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Leawo Video Editor would help you realize your dreams if you once imagined to create free online movies. You must have shot a lot of holiday pictures or holiday videos during the near past Christmas and New Year celebration, and now, it is time for you to select your favorite ones to create your own online movie. After you have started this movie making program, add your holiday pictures or videos, movie music to this movie making software in your desired order. You can edit your holiday movies or holiday pictures by making use of features of this movie maker, by adding effects, transitions and titles to your videos or pictures. Now, with the videos exported from this movie maker, you can upload it to video sharing sites like YouTube to make it a popular free online movie.

Still, some new movies would come into our sight a few days later, just like Season of the Witch starring by Nicolas Cage and Ong Bak 3 by Tony Jaa, all popular movies that movie freaks cannot miss. What you need to do is prepare your own holiday videos or holiday pictures, and download Leawo Video Editor to create free online movies.
Record your own voice as the movie subtitle, and then start Video Editor to begin movie making. Then, drag holiday videos or holiday pictures to the video timeline for editing, movie music to audio timeline. Have you ever imagined creating free online movies with your own holiday videos or holiday pictures, rather than just being an audience?

You can add different effects for different situations, select a transition between two pictures or videos to make connection fluently and naturally, and write your own title as your patent on the videos or pictures. Funny stuff Auto Ecards Nature Cards Love Card Birthday cards Childrens Cards Fantasy Card.

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