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The global online insurance industry (one of the major segments of the world online finance industry) witnessed 5% expansion between 2007 and 2012, according to research from IBISWorld. Though most consumers still like to deal with an insurance agent to complete their insurance policies, most begin the process online. Many consumers feeling the pinch of the economic recession looked for new ways to cut down on spending. India’s online insurance sector is showing relatively strong growth, partly due to internet penetration and also a growing customer base of working middle-class professionals.
More than a dozen insurances agents and brokers provide online insurance services in China, according to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC).
Leading insurance carriers currently operating in the global online insurance industry include State Farm, Geico, Nationwide, Allstate Insurance Company, Esurance and Progressive.
The industry will not fully witness the ramifications of the US healthcare reform legislation before 2014, at which point online insurance exchanges will be implemented.
ReportLinker simplifies how Analysts and Decision Makers get industry data for their business.
Having completed several "1004MC Workshops", read numerous forum posts and talked to many appraisers, one thing is clear, confusion reigns!
The 1004MC is not about medians, totals, percentages, and ratios, no more than it is about the neighborhood. Lenders are not making a loan to the market area or the neighborhood; they are making a loan on the subject property, the collateral. George says, "This is a pretty basic version, but I have built the math functions into the grids.
There are a couple appraisers who have already figured out how to export data dumps from their MLS systems and how to use the spreadsheet functions in Excel to automatically sort and analyze the data and populate the grid in the form.
The download is a freebie, and is available at the email address listed at the top of the attached pdf. This Excel file was built as a freeware application, but the user assumes all responsibility for content and use. From Fannie and Freddie's perspective, they want consistent application of underwriting and risk management criteria. The ASFMRA and LOA partnership will provide a central comparable sales program for rural properties to ASFMRA members as well as listing opportunities. The ASFMRA provides members with management, valuation and consulting services to the agricultural and rural property community with their immense network of professionals. With the ASFMRA and LOA teaming up to provide these services to their membership base, it increases the exposure of rural properties nationwide and provides valuable tools for sharing information and valuing properties. The following has been reprinted with permission from the Oregon Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board — Spring 2008 Edition - Declining Market Designations and Market Forecast Analysis by Larry Green. Real Estate Owned (REO) activityThe issue of a declining market designation is closely tied to employing supply and demand analysis. Assume the subject property is being presented to the market and design a sales search that will count the number of properties in competition with the subject. The number of comparable sales that have closed in the past twelve months and divide by twelve (12) for the average sales rate per month. Note if there is an unusually high or low number of pending sale transactions because it could be an indication of a market change.
The worldwide digital camera market shares by vendor stats are out with Canon, Sony & Nikon taking the top 3 spots.
The statistic shows the global consumption value of household appliances from 2013 to 2020. This statistic shows the growth of the online travel booking market transaction volume in China in 2009 and 2010 as well as a forecast until 2015. With Statista, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it.
The statistic shows the market share of the most popular social media sites in the United States in February 2016, based on market share of visits. Social networking is one of the most popular internet activities in North America, particularly in the U.S. The social media video platform YouTube is the second most used social media site in the country, accounting for nearly 22 percent of all visits.
With the rapid growth in smartphones, E-commerce has uplifted India’s place among top 20 developing countries over the global forum (as stated in Global retail development Index, 2014).

