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Most everybody in the industry agrees that people purchase (anything) based on a human emotion.
We also know that there is an explicit difference between what we need versus what we want. Most of the time, and if they are any good, they place emotional copy, triggers and ads in front their target audience to make you buy now, and think later. About jon rognerudEntrepreneur Magazine says Jon Rognerud is one of the most sought-after SEO and Digital Marketing Experts for Small Business. Now let’s say at the end of the month all of this effort brought in 36,000 visits and 25 conversions for a total eCourse sales volume of $10,000. In the graph above you see our member had a total of 25 sales spread across all of their efforts.
As you’ll see below, referral traffic lead to 8 out of 25 conversions which is 32% of all sales. Here we have an interesting case because we only had 1 eCourse sale through social (drilling deeper I can see it came from YouTube). FREE ECOURSE GROWTH TUTORIALWatch our free 30 minute eCourse growth video tutorial by signing up below. If you have a course ready to be sold but you have no clue how to set up the ecommerce to handle payment or how to install the Learning Management System (LMS) required to teach students online then let us help .
It’s pretty simple.  Let me help by breaking it down for you in as basic a set of instructions as I can create.
Sounds pretty easy right?  It is…it’s always us that makes it hard.  Watch the video below where I share a few tips on how to increase online sales using video.
These days, startups are using cloud-based business apps to store tools for virtually all of their needs.
At my company, we rely on Salesforce, the poster child for online relationship management tools. Out of the hundreds of subscription tools to help your sales and marketing efforts, here are my top five recommendations.
Get Satisfaction, a Software as a Service (SaaS)-delivered helpdesk application, gives my company a simple way to manage incoming customer questions while simultaneously building a vibrant community.
Get Satisfaction can give your customers (and prospects) a place to discuss your product around the clock.
Beyond customer service, the app has also proven to be a useful tool for sourcing and evaluating demand for customer-requested features. LivePerson is a sales tool for connecting with potential customers at the critical discovery stage. For most online service providers, it's critical to convert visitors and free trial users into paying customers as efficiently as possible. One of the benefits of using Salesforce as a CRM platform is that other tools play nicely with its data and interface.
Strategy maps are diagrams that allow you to quickly visualize the performance of your balanced scorecards. The main idea is that each objective in your balanced scorecard is represented by a shape, usually oval or square. If you're interested in simply displaying KPIs rather than managing strategy, Dash is a fantastic option. Conduct a SWOT Analysis by accessing competitor traffic behaviour databases. Analyse your competitor's websites, content,calls to action and traffic driving activities. Taking the Internet Search and Competitor Analysis and integrating it into the business marketing strategies will allow you to develop an action plan for your business growth strategies plan.

Using the web, through advanced web behaviour design methodologies, “eyeball” your clients online so your site goes beyond a brochure. By integrating all of your offline activities, you will be able to measure the individual effects of your offline campaigns as part of the bigger picture. Staying in touch with the people in your database is the key to revenue and profit success.
Detailed analytics and business intelligence becomes your hub for marketing, sales and other business decisions.
Sales and advertising companies and their executives know you better than you know yourself, it seems. The EBM framework for successful sales is where you should place your focus in 2013 and beyond. You might be building landing pages and great content using various content marketing strategies. Not bad right. Splitting our time between social, SEO and referral traffic seemed to work great.
This of course let’s them refine their efforts and ensures higher sales volume next month.
So in terms of spending time on getting mentions and links on strong websites and blogs in your niche, this seems to be a good way to spend your time. This data is interesting because although this is where they received the bulk of their eCourse sales from, the conversion rate is actually lower than the site’s average. Now, if the member was spending their time equally on all activities (SEO, social, referral traffic) then this data would clearly indicate that it’s time to re-prioritize and re-strategize or dump social marketing all together. While Salesforce is an excellent cloud-based option, it can’t be all things to all businesses. As an added bonus, Get Satisfaction helps with SEO, as all of the conversation can organically improve search rankings. Every visitor who spends more than one minute on your designated landing pages is offered the chance to chat with your live representative, in real time, about your product.
You can see what page they’re reading, how many pages they’ve viewed, from which source they arrived (SEO, SEM or referral), their time zone, browser and more.
While you may have a website built for conversion, there are always improvements to be made.
The app splits web traffic into test groups, and provides real-time reporting on how those groups are performing. However, virtually all of the new cloud services need a subscription management system to meter, price and bill their customers. The information is integrated into Salesforce and seamlessly carries through to billing and renewal. Though we acquire our customers through numerous channels, organic search traffic is highly valued. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
These shapes are then grouped by perspective and lines are drawn to show the cause and effect chain. They come with all of the dashboards you need, and allow you to manage your team with advanced permissions and the convenience of centralized billing. This will allow you to estimate return based on how many people are actually searching for your products and services. By profiling your competitors' positioning, you then need to uniquely position yourself so you are the only obvious choice to your target market.

Free and Paid Search Engine Traffic are only two of the 27 high level strategies you can use to drive traffic to your web site. This helps you make better decisions on the return from your print, radio and TV marketing budget. If you haven’t got one – then you'll need to build one, filled with a qualified target market looking for your products and services. Your database is the core of your constant contact email marketing program.
Use educational material to keep in constant contact and make you irresistible to your market. Powerful analytics goes beyond “reporting” and gives you detailed insights into how you are interacting with your market, enabling you to make fact based decisions.
Apart from executing over 500 possible, proven marketing strategies, you will need to build cash management, leadership and resource effectiveness skills. Use Web Analytics to efficiently focus sales efforts through an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and drive opportunities to closure. This enables you to improve what works, stop what doesn’t work and continually grow profit and shareholder value.
You’ll also likely be active in social communities like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
Data analysis is one thing, but knowing what that data means, and then taking action based on your findings are two totally different things. But in fact, if we look closer, we’ll see this particular member is not spending enough time on this activity. If, and only if, after spending enough time on the platform they find the traffic from social less valuable then it would be time to make a decision on which activities to engage more in and which activities to engage in less.
Best of all, they help the company reach and exceed its sales goals so that it can deliver quality products. The LivePerson widget can be installed on any page where you foresee a customer might need assistance -- in my company's case, we currently focus on our features and pricing pages.
And LivePerson integrates directly with Salesforce, allowing companies to evaluate whether the individual is a paying customer or a previous trial user. For example – you may have a new advertising opportunity to potentially build more profitable business. An Optimizely subscription starts at $79 per month -- a no-brainer for even the most bootstrapped of startups. With it, you can monitor how well your pages rank, your highest performing keywords and how to boost your site to the top of search results. Using analytics you will be able to test these at low to no cost first before committing to large investments.
At the end of the day, it’s a combination of all of these marketing activities that are driving traffic to your website and helping you convert that traffic into eCourse sales. Not only that, but referral traffic seems to stay around longer (avg time on site) and visits more pages.
But you need to know what traffic sources are helping you convert the most visitors into paying students. So this lets our member know that this is a marketing activity they should be spending more time on. But before we find out how much more time, we first need to find out how search traffic and social traffic stand up against this traffic source.

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