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Generally speaking, a strong social game development team can produce a new social gaming title in less than 6 months (15 people or so), for somewhere between $750K – $1M.
Once launched subscriber populations of massively multiplayer online games shows that they all follow a similar life cycle, but predicting at launch how different titles will perform or how long their subscriber populations will continue growing remains challenging—player populations can experience sharp increases or drops in a period of just a few weeks. Whether you are using developerAnalytics, or AppData to measure your Facebook game activity, most social gamers talk about DAU (and to a lesser degree MAU). According to Josh Rose (CEO of Flying Wisdom Studios), yes there is the “You’re okay”assurance factor in games like Farmville and Cow Clicker. The traditional approach taken by most game publishers and providers of large-scale multiplayer online games is to install a dedicated infrastructure for each game. This approach has many drawbacks. Sharing existing infrastructure across game titles—Repurposing servers, changing software stacks, and reconfiguring the network to accommodate a new game or function is often a cumbersome, manual process. Scaling the infrastructure in response to player demand—Adding and removing servers, support functions, or other resources is not automated. Managing a large, heterogeneous game server infrastructure—Server and network management is typically well outside the core competency of game providers. Platform requirements for multi-user games extend beyond the basics of elastic compute from IaaS providers though. And how do we get all the above in a single platform that is consistent across all game titles within a publisher?
I had numerous exhibit hall discussions at the Game Developer Conference 2011 regarding the potential of a Gaming PaaS. If I paint a controversial picture, it would be game consoles diminishing, while social networking (casual) and other online games replace them.
Most game development teams consist of a mix of designers, artists, and programmers as shown above.
Based on a simple view of game publishers on Gamemapdev, there may be 2,000 publishers with an average of 10 people per publisher, or 20K developers who could utilize a public game PaaS platform.
In talking to Eric Knipp at Gartner, he says, “Social gaming alone will be a $1b market in the next several years.
Logical platform architecture above shows the logical relationships of each of the architecture components. Control, content, and reporting are more sophisticated functions characterized by higher complexity and functionality or requiring more substantial modifications to work with each game application. For example, the executable deployment function must interpret the requirements and policies as specified by the game provider and transform these into provisioning operations and orchestration policies for the provisioning controls. Note that the top layers set the game service platform apart from a general utility-computing platform for other applications (IaaS). Als ik aan online gaming denk, denk ik altijd aan World of Warcraft en denk ik, natuurlijk is dat een groot succes. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tencent's customer online game is expected to create 2.36 billion Yuan in Q1 (excluding web revenue totaling 376 million Yuan). SNDA games business (including SNDA online and SNDA games) are expected to create 1.5 billion Yuan in Q1. Perfect World is expected to create 6.02 billion Yuan in Q1 (including overseas authorized revenue). In aspects of other manufacturers, Kongzhong has made a substantial growth in its revenue, to reach to 39 million Yuan, with a sequential growth rate of 50%. The industrial analyses, provided by Analysys International, mainly reflect the current situation, trend, inflection point, commercial law and manufacturers' situation. It is believed that data concluded from research into market and trade is within acceptable errors.
The report also indicated that males aged from 18 to 24 year-old are fascinated in the shooter and free-to-play hardcore games like League of Legends, due to which, the waning Internet cafe, declined as home PC and broadband penetration climb throughout the entire country, is resuscitated.

