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Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach who is passionate about helping people marketing their business online using online video.
I think this list is a good idea and memory jogger and can certainly be used to show the benefits of online video marketing.
Better engagement with your customers: Once your customers watch the video you have uploaded, they start interacting with you, giving their opinions, helping you understand their expectations and showing you the path to move ahead. More traffic to your website: Once you give your consumers a video that they love watching, they are bound to come back to you for more. Delivering message clearly:  Videos help you in delivering your message clearly to your target audience. Adding videos to online marketing mix is something that most SEO companies across the world do.
Find out how your competitors are incorporating videos online and take inspiration from them. Vlog: Vlogging or Video Blogging is one of the easiest ways to include videos in your online marketing strategies.
Your homepage can have videos too: Especially if yours is a retail website you will benefit a lot by including videos on your homepage.
It pays to include your Video Snippets across all your Online Marketing platforms: You can upload your video snippet on YouTube and then share it on Facebook and Twitter.
Periscope: With Periscope, you can watch live video streams and even broad cast your videos.
A bit of research will let you know the different ways in which you can incorporate videos.
I am fond of latest Marketing News and Blogs and Working with Web Brain as Project Manager. Video marketing has quickly become the top medium to deliver messaging for any marketing initiative or campaign.
Polk Three will work with your team to understand the goals for your video marketing and other important strategic questions, like identifying your target viewer, what type of video will best articulate your messages, and what type of action you want the viewer to take from the video.
Aside from being more engaging, video has also proven to increase email open rates by as much as 25%. Video marketing can be complex and time consuming to manage, with video libraries, sitemaps, tagging, optimization, vSEO, cloud hosting, syndication, analytics, transcripts, streaming, and more.But Polk Three brings an expertise to video marketing that delivers measurable results. Sign up for our newsletterSign up to receive email updates to get expert marketing articles for better online marketing!
KVADPhoto+ is a completely free photo editor app for Windows 8 that has simple controls but it offers you powerful set of image processing tools.
In the interface you are presented with all the effects and editing options in the button part of the app window while the home and save buttons are located on top of the app window while the image is shown in the middle as seen above. When you click on a particular option from the button option menu you will be presented with a small dialog box as shown below in the screenshot along with the preview of the image; in this manner you can edit and enhance an image with complete simplicity. The company J'son & Partners Consulting presents the results of market study of online video content sources in Russia and the world monitored by the company since 2009.
In the last few years the market of online video is one of the fastest growing segments of the Russian Internet. The global online advertising market by the end of 2010 showed an increase of 18.5% compared to last year, reflecting the continuation of its sustainable development. The USA preserves the leading position in the online video advertising market with a share of 40%. On the other hand, there can be observed a slowdown in growth of the major players, which indicates a certain level of market saturation in these countries. According to J'son & Partners Consulting research results, in 2010 the Russian Internet advertising market showed the most dynamic development.
But the poorest results in terms of growth among the countries covered in the study were shown by the most advanced to date U.S.
Unique users number increase, viewed content units growth and total time of video viewing attach to online video advertising segment the role of driver of the global online advertising market. The share of video content consumers among Russian Internet users reached 49% in 2010, which amounts to 27 million people. The growth of online video advertising market will be ensured, primarily, by the novelty of the format and its high rate of CTR in relation to other advertising media. Market sources with video content are characterized by the early stage of development, relatively low-risk and easy entry for new players. Video marketing (especially on YouTube) rocks and you do not have to spend a ton of cash to create videos that are stunning and showcase quality. One of the coolest, easiest and most inexpensive way to create great YouTube videos on a budget is to combine still images with your audio recording. About UsMariner Business Solutions has been providing innovative business solutions for our clients for over 20 years. Animated Explainer Videos: The next time you are watching a program on the television, resist the urge to fast forward through the adverts like most people do and spend those five minutes noting how brands are advertising.
Video marketing is not a new means of business marketing but the fact is that not many young entrepreneurs think that video marketing is still relevant today.
We can all agree that the business world is highly competitive and one of the primary aims of all the business owners is to get their business to potential customers.

