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I went through their entire course content and faculty details and found to be a good fit for anyone starting their career in software testing field or professionals who want to upgrade their skills by learning advanced software testing techniques and latest trends in software testing.
Experienced testing professionals who want to upgrade their skills with advanced practical knowledge. I verified training and material quality and then only decided to recommend it for STC readers. El Software Testing es una de las fases mas importantes del desarrollo de software, pues esta asegura que el software sea entregado segun su especificacion y que sea adecuado para su uso. Se desarrolla bajo un enfoque practico, para entender desde la primera clase como usar herramientas de software para la gestion del Testing, acompanado de la teoria correspondiente y de ejercicios practicos.
Incluye formacion en testing en metodologias cascada (waterfall) y agiles, indicadores y metricas de testing. Se mostrara el alcance de algunas herramientas que permiten la gestion del Testing: Redmine, Testlink, Mantis, Bstriker, entre otras. Formacion integral: La propuesta le otorga al participante conocimientos detallados de todos los aspectos y etapas que componen el ciclo de vida de Software Testing, desde las especificaciones y diseno de casos, hasta el reporte de defectos e informes de cierre. Aprender haciendo por medio de casos practicos: A lo largo del curso se presentaran ejemplos concretos y casos practicos, que colocaran en contexto al participante. Configuracion de entornos: Promediando la mitad de la formacion, se ira preparando un entorno de trabajo para el Trabajo Practico Final que requiere una cierta configuracion de ambiente (Xampp, Bitnami). Metodologias de desarrollo de software en cascada y agiles: Metodologias de Software Testing bajo esquema de cascada y tambien con metodologias agiles. Articulos, Plantillas, Ejemplos, Casos de Estudio, Resenas de Libros y mucho mas, completamente gratis.
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This FAQ for QA pros explains what's involved in automated software testing from writing scripts to understanding what tests should remain manual. Software testing -- assuring the quality of applications before they are released into production -- revolves around three factors: cost, quality and time, according John Scarpino, a career QA director and adjunct professor at Robert Morris University, in Pittsburgh. The goal, of course, is always to decrease the cost and time software testing requires, while maintaining application quality.
This FAQ tells QA professionals what they need to know to get started with automated software testing. Automated software testing is an alternative to manual testing, where software tools, not human testers, execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production. Most organizations that undertake automated testing projects do so because their current approach has fallen short in some way.
Whatever the cause, automated software testing projects get underway when the test organization has essentially reached its capacity. Agile test expert Lisa Crispin recommends starting with unit tests, because they produce the highest return on investment. Francino and Crispin, among many other test experts, believe Mike Cohn's test automation pyramid provides a good guideline for determining which tests to automate first. While some aspects of user interface testing can automated, no automated test in the world can validate whether the application actually looks good, said Chris McMahon. McMahon recommends automated UI testing for simple things such as checking that users have access to page elements they need.
Test expert Vasudeva Naidu believes about 70% of software testing can be successfully automated, while 30% should remain manual. The first thing to understand, said Crispin, is that automating tests involves writing code just as software development does. Also crucial to understand is that using automated testing tools is a bad idea if you're not yet expert at testing. Automated software testing projects don't end when teams have mastered the process, said Agile test expert Bob Galen.
This Editor's Choice for Innovation focuses on Sequence, an "iBPMS" workflow management platform.
Using an offshore team can save time and money, but if used ineffectively, they can cost more than they save.
Today I am helping you to ease this process and recommending you the best Online Software Testing Training Courses, which is run by a good friend of mine whom I know for years. Cada ejercicio sera revisado y se discutiran los resultados para favorecer una formacion de aprender haciendo.
Ambos esquemas son de amplio uso en el mercado por lo que se brinda formacion que le da flexibilidad al participante. Se incluye entrenamiento en los conceptos y funciones basicas para poder usar la herramienta. The new partner network includes automated proctoring software provider, Proctorio and Software Secure.

But questions about which tests to automate, which ones should remain manual and what pitfalls to watch out for often stand in the way of getting started. Automated software testing can help QA pros move closer to that goal -- provided they understand how to proceed and what to expect from these challenging projects. The tools manage test execution, report outcomes and compare results with earlier test runs.
At this point, management has two alternatives: grow the manual testing team or begin evaluating software test automation tools. Unit tests -- where small units of application code are tested to make sure they work properly -- are the least expensive to write and maintain, and they provide value to the team multiple times per day. Unit tests form the solid base and largest part of our test-automation triangle, and it's widely agreed that they are the place to start. That calls for manual exploratory testing where professional testers, not software tools, comb through an application taking a context-driven approach. But he cautions that well-designed automated UI tests are shallow and should be conducted hand in hand with manual exploratory testing. He said it's too early in the technological revolution to replace manual testing completely with automation. One thing he sees too often is test organizations that continue to run the same automated testing scripts over and over again.
If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. Johnson, decisions to automate software testing are typically a response to failure to complete testing in the assigned timeframe, or cases where quality goals have not been met and too many defects have made their way into production.
Using them to drive coding in test-driven development (TDD) helps programmers think through and verify their code design, Crispin said. In fact, most of the new features, complex validations and business intensive functions will continue to be tested manually. Once a team has gained expertise in managing testing risk and test coverage, and applying the right testing techniques, then talking about automation makes sense, he said. Failure to understand this leads to failed automation projects, where a company buys test automation software and simply waits for the magic to happen, she added. When developers fall behind on software projects, they use up valuable time initially allocated for testing. Test automation succeeds only when the whole development team treats it as an integral part of software development, Crispin said.
Better software is the result of running the right tests and continually re-evaluating which tests are the right ones, he said.

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