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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Porter's work is recognized by many governments, corporations and academic circles globally. Harvard Business School's program dedicated for newly appointed CEOs of very large corporations. Myntra was a very intelligent move by Flipkart done to overcome the competition given by Myntra. Earlier this week, for the first time ever retailers reportedly racked up online retail sales in excess of $1 billion on Cyber Monday (the name given to the Monday after Thanksgiving when shoppers return to work and shop from their computers). As the chart below demonstrates, online retail sales have nearly tripled since the early 1990’s from under 3% to almost 9% and quickly on the way to 10%.
As more retail sales migrate to the internet, shopping center owners will no doubt face some stiff headwinds but among the losers will be a good number of winners. Ross Moore is the Colliers International’s Chief Economist with a focus on providing bottom-up and top-down analysis of commercial real estate markets across the United States.

Disclaimer: All blog entries on this site are the opinion of the author and not those of either Colliers International - Houston or Colliers International (collectively, "Colliers"). July 29, 2014 by RBDretail Leave a Comment If you’ve seen some of the new ways that retailers are changing things, the next wave in retail seems to be online sales and offline delivery. While still just a fraction of total retail sales, at 10% it is no longer a distribution channel that retailers can ignore. In addition to his North America wide reports, Ross also authors all global research produced by Colliers. Colliers neither endorses, sponsors nor necessary shares the opinions of the author, regardless of whether any blog is posted by any employee, officer, agent, or representative of Colliers. Think about stories you’ve seen about grocery stores that allow you to shop online and then have your groceries delivered, or Amazon’s experimentation with delivery drones. Clearly online retail is gaining momentum but just how significant is this form of e-commerce and what are the implications for real estate?
Indeed, it is now the exception to find a retailer that isn’t utilizing this form of commerce as a way to sell their products.

Colliers has not authorized or verified any statement of fact made in a blog, and any such statement does not constitute a statement of fact by Colliers.
Bad retail real estate has always struggled, and online sales growth will exacerbate that trend. Colliers is not responsible for the monitoring or filtering of any blog, nor does Colliers claim ownership or control over any blog content.
Such a duel-prong strategy makes sense from a retailer’s point of view, but what does this mean for owners of real estate? The big beneficiary will of course be industrial real estate; no matter where consumers purchase their goods, they must be manufactured and warehoused somewhere. Most certain to be in demand will be industrial real estate near key distribution hubs that can service a wide geographic region.

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