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Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. I wonder many people are searching for Make Money Online for Free programs and they often fall into scams. Some third party websites allows you to create Adsense account by simply remain active on them. Please note that not all sites will give you 100% share, Share ranges between 25% to 100% so please read their terms before submitting your articles. ShoutMeLoud is the biggest website of India which allows you to submit your unique articles and monetize your post with Adsense. Its basically a Crowd-sourcing Information website which also allows you to participate in the program and generate some revenue. If you are a big fan of technology and specially Android operating system than good news for you is that DevilWorkShop website allows you to write about your favorite subject. Simrandeep Singh who is the owner of TricksDaddy website introduced this idea some two years ago in which he wanted to share his earnings with his friends who submit guest posts on the blog.
According to the above graph, amongst many social networking sites, FaceBook leads the list with 24% of users. However, 11.4% of users rely on emails to share the information since they initially started to communicate using emails.
Next place goes to Twitter, as it occupied 10.8% almost equals to emails, people love to share not just their views but also useful information through this channel. Among the other networks like Yahoo gained most users (5.5%) when compared Myspace, Window Live, Delicious, Digg, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo buzz, etc. When people need to share a video, this is the first site coming to their mind. Although, YouTube policy is very strict, especially copyright issues.
This only makes sense, as I can talk about hundreds of revenue sharing programs, but if I have no experience with them, then it is rather a moot point and not much worth talking about, so lets get going…   What Are Revenue Sharing Sites? Well if you are good at writing articles than now you don’t have to worry about earning money online in Pakistan without investment.
Signup is free of cost and you only need to post genuine content like articles, images, videos etc.

The site has Alexa rank of 3000 which means its already getting million of monthly hits so the only thing you need is articles according to the niche of the blog.
Luckily the site is open for writers all around the world so you will not face any problem what so ever. You will be amazed to see the stats of the site with more than 10K subscribers, 10k Facebook fans and Alexa rank of 5K. Female bloggers and writers also earn money from internet by writing unique and high quality articles. The blog allows you to submit articles related to WordPress, Freewares, Mobile Phones and Blogging Tips. The information that one finds interesting, useful, worth sharing, funny, educating, etc is shared among friends, peers and different networks.
For example, it prohibits users to upload duplicate, explicit, third-party content without owner’s permission.
Revenue sharing sites are websites that sell a product or service and share the revenues generated with its members.  This article is focused on online advertising sites, in particular. Adsense is an advertising program mainly for publishers and webmasters which they use on their blogging platforms but not many people know is that they can get this account via third party websites and use this account on websites which allows you to submit articles and monetize them. The participation is very simple, all you need to do is to write some quality articles for these sites via your personal account(which they will create for you). Many people will say you that Buy Adsense account in Pakistan but you don’t have to give attention to them as this is not legal way to get your account.
So if YouTube doesn’t accept your video file, you may upload it to your own site in Flash or HTML5 compatible formats. Now the interesting part is that you can also join and grab some share from these websites using Adsense. When your account is created by them they will ask for your Adsense publishers ID so that your ads can also be shown on your articles. SheToldMe will allow not only girls but male staff can also participate in their Adsense revenue sharing program.
When you got your account just use your publishers ID with best Adsense Revenue Sharing sites mention below.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo mostly holds prof-looking videos and has three options for its users: a basic account with limitations and two paid ones with advanced options and bigger space.
Here people broadcast themselves playing or talking about games while others watch them either live or via archived footage. You can also broadcaast or archive your gameplay, chat with other gamers and join various gaming comminities.
Here are more options open to Turbo subscribers:Unlike Turbo users, free ones can store their live videos on Twitch for 14 days only. Although LiveLeak is majorly oriented to politics, war, and other world events, users are free to post any content they want if it doesn’t violate the website policy. Once signed in to Veoh, you can upload videos of any length and embed them on your site or blog. Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community for you to participate in.
You may get in touch with other people, rate your favorite videos, leave comments and discuss the videos in channels and forums.6. The website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality. Don’t let that stop you from trying out what I think are the best revenues sharing sites online right now.
If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20,000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. IM Revolution Mike J Anthony TV MOBE License Rights Program Platinum Mastermind Program Titanium Mastermind Program Traffic Masters Academy Recent Posts First Sales Using Digital Founders Academy Buying and Selling Local Bitcoin?

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