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In this post we have added 40 Best shopping cart logo design examples for your inspiration. Unlike many Western countries where numerous convenience stores are set up on almost every street corner, and most in a standardized form, the business of convenience store has by and large been an informal activity. Its appearance aim to satisfy a customer market segment who are in need of  grocery late at night or early in the morning. Nonetheless, convenience stores are essential and act as an emergency-aid for their urgent needs.
Since 2006, there are several chains of convenience stores in Vietnam, mostly seen in Ho Chi Minh City. The American franchised convenient store Circle K appeared in Vietnam in mid 2009 by GR International. They offer wide range of products from snacks, tobacco, hair care products, stationery, to fast food.
Family Mart, a franchise convenient store business from Japan, started its operation in Vietnam in Decmeber, 2009.
Prabhudev Konana has seen the future of retail stores, and it’s a racket — a tennis racket.At a big-box sporting goods store, the chair of the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management at the McCombs School of Business recently found a racket he wanted. Log in with Facebook to receive our email newsletter, and comment on articles written by The McCombs School faculty and staff.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our Favorite logo designs are mix mart, Life Style, Eco shopping, My Shopping cart, The Store and Great Buys. You will not only enjoy special group discounts but also customised options that is best for group travel. Price of goods in these stores is a little bit higher than the market but still affordable. After 2 years, Family Mart has increased its number of store to 18 which is still too small in comparison with the giant Shop & Go (70 stores).
Konana teaches in the Texas Executive Education program, featuring open enrollment, custom and certificate classes for executives and organization teams. To keep discussions on-topic and constructive, comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language. It offers a wide range of products: alcoholic beverages,confectionery, food, groceries, newspaper, etc. Realizing the potential of the retailing market in a bustling economy in Vietnam, GR International aims to offer customer a new way of shopping beside the traditional way of going to the market or supermarket.

Retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Fry’s Electronics are fighting back by meeting online prices and offering free or same-day shipping, both for products out of stock and those ordered from their websites.“Once you say you’re going to match the Internet price, there’s no incentive for the buyer to wait three days [and] pay shipping costs,” says Agarwal. There are over 2000 products in each Shop & Go store, both local and imported products. The researchers analyzed six years of stock prices for 64 dual-channel retailers – those that sell in both the real and the online worlds – and 11 that sell purely online.By comparing a retailer’s market value to its book value, they measured the premium that investors were placing on a firm’s intangibles – qualities like sales growth, research spending and marketing intensity. The more physical stores a retailer had, the greater the premium.“The market tends to value the dual channels higher,” says Konana.
Target allows them to return online orders to a store, but not to pick them up.Online vendors are also trying out new models.
Amazon offers same-day delivery and lets some customers pick up shipments from lockers at convenience stores. Meanwhile, behemoths like Walmart might exploit their economies of scale and distribution networks to underprice the Amazons.Ultimately, he adds, many physical stores might turn into display stores for online sales. There’s no option.”This article is the first in a two-part Texas Enterprise series about the intersection of traditional retail and e-commerce.

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