extremely challenging. The simplest way to make your target audience to want to share your online promotional video it will have to be full of valuable information and of sector-wide relevance or interest. The first stage of this is to embed the YouTube version on the main splash page of your site – and enable it to play within that webpage. However, the problem with great ideas is that they’re useless unless you put them into action.
Online marketers need to understand the logics of video marketing if they need to have effective online presence to compete in  today?s market place. As competition grew, the demand for content grew, and marketers started crafting attractive and eye catching videos in order to make them go viral. Viral videos can only perform best when they are embedded to places other than the company?s site.

You might get a high number of views but it is not enough to consider the number of views only.
Discreet marketers can use the videos to do things that other competitors in your market may not provide. Conversion videos as the name suggests are videos that can bring or convert the online viewers towards the company?s websites. These are quite similar to promotional videos especially in content, however one essential ingredient of a conversion video is it should carry a clear call to action. Conversion videos are again a perfect source of bringing traffic to your website and trigger sales. These usually carry general information regarding any latest research or event and usually don?t necessarily sit only on your homepage.
By linking your videos to any part of your online support page for example to an FAQ can help answer some of the questions that would otherwise have to be asked to a customer representative. They are more correctly targeted to specific customers at different stages in the sales cycle. In the next blog post we will discuss in detail how online videos can serve one or more business objectives. Online" is an upcoming digital online card game released first in English language for Windows PC. Then, you will be invited to go through a set of four tutorials to teach you about the basics of Vanguard, as well as the controls of this game. The download will be a watermark free MP4 and WEBM file that you can upload to Youtube, Facebook and your website. Three Youth Services Librarians, including myself, were on the SRC promotional video team and we decided that a current hit would be a good way to engage all ages. We also recorded more footage than we needed in order to ensure that we had enough material to work with.
All else being equal, a website that includes video content will rank higher than one without video.
The following five tips should help these organisations in the process and enable them to start harnessing the power of video on their website.
Our attention spans have become extremely short and you will lose an audience the moment you stop engaging them.
Only add humour to your video if you are confident that it will not offend anyone – and only if it’s actually funny and not just to you! Think if what your intended audience is searching for on Google use that within the title and also within the additional description. You should then share the news about your video through all your online social and business networking channels and post copies there if you can. If you are still determined to produce the film yourself then start by writing out your script and then set about planning the shooting and editing stage.
If you are at this stage then please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. XY zoom was applied to this background image to match the cuts from the medium to close shots. Here are some great tipsRiya on Search Engine Optimization – Is your website seo friendly ?
After completing (or skipping) a tutorial once, you get a predetermined Trial Deck from that tutorial.
I always though they were made in Flash and it seemed incredibly hard to animate them so well. Creating a promotional business video for your company, website or an upcoming event has never been easier. The templates are organized ins categories, such as “Explainer Videos”, “Cartoon Videos”, “Text-only Videos”, “Corporate Videos” and much more.
What we came up with was an SRC promotional video that parodied Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars. Once you know the basics, you’re ready to make a promotional video that engages the library staff and your patrons.
There is no minimum time an online promotional video should run for so if you can get your message over in a few seconds then do.
Also, always use YouTube’s tagging facility to its maximum capacity with both long and short word descriptions of your content and the audience it’s aimed at. If you are a complete video-novice there are plenty of free online resources that will cover the basics of how to shoot and edit video.
Newer cards will NOT be added at the same time as its real physical release, due to the amount of time it takes to program and test those cards. Within the first few days of our soft opening, we registered over one thousand people, including a large number of adults and teens. Youth Services Librarians are known for their creativity and silliness, and our crew is no different.
We had an idea of how to visualize the video based off our lyrics and then combined moments similar to the original music video. By gently reminding them that “it’s for the children” and by bringing donuts for all participants as friendly bribery. It was and, well, it still is a special production software that’s actually available online and is not all that hard as I thought before. We knew what main points we wanted to cover and filled in the lyrics to go with the original melody.
We used the library’s camera, a tripod, and iMovie and GarageBand on our library’s Macbooks to do the film and soundtrack editing. We filmed for an hour before the library opened one morning, and for an hour after the library closed one night, with all participating staff paid for their time (something we had discussed with all of our department heads ahead of time). Don’t be tempted to include copyright music on your online promotional video as YouTube will detect it and will often remove content altogether. The qualitative response overall has been fantastic, including an enthusiastic thumbs up from our library board.
We then recorded our lyrics on GarageBand and used a karaoke version of “Uptown Funk” as the main track.
It was also a great way to incite collaboration within all the different departments at the library.

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