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Car dealers have been used to the traditional lead generation methods that people have known for several years. This explains why car dealers today have to maximize the Internet in advertising their dealerships and creating more auto internet sales.
Meanwhile, social media marketing is an easy, free, and aggressive way to promote a dealership online. Lastly, getting listed in online classifieds is another simple online advertising method which could bring car dealers more leads and auto internet sales. The Internet has already been proven as an effective medium for dealership marketing and lead generation. Management of Trib Total Media, owners of the Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune, seven other daily and 19 other community newspapers, that encompass the greater Pittsburgh area, wanted to find a method of getting more local, small and medium sized businesses (SMB's) to use their online offerings.
Recent research, such as Borrell Associates 2009 study: Main Street Goes Interactive, clearly shows that the most opportunity for online advertising sales growth will come from these types of advertisers, who each may have limited budgets to spend on advertising.
The Blinder Group, a multimedia sales training and consulting firm, was hired to assist them in their goal of developing localized, online sales programs that can be offered to smaller level advertisers, as well as find a way to train and motivate their existing sales force to take these products to market.
Mike Blinder, President of the Blinder Group, first consulted with Trib Total Media on developing the actual localized online sales programs. With total agreement achieved, a number of locally targeted, sales programs were developed using the "share of voice" model for Trib Total Media. The Blinder Group also assisted in the production of the associated sales support collaterals necessary for this program's deployment. The training also included content informing the sales staff of the Blinder Group's return visit. During that training, the sales staff was supplied with proven support documents that reinforced the training, as well as an appointment-setting script to assist them in setting up the calls. One of the key elements in ensuring sales success of new initiatives like these, is getting the advertiser's full attendance at the meeting, as well as their acceptance of validity of the concept in general.
Blinder Group Launches Ellington's Marketplace Solution garnering over $250,000 in local online sales!
Three Separate Minnesota Community Newspaper Companies Achieve Over $500,000 in New Online Revenue with a New CPM Pricing Model.

McClatchy and Cox Newspapers Launch Similar Online Sales Program, Targeting Local Yellow Page Advertisers, Generating Hundreds of Thousands in New Web Revenue. Newspaper Web Revenue Model Works for TV Station As Well, Generating Over $100,000 of Online Dollars from Local Yellow Page Advertisers in Two Weeks! Using NAA "Plan Book Methods," Janesville (WI) Gazette Deploys New Special Event "Blitz," Garnering Over $100,000 in New Online and Print Revenue, in One Week!
Freedom Newspaper's Marysville (CA) Appeal Democrat, Generates Over One Hundred Thousand of New Online Revenue, Sold by Their Traditional Ad Reps!
A Hundred Thousand Euros in Revenue, Sold by the Newspaper Ad Reps at the Rheinische Post in Dusseldorf! Studies show that car shoppers have been turning to online resources when they are planning to buy a car.
In addition, online advertising has developed to be a trend in automotive dealership marketing. Some techniques that have been effective in bringing them more auto internet sales are PPC or pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and online classifieds posting.
Even if a car dealer doesn’t have his own website, he can start establishing the online presence of his dealership by creating accounts or pages in various social networking sites. While they may sometimes have to pay to be able to post their ads online, there are several classifieds websites where they could post for free. As technology gets more and more advanced, it is also possible that traditional advertising will soon totally fade into background. So, the logical solution is to develop smaller advertising packages, which offer these local advertisers, their messages with specific Web site content areas. Mike suggested that they use a sales model known as "share of voice," meaning that instead of having the advertiser purchase online inventory based on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis, they would use the desired CPM as a pricing guide to establish a rate needed for a specific online ad position.
A simple, easy-to-follow multiple page flyer was developed so the advertisers (and the sales team) could easily grasp the features and benefits of this sales program. Some of these advertisers are new to marketing their business online and feel wary of trying new ideas.
The Blinder Group has a proven track record of generating high "closing" ratios, resulting in significant revenue for client media companies that have deployed this form of advertising sales initiative.

However, many car dealers are still not aware of this shift in consumer behavior, lagging behind others who have already turned online. As its name suggests, PPC advertising requires car dealers to shell out some cash in order to drive more traffic to their website and promote their products and services from there.
Car dealers would need to regularly post updates about the latest car models available in their car lot, special offers and promos, and their sales events. Also, with over sixty sales people, all with varying degrees of digital sales knowledge, working in each of the local markets served by Trib Total Media, it made sense to use this already existing sales force to present these online products to the areas they served.
Then, figure out the total ad impressions that are available within that position and sub-divide that inventory for a select number of advertisers who will rotate in that position. Too often, media companies do not graphically explain the online portions of sales programs in an easy-to-follow manner.
During the meeting, the salespeople were urged to set up a large amount of appointments with qualified "decision-makers" of area businesses. One of the most effective means of accomplishing attendance and acceptance is to introduce the advertiser to an industry respected "outside" consultant who has had success with similar programs, with similar businesses, in similar markets all across North America. The sales calls made them feel much more empowered in their ability to sell our digital products on an ongoing basis.
They still spend so much on newspaper, radio, and TV ads, which belong to traditional advertising methods, not being aware that these do not influence car shoppers that much in their car purchase anymore. Moreover, internet marketing strategies are more cost-effective than traditional strategies which are way more expensive. They should make it interactive by encouraging participation from users and getting back at their queries.
Through the Internet, it is also convenient for leads to browse options, compare car models, send their queries in, and negotiate with a dealer.
It is also easier to target prospects and convert them into leads and then into sales through the help of lead generation companies, like Approved Auto Leads, which work online .

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