Niko Partners is the leader in Asian Games Market Intelligence, specializing in the Chinese and Southeast Asian game markets.
The company is based in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, and its clients include worldwide leaders in game software, hardware, and services, as well as hedge funds, media companies, trade associations, and management consulting firms, all of whom have a vested interest in a thorough understanding of the games industry in Southeast Asian and China. These are the number of opportunities your players have to connect with and infect new players. Once a player initiates play and infects others, they still need to return to the game and get reinfected themselves.
It involves high risk and investment with little knowledge of how successful a new game will be.
Console games, downloadable mobile & handheld games, PC downloadable games, online browser-based games (tied to social platforms like Facebook and not), and streaming games (from providers like Otoy or Gaikai).
Although this will not be the case, it represents a trend which is dominant – online games are growing.
First, the platform and associated services should be minimally intrusive to the game applications and, at the same time, still provide value to game providers by relieving them from managing the system infrastructure. Conceptually, the platform may be thought of as a layered architecture, with upper layers comprising application-level services and lower layers acting as system-level services.
Similarly, the game and player statistics reporting function requires interfacing to the game to extract such information.
At this level, the primary platform services can dynamically partition and distribute the game over multiple servers.
In addition, an important function at this level is the game-specific performance monitoring that is collected directly for use by the distributed game middleware to make its resource management decisions.
These layers represent the key set of services and components we have identified that are needed to adapt the on demand computing model to online games.
En aandacht krijgen met een leuk spelletje en liedje combo is een fantastich manier om je bericht te verspreiden, maar hoe moeten andere marketeers hiermee omgaan? Gebaseerd op het antwoord die je hieruit krijgt, kan je kijken naar wat je kunt doen om op een goede manier gebruik te maken van online games. Dit is een winkeltje in-game waarmee spelers met echt geld dingen in het spel kunnen kopen.
Market concentration has increased to some extent and each innovated enterprises have its own peculiarity. According to online game data provided by Analysys International, Dragon Valley enjoyed a marked growth in its revenue and The Tower of Eternity has showed growth in the number of online players and total online period.
The slight growth mainly comes from the promotion of Perfect World, ZhuXian 2 during the Spring Festival. Its growth mainly derives from the promotion during the Spring Festival and overseas business.
According to Analysys International, this game maintains a rapid growth even without huge ad investment. The figures and statistics are drawn by adopting a unique industrial analysis model combined with the research and study methods used by market, industry and manufactures.
Meanwhile, Tencent dominates the MMO non-RPG category and continues to dominate the Chinese PC online games industry. Founded in 2002 and in its 11th year of detailed analysis on the Chinese market, the firm conducts syndicated and custom research studies on Chinese gamers, Southeast Asian gamers, online games, offline games, consoles, handhelds, regulatory issues, piracy, development, online operators, distribution, and retail. Application or game penetration rates are measured the same way biological viral infection rates are.
They’ve done a great job in building a cloud platform that meets the specific needs of gaming companies (more multi-user or social gaming, than single-user mobile downloads, of course). There are clearly many moving parts to managing the IT infrastructure of a social game, and specific tricks of the trade to not only build and scale, but measure the effectiveness of the game.

A platform must be general enough to support many types of games (so that it can be shared), yet still be able to be tailored when necessary by an individual game publisher. A number of distributed game server architectures and middleware solutions are available that provide this service for games instrumented to use them.
Een marketeer moet een oplossing vinden voor een probleem van hun doelgroep en dan aandacht trekken naar de oplossing. Er zijn tegenwoordig zoveel casual games en leuke f2p (free to play) games beschikbaar dat iedereen een gamer kan zijn.
Dit zijn allemaal voorbeelden van hoe online gaming nu gebruikt word, maar wie weet wat er nog meer mogelijk is?
SNDA Legend series has maintained a steady development and launched its testing of Legend online games with three days as a phase. According to online game data provided by Analysys International, 3rd transactions of WOW by the end of March are centralized. According to online game data provided by Analysys International, TLBB has offered Flying Dragon in the Air on 18th, March.
What deserves our attention is that huge ad investment has been made in Journey 2 in the first half year.
All the data are based on industrial macro and historical data, seasonal end-users' and business information. Niko Partners also offers consulting services including focus groups, partnership selection, market opportunity analysis, custom surveys in cities throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region and customized data analysis.
A second possibility that follows from this is a modular platform architecture which allows game publishers to take advantage of functions that address their needs and forego others that may not be as relevant.
Als er een populaire spel is die jou doelgroep veel speelt is het misschien ook de moeite waard om hiermee samen te werken. The phase of simple role development reduces the wait and the loss during long time growth and guides players into PVP phase quickly. In the following two days, its online player volume and online time have created historic high. One predicts that Linekong will gain 61 million Yuan this quarter with a sequential growth rate being 24%. The goal of the research and strategic advisory services is to help understand the market, strategically enter or expand market share, and continue to profitably grow within China and Southeast Asia's impressive markets. Finally, to ensure the flexibility and extensibility of the platform, open standards and open-source tools should be used wherever possible, consistent with the principles of the On Demand Operating Environment (ODOE). Server provisioning will be customized to install specific application code, but the basic provisioning operation—for example, on demand installation of a software stack on a target server—is common to most game applications.
Analysys International predicts that All Starts will not bring marked revenue to Netease in the short run. Flying Dragon in the Air has provided more goals for players, like flying horse, celebrity statue and illustrated handbook. In Q2, Moshenwushuang will also make its contribution to the revenue, which signifies a rosy prospect.
It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay.

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