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Like many other free-to-play MMORPGs – the folks behind Karos Online really didn’t put too much effort in the game’s character creation and customization options. The core gameplay and combat mechanics in Karos Online don’t deviate much from the generic MMORPG formula found in games like Shaiya and Last Chaos. The most important piece of advice I can give to anyone thinking about playing Karos Online is to complete as many quest as possible.
One small gripe I have with Karos Online is that the game doesn’t start players off with nearly enough inventory space. Karos Online is an extremely polished fantasy MMORPG that offers many interesting features.
The best news source for online games and the premier Multiplayer, MMORPG, and MOBA directory of the web. Talisman Online borrows heavily from Blizzard’s mega hit World of Warcraft but still manages to look and feel like an original game. Assassin (male) – Assassins quick melee specialists who have low defense but high attack and dodge rates. Fairy (female) – Fairies are a supportive class that possess healing and buffing spells. Tamer (female) – The Ranger class, Tamers excel at long ranged combat with their trusty bows. Infernum announces Brick Force's Season 4 launch with the first of three major updates. NCSOFT and Carbine Studios announced today that the latest update to WildStar – Enter the Cryo-Plex – is now live. Dead Shark Triplepunch announces the addition of a single player mode and a Legacy Arena to Epigenesis. The game has six playable classes – Mystic, Bow Mistress, Paladin, Rogue, Sorceress and Blader. Upon first creating a character and actually entering the game, players aren’t presented with any cutscenes, quests or really much of anything to ‘ease’ them into things. The only aspect of the game’s combat that deviates from most games is the pacing; combat feels a tad slow-paced in Karos Online. Grinding away at monsters without any active quests is an enormous waste of time in this game; killing monsters yields an extremely small amount of experience. Just about everything from the experience bar, to the hotkey icons looks ‘sleek’ and modern.
The game’s gorgeous graphics, unique two-tiered progression system and many playable classes make it well worth checking out, but the game does little to push the genre forward.
Much of the interface, mini map and other small details are taken straight from WoW while equipment enhancing and auto-walk are new features that help Talisman Online stand out from the crowd of WoW clones.

Most of the class names are self explanatory; Bladers are ‘Warriors’ while the Bow Mistresses are ‘Archers’.
Players will basically have to just start grinding away or grabbing random quests from nearby NPCs, which isn’t bad in and of itself, but I feel that when I play a game for the first time, the game should at least try to grab my attention. On the positive side, the progression system in Karos Online is quite unique and interesting. This may seem like a lot, but since every enemy seems to drop at least 3-4 different kinds of items (and quest items take up space), inventory can become scarce extremely fast. The map itself is also extremely helpful ; quest locations and quest monsters are clearly labeled, making it extremely difficult to ever get ‘lost’. Anyone who has already played either Shaiya, Last Chaos or practically any other 3D Fantasy MMORPG won’t find much new in Karos. Though Talisman Online is an original and interesting game, it is a bit lacking in content. Dungeons and Dragons Online, for example, did this quite well; the entire first twenty minutes or so of the game were heavily story-driven and a bit linear, which made getting into the game easy. Players gain experience as they defeat enemies and complete quests, but they also gain ‘FP” or ‘Fletta point’.
At this rate I would need to kill 168 monsters to level up, and with the slow-paced combat, that would take a very long time. Personally, I found myself running to an NPC to unload my junk once every five minutes or so. Combat is a bit slow-paced, and the game doesn’t have nearly as many ‘skills’ as it should, but despite this, Karos Online is still an overall solid fantasy MMORPG.
The sorceress specializes in ‘debuff’ and ‘curse’ spells while the Mystic is more concerned about dealing damage. Even GhostX, with its terribly poor English translations, had a linear, story-driven introduction which helped players ease into the game.
These fletta points increase independently from experience, as players can gain multiple FPs before leveling up once.
Completing quests on the other hand is really the only way to gain experience at a moderate rate. The only way to gain more inventory space is to either purchase additional bags from another player or craft them yourself. Players can fish without actually being near their computer as well, making it well worth checking out. Most free-to-play MMOs tend to have a lot of broken English, but from my experience everything from quest and item descriptions have easy to understand and well-translated text. The classes in Karos Online are unfortunately gender-locked, meaning players cannot change their genders.

In its current state, Karos Online basically throws the player into the game without any background or direction. The actual leveling system is fairly straightforward; every level yields slightly better stats and a single skill point.
Few players are willing to sell these bags, as they’re fairly difficult to craft, and the materials required to craft them aren’t common. All sorceresses, blade mistresses, paladins and mystics are female, while all bladers and rogues are male.
Now, this isn’t exactly a big deal for experienced MMORPG gamers, as most of us already know the ‘deal’; talk to nearby NPCs, grab quests, kill monsters, level up and distribute skill points. However, while experimenting, I did learn that grinding is an efficient method of gaining FP. The game’s graphics vaguely resemble the visuals in games like Lineage 2 and Perfect World, except a tad crisper. Each of the game’s six playable classes can advance into one of two new jobs at level 15, which is explained on the overview tab.
But those ‘casual’ gamers who haven’t played many MMORPGs before likely won’t stick around long enough to discover some of the game’s finer aspects. Either way, the best way to progress is to complete quests, as in the process of completing a quest you’ll need to kill countless monsters anway, so you’ll gain both FP and XP. The actual avatar customization options extremely limited, as the game offers only three choices for face type, four choices for hair type and eight choices for hair colors.
Some of the attributes that FP can be used to increase are Yang, Yin, Air, Fire, Wood, Earth and Water. Oftentimes quests are repeatable as well, so make sure to do some of the more rewarding quests a few times.
For example, every FP point put into ‘water’ increases movement speed by 4%, while every point into Yang increases HP regeneration by 1. The fact that everyone is free to spend their FP points whichever way they like adds an interesting new layer of variety to Karos Online.
Fletta Points can also be used to enhance equipment by bottling up FP and spending them on item enhancements.Quest.

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