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For aspiring artists the world of music marketing can almost always be linked to an online audience. Ken Dardis, President of Audio Graphics Inc., spoke with us about what artists should be doing and the mistakes many new artists are making when distributing music online. It’s small websites like these that the majority of artists are giving small attention to. Dardis also encourages artists to fully understand social media websites and other sites before self-marketing their music. When it comes to online distribution it is essential for an artist to conduct heavy research. Each day, local business owners and managers juggle the time-consuming yet critical task of managing promotional offers.
The GroundLevel service is an online and mobile service that allows local merchants to quickly and easily link their media accounts to a single source. GroundLevel Technologies is a premier source for real-time, location-enabled data collection and management of local merchant promotional offers. Dickey's Barbecue Pit Beefs Up the Celebration for National Barbecue Month100 Best Brunch Restaurants in AmericaPie Five Pizza Co.
First off, the X with the line over it is the symbol for Xbar which is the sample mean (average) of our data set and can be quickly calculated in MS Excel: = average(data set).
The s is our sample standard deviation which can be easily calculated in MS Excel: =stdev(data set). Once we get to the t distribution table we will also see “df” which stands for degrees of freedom. Develop a basic understanding of the properties of a sampling distribution based on the properties of the population.
In this simulation, 100 numbers are either sampled from a normal distribution or a uniform distribution. This simulation samples 100 values from a normal or uniform distribution and calulates the the Chi Square value.
The Internet has become the launchpad for new independent artists pushing their way to the ears of new listeners all across the world.
Dardis has a rich history in multiple avenues of music including decades of experience in the radio industry and as a musician .
If you are going to hire someone to do that there are many companies that claim to have an inside track to nightclubs and radio stations,”Dardis explains.

RRadio Music gives independent artists the opportunity to submit their music and potentially get played not only on the site but on one of the radio subscriber channels as well for free. It costs millions of man-hours for bands trying things and getting absolutely no success,” explains Dardis. An artist needs to fully understand how to utilize sites and take advantage of the smaller sites that can prove to be the most beneficial. The benefit is that the merchant is assured the promotional offer is as impactful as possible by reaching all visitors, followers and friends simultaneously and in real-time.
Promotional offers can also be simultaneously published on SpecialsAgent, the consumer portal for local merchant offers.
Specifically, we talked about the difference between population and sample parameters and how they play a major role in understanding what a confidence interval is. Oscar and Ron discussed TWI, with a particular emphasis on the JR, or Job Relations component. Compare the observed frequencies from the "From a Uniform Distribution" section to the expected frequencies.
Simulate several experiments and see if the significance for the test of a uniform distribution is always significant. As can be seen from the image below, the simulation begins by displaying a table with expected frequencies.
An artist is in a constant battle to stay on top of the ever changing technological advances that move the way music is distributed.
Small websites, local blogs, and smaller local radio stations can help an artist build relationships with people who will help push their music to new listeners and their career to new levels.
They have to know things like email distribution, email subject lines, search engine optimization, and how to assemble data banks for their user banks. This has led to an increase in artist attempting to market their music but failing to use the tools available in the appropriate way. Artists need to be prepared for changes that come with new technology and how to respond to them.
Coordinating distribution to their website, blog and social media resources makes the task even more challenging. Based in Evanston, Illinois, GLT delivers an online and mobile service via a team experienced in technology solutions and the promotion marketing industry.
In this formula we take the square root of n, or our sample size, which can be done in MS Excel: =sqrt(sample size).

The expected frequencies based on both a normal distribution (on the left) or a uniform distribution (on the right) are shown just to the left of the observed frequencies. In today’s music world it is now more important than ever for artists to fully understand the multitude of options available for online music distribution.
Dardis has taken note of the changes in the music industry, paying close attention to how music is being distributed and what artists are not fully aware of.
From his experience and research Dardis finds it more effective for up and coming artists to reach out to smaller online or local sites which can eventually spark a buzz that will lead them to mainstream outlets.
There are new sites and technology created every day that can change the way an artist is currently marketing themselves.“Once something has change you have to go back to what you learned to see how it affects it,” says Dardis.
For this reason Dardis insists, after an artist grasps hold of how to take advantage of a site, they have to ask, “How much time should an artist devote to properly use a site so that it is the most efficient when they sit down to spend time with it?
While online marketing is difficult, learning how to take advantage of small and local sites is a great starting point for artists to begin distributing their music online. In most cases, we are interested in 95% confidence intervals which means our alpha is 0.05 (5%).
Compare the observed values in the "From a Normal Distribution" section to the expected values. If so, then the null hypothesis that the numbers were sampled from a uniform distribution could be rejected.
However for clients who wish to try the service just for a single month, the cost is 349 USD. They continue to market the way they began doing things even though certain internet changes have altered that marketing scheme.
Of course, in this simulation, you know where the numbers were sampled so you know the null hypothesis is false. But our regualar clients who can sign up for the service on an ongoing basis - the monthly charges are 309 USD only.

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