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As we all know, eLearning is widely used in today’s rapidly changing business environment to train employees. Simulations allow the learner to practice as well as learn the concept in virtual environment.
Simulations can be developed using authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Flash, Lectora, Camtasia, Viewlet and many more.
To derive the maximum advantage and help your learners utilize the tools effectively, I would like to share some proven tips.
Audio is an important element in simulations, and any ‘imbalance’ between the use of audio and on-screen text will ruin the course. Characters help involve the learner in a social experience, and to make an effective virtual environment. By keeping these above tips in mind, you can design effective and interactive simulations to impart first-rate software training. When we look at organizations worldwide, most of them use online tools such as SAP, HRIS workday, service tools, and so on to manage their operations. E-learning helps provide global training, which enhances employees’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to solve the complexities of implementing the software. There may be many challenges that may have to be addressed before initiating new training and before meeting the timelines for the same. Now it is quite clear that with a tight schedule and an impending training need, the best medium is e-learning.
After choosing the mode of training, it is essential to take a step ahead to understand whether the courses would be created by the internal teams or outsourced to another e-learning company. Employees should be oriented on the need to get trained on the new software and how it helps them perform their tasks easily. Developing ‘how to’ videos and marking key messages for the learners to learn makes the course more engaging.
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We design brilliant eCommerce website that will not only help you to sell your products online, but will make the shopping process easy for your customers.
We design user-friendly and robust portals for Matrimonial, Community, Classifieds, Travel, Job or Real Estate and more. Along with great design, we create a fully flash made website with cool animations and interactive navigation.. We provide perfect discussion forum on your website that will engage your website visitors in conversation, allow them to post topics, responses, involve them in online discussions. Let’s see how we can design effective eLearning courses to impart training on software applications.
A “watch-try-do” strategy is used, where he can watch the steps involved in working with the software application, try the steps with ‘online guidance’ and finally, attempt to perform the task on their own. There must be synchronization between the audio and the on-screen text to make successful software training courses.
Characters in simulations act as perfect guides for the learner and also serve as instruction to the learner. These tools help companies to align and synchronize their operations globally with just a single click. Also, training may have to be delivered across locations and this may not be feasible with classroom training. In this case, an online course may be created with the updated software that highlights the significant changes.

It makes learning more interactive and fun-filled and improves organizational productivity. Your customers get impressed by seeing your product and services which is displayed beautifully and creatively.
Here we have web site designers who have minimum 3 years of Industry experience and who are aware of the trendy designing.
Business organizations implement various software applications to make their work easier and stress-free, but employees often complain that the tool is not user friendly. The text should be presented in the form of callouts to explain specific features of the software. However, these tools may not be as easy to use as stated because they need to be adopted by the employees and this requires a cultural shift. So, e-learning is an ideal medium to deliver excellent training on new software applications within a short span of time. These courses serve as training sessions and act as quick references for those learners who may be stuck and not know how to proceed while using the new software. Also, a good design compels your website visitors to explore your website further and much deeper. This has led to performance backslide because by the time employees get used to an existing software and start using it, it is upgraded and they may have to start off all over again. An online training should be provided that demonstrates the uses of the new software with its benefits. Online training helps learners to have a hands-on experience and also perform consistently. Or is it better to outsource the project to a reliable e-learning company with expert designers and developers who create and develop the course within the set timeframe? The only way to keep your customers engaged and increase your sale is good content, easy-to-use features and exciting offers.
Any new training may be rolled out quickly and the employees may go through training and complete the course.
If yes, then, e-learning is the right option for you, as you may be stress free while courses on new software are developed by the e-learning company. The best thing about our designing team is they are always ready to provide with endless ideas and possibilities.
If you require any creative assistance, they are here to assist you with proper suggestion.

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