Probably, unless it’s a local business with a limited catchment area, almost all business needs some kinds of marketing at one point in time to be able to attract more customers and make good sales. Video marketing is becoming an effective means of business marketing, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn as well as SnapChat are all cashing in on brands using social media to advertise their brands. As mentioned in The Guardian article, video is taking content marketing by storm, but you’ll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential.
With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril. While there are many many examples of businesses using video towards marketing and sales goals, the majority of small businesses are either still ignoring video or just getting started with video in 2015. Video is without doubt one of the best marketing tools when it comes to getting improved users engagements.
The fact is that so many entrepreneurs and businesses are always looking for new cheap and most effective ways to reach their target customers.
We all know that social media is one of the best means of building relationship and networking, but the fact is that online video marketing can also do the same even better if I may say.
So, like social media, online video marketing allows you to make a stronger personal connection to your clients and prospects, making sure you build a personal connection even before you meet them face to face. When it comes to search engine optimisation, online video is also playing a major role as it helps drive direct traffic from the search engines through rich snippets. Several online researches have shown that online video is good for your website’s search engine rankings. By including video on your site and implementing the correct technical mark-up, it’s possible to get good web traffic through Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Online video marketing is such a powerful promotional strategy that is capable of helping brands to recreate the experience of being face to face with someone much better than through audio, image or text. All this makes online video the best solution when you want to increase awareness for both you and your product, as well as accelerate the sales process. Snapchat Marketing: Do You Know How Consumers Are Really Using Snapchat And Can Your Business Benefit? If anyone thinks that video is not relevant, once they review your 101 reasons they might change their mind.
It enhances the fun and engaging element of your online marketing strategies and enables your customers to interact with your brand in a better way. Once you upload your video on social media, it keeps getting shared from person to person, giving you maximum visibility. This will boost the traffic to your website, increasing the chances of conversions and thereby your sales. Since people can see, hear and read from the videos, they will be able to understand better. All you will need is some basic technological equipment such as a smart phone and an external microphone and you are all set to record.Your blog can be the basis for your vlog too. Ultimately, it all depends on how catchy or engaging your video is and how well it can deliver your message across your audience. Leverage us to navigate the complex world of online video, from conception to production to marketing.. The great thing about video is it can be used on web pages, blog posts, email campaigns, and more – with the potential to be a key differentiator between you and the competition.
By including video as part of your email marketing campaign, you’re increasing the amplifying the opportunity for engagement by delivering a more powerful message, ultimately increasing your conversion rate for new leads. Learn more about how how Polk Three can build and execute on an effective video strategy for your business!
Clicking the link will automatically re-direct you to the Windows Store from where you can download and install this free photo editor app for Windows 8. This kind of interface and layout makes it extremely simple and easy to edit your favorite images with complete ease. This is not the full version of the app hence some of the things are locked but nonetheless the amount of options provided in the free version are really good and allow you to get really good results with this free photo editor app for Windows 8.
With the growth rate of 42% it has become the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry in the world. According to J'son & Partners Consulting forecasts, the popularity growth of video portals every year will be about 25% up to 2015. Advertising business model is the most common of among video portals and allows to receive most of the income. Tools like the legendary Windows Movie Maker, Animoto and iMovie for Mac users will allow you to produce videos from an audio recording and still images. Here, you will find a list of apps and movie production services that are directly linked to YouTube. It comes with multiple transition effects and a user-friendly interface that lets you create professional videos. With these great tools, you really shouldn’t give an excuse on why you are not yet tapping into the power of online video marketing. Our state of the art software and hardware solutions have given our clients a competitive edge in an ever changing marketplace. Various studies have shown more than half of the major brands are already making use of the medium – a figure that’s predicted to rise as more and more realise the possibilities.
So, if you are looking for the best ways to get better results from social media campaign or SEO exercise, make sure you try online video marketing.

Without a doubt, video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand by establishing visibility and credibility within your niche. YouTube alone receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that’s more than any other social media channel, apart from Facebook.
As a small business owner, the more relationships you can build the better for your business. If you want to get more direct traffic from the search engines, consider having a short promotional video on your website. You can also be able to establish credibility and enhances your trustworthiness through online video. If you can invest and produce high quality video people will often perceive you as a legitimate business with a genuine interest in providing a great service. I enjoy your easy, light approach and appreciate all the information and knowledge you share. You can find one in India easily by running an online search on ‘SEO Services India.’ Most of these may even offer reseller SEO packages that may be useful for you if you happen to be a web designing company.
You can definitely take some help from the companies that you found on the Search engine upon searching for “SEO Services India” or “reseller SEO packages.” However, it is always better to determine your requirements and specifications beforehand. Every business has a unique story to tell and what better way to sharethat story than through the use of vivid imagery, impactful audio, text, and motion…i.e. You’ve probably seen videos appearing in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and with Google now giving videos preferred rankings, part of our video marketing process also includes syndication across major video sharing websites, as well as social media sites, bookmarking sites, podcast sites, news sites and relevant blog sites. With a defined video strategy from Polk Three, we’ll build a video library that turns your website into a traffic magnet, improves overall engagement, and helps position your business as a true thought leader in your respected industry. The interface of the app is extremely simple to operate while the app has some powerful tools hence this app is useful both for the professional as well as the amateur user. After installation from the Windows Store just run the KVADPhoto+ from the start screen and you will have the interface in front of you as shown below in the screenshot. So select anyone of these ways to import photo into the app and then you will have the interface in front of you as shown below. In the above screenshot I have edited the image by adding a filter and a frame similarly you can produce really nice images with complete ease. China took the second place on the dynamics of the Internet advertising market in 2010, it grew by 35%.
These three tools will allow you to create the most spectacular YouTube videos at a price that is next to free. Not so long ago, there were only three such tools but the list has now expanded to nine super cool apps that you can use to create videos.
Our highly qualified and trained team of experts provide you the support you need to maintain your system. The point is big brands wouldn’t be spending tens of thousands of pounds using animation if it wasn’t providing results. But the fact is that possibility of a business doing great without advertising is not that much.
So, establishing a good video marketing strategy should be one of your goals if you want to target a wider audience. Learn what you need to include in your videos so as to interact or engage with your viewers.
Polk Three has built a consistent framework for clients to get their videos to rank on search. Good rates, at the level of 30%, were shown by the developing countries such as India and Brazil. Additionally, Stupeflix comes with a text-speech feature, which is useful in case you do not have audio recording equipment.
Incorporating marketing videos into your marketing mix is a great way to increase your digital footprint, share your message, highlight your company, and promote online marketing campaigns and contests; with greater conviction, emotion, and impact. You want them to be video results on the SERP, where they can catch the user’s attention, rank higher, and thus increase the number of views and visitors.
But the results of the saturated markets of Western Europe and North America were rather moderate.
You can even use vlog to create a few ‘how to’ tutorials that your audience will find very useful. Well you’re in luck, because this is exactly what the Video SEO services from Polk Three does!
What does matter is what your patients, clients and customers think about you and more importantly, what they say about you.Next time a client thanks you for the service you have provided ask them if they would mind giving you a brief video testimonial where they simply say exactly what they just said.
You can even make a Vlog video showing a typical day in office to add up to the fun element of your blog or social media page. We are talking about creating something that will provide incredible value to your audience.

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