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We offer many different counting worksheets so that kids can learn how to count before they reach grade school.
Ask family and friends to help the child in surveying what time those people do certain things. For example, what time they get up each morning, go to bed, brush their teeth, eat certain meals, etc. Use the clock image to figure out what time is it, and later, use these skills and practice on your own clock! Telling time using an analog clock with hands, numbered in 12 hours and minutes is one of the most confusing concepts to teach students. Once your kids master this essential skill on telling time by the hour, look through our other lesson sheets to find more practice! Teaching young children how to tell time should be fun and kept simple.

Children should learn time by the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, then minutes, and down to seconds. Doing several surveys over a period of time will help reinforce concepts and these results can also be compiled into a booklet for keeping after the course of time has elapsed. We, as a civilization, have naturally wanted a way to keep track of our days, our nights and everything in between. Children should learn both analog and digital time in order to be successful in mastering time.
In order to keep young children's minds busy and enforce the new telling time concepts, worksheets and computer games are a great way to provide brain food.

Whereas in the present day, time has been simplified into a machine keeping a rhythm all its own for each of us. We have compiled a list of great resources, and printables regarding teaching young children how to tell time.

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