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Undoubtedly, Google AdWords is the big player in the pay-per-click digital marketing arena, capturing the vast majority of search marketing ad spend. People searching on Bing are typically more affluent, spend more money online, and make easier online shopping decisions. Although you will typically receive fewer clicks from your Bing ads than you will on Google, the clicks you do receive will be from quality searchers, ready to buy now. Give yourself a 3-month budget and plan to monitor your account daily so you can gauge what ads or keywords are or aren’t working for you.

Once students reach the ages between 12 to 18 years, 37 percent has experienced some form of child abuse. Of the people who have children, 73 percent feel involved in the child abuse issue, while people without children only 32 percent of them feel involve. Quality lead opportunities at a low price alone make adding Bing to your search campaigns a valuable asset – you truly have nothing to lose, only to gain. If you are ready to learn more or jump on board to include Bing ads into your dealership’s search marketing plan, contact Adsmart Online today!

If you’re looking to harness all available search options, Bing ads are a must-have addition to your digital marketing mix.

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