Consumer behavior has changed swiftly, with the shifting trends projected towards buying online from offline shopping. The report highlighted that Travel industry encompassed almost 61% of the total E-Commerce market. The significant contributing factor towards the swift growth of Indian digital commerce is the increased smartphone usage.
Classifieds market has also astonishingly gone up acquiring a turnover of INR 896 crores (US$1.4 million) by December 2014.
The fast growth of Indian digital commerce space is followed by a major shift to internet, via Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops.
The figures from Ministry of Statistics have indicated that India is likely to lead in terms of the fastest growing economy, thrashing China next year.
Another fast growing trend likely to dominate the E-Commerce industry is social shopping, which means the shoppers’ friends can cosset within the shopping experience. However, as per to the forecast by IAMAI and IMRB International, the Indian E-Commerce industry is likely to expand at a rate of 33% and go across INR one lakh crore (US$16.3 billion) by the end of 2015. The rapid penetration of Internet and people’s dependence on smartphones is leading towards E-commerce to become the future of India. The industry is forecast to grow 9% in 2012 to generate $17 billion, fuelled partly by the growing number of services online. Actors in the online insurance industry include independent agents and companies serving as an intermediary to liaise between insurers and consumers by way of websites and online web portals. This has allowed them to circumvent online insurance industry operators, creating a more competitive market place.
The number of insurers continues to rise in India, with only four insurers operating insurance policies online in 2010.
Close to 10 insurance companies count as disclosed businesses on close to 30 websites, following the January 2012 Regulatory Measures of Online Insurance Business by Insurance Agents and Brokers.
IBISWorld predicts yearly revenue will climb, fuelled by consumers adopting the online channel. The implementation of the insurance exchange, which makes individual health insurance mandatory, will push consumers to purchase insurance online. As goes the trend for properties similar to the subject, as goes the value of the collateral securing their loan.
Hopefully a little automation will eventually smooth the way for those people who choose to take advantage of it. Please check the contents of the form itself and the functionality of this Excel file before you use it. If appraisers report the same types of information, presumably you get consistency, which is the foundation of risk management. In the same dataset, a broad definition could indicate very different trends from a narrow one. Identifying and measuring the market is undoubtedly one of the most important procedures for all appraisers to have a clear understanding. These tranactions include all successful bookings via online travel agents or call centers for products such as plane tickets, hotel or tarvel bookings. Reddit is the third most popular social media site with 5.3 of the share, closely followed by Twitter, which accounts for five percent. Read SEO Tips, SEM Tips, SMO Tips, SMM Tips, Email Marketing Tips & Affiliate Marketing Tips. Likewise, E-tailing grew by 1.4 times since 2013 covering almost 29% of the E-Commerce market share in India.
Mobiles and its accessories have conquered the maximum share of the Indian digital commerce market.
However, 45% of online shoppers apparently prefer payment mode to be, cash-on-delivery over credit cards (16%) and Debit Cards (21%). Being competitive with the major digital commerce players, online service market has grown with CAGR of 73% since 2010.
As per the report generated by Mobile Internet in 2014, India would soon touch the 213 million mark of mobile internet users by June 2015. The economic status of the country is budding, contributing to the growth of an E-commerce industry. Intermediary bodies can charge insurance carriers a commission, and may also charge fees for value-added services.

Due to the more intense level of competition, the industry has seen a decline in profitability.
In 2012, this number has risen, with 10 life insurers providing customers with online term plans, and six outfits offering health and motor insurance online.
CIRC is also expected to undertake investigation and eventual prosecution of illegal online businesses moving forward.
Economic recovery and US healthcare reform are two other factors likely to drive growth in the online insurance industry. Subsidies provided for lower-income households will also fuel online insurance industry growth.
They see the problems, including opposing opinions, various interpretations, and few immediate solutions given the limitations of their MLS data services.
While market conditions and neighborhood trends are important, the trends of properties similar to the subject are critical. This has proven to be a great new tool in the tool box for managing, valuing and selling rural property," says Merrill E.
David is also the author of Appraising in the New Millennium - Due Diligence & Scope of Work, 3rd Ed. David is also the author of Appraising in the New Millenium - Due Diligence & Scope of Work, 3rd Ed.
The number of social network users in the United States is projected to increase from 180 million in 2015 to over 200 million users in 2019. During an annual study of mobile online usage, it was found that Facebook accounts for 19 percent of the time spent on mobile apps and devices in the U.S.
E-Tailing sector has 41% stake of the total revenue, along with Apparels, Footwear and personal items having 20% share overall. Only 10% prefer Internet Banking and few other 8% favor cash cards, mobile wallets, and another payment modes. The consumer outlook of Indian customers is changing rapidly, leading to the industry growth. Profit margin does, nonetheless, remain higher among online brokers than brick-and-mortar brokers.
In 2011, the monthly rate of policy sales in India reached around 35,000, up from a monthly rate of 10,000 policies the previous year. Members of LOA can utilize this beneficial new program to share information about properties they are involved with selling.
This webcast is the third in a three-part series that will be discussing:Why do appraiser's need to do a Market Analysis?
In 2009, the transaction volume of the online travel booking market in China grew by 35 percent compared to the previous year.
IBISWorld underlines the reaction among industry players consisting of a reduction in premiums to attract customers. According to Aegon Religare Life Insurance, online policy sales represent savings of between 20% and 25% for insurers compared with offline policy sales. The ability to advertise listings not only on LandsOfTexas, as in my case, but on all of the associated websites provides very good exposure on a national basis. Almost three-quarters of internet users in the United States access Facebook as of April 2015.
This lowering of premiums limited commission, which constitutes online insurance brokers’ main source of income.
Insurance carriers are expected to witness an increasing degree of competition over the next five-year period, intensified by new entrants to the market. As online sales are directed only by policy-buyer decisions, the medium is also advantageous and convenient for customers. Insurance carriers are expected to increasingly avail of this channel to distribute various insurance policies in the years to come.

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