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When you want to send big files over the internet or share large files without others, you need a file transfer or sharing service. If you do not want to sign up any file hosting or sharing service, you can use free web transfer service such as WeTransfer and Sendspace.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We know from looking at the development path of sectors in the economy that many exhibit an ‘S-curve’ pattern. We believe traditional rental industries are being disrupted by the sharing economy as established industries mature and are displaced by a new “Sharing S-curve”.
We compared the revenue potential in five new ‘sharing economy’ sectors (peer-to-peer finance, online staffing, peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing and music and video streaming) with the potential in five traditional ‘rental’ sectors (equipment rental, B&B and hostels, car rental, book rental and DVD rental). We used the resulting S-curve and model as a base for our expectations of the future growth for each sector. Today, we estimate that the five main sharing economy sectors generate $15bn in global revenues, making up just 5% of total revenue generated by the ten sectors we looked at. However, by 2025, these same five sharing economy sectors could generate over half of overall sales in the ten sectors – a potential revenue opportunity worth $335bn. Over that period, sharing economy sectors are likely to grow much quicker than the rate of traditional rental sectors.

However, for the sharing economy companies to realise their potential, they will need to overcome significant barriers. Due to a lack of long-term historic data, we’ve used a number of assumptions to develop our projections, which are therefore subject to considerable uncertainties.
There are many free file hosting and sharing service, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Initial low and volatile volumes make way for a breakthrough company to accelerate growth before a market saturates.  At this point, old sectors mature and decline – replaced by the next overlapping innovation. The least developed sectors today, such as P2P finance and online staffing, could grow the quickest of all. We recommend looking at a range of scenarios and viewing the overall total figures as more reliable than individual industry results.
Normally your email service provider would limit the maximum attachment file size to 10 or 20 MB. These online file hosting service allows you to upload huge files from computer to their cloud server, you can then share the download links with the recipient. SendSpace asks for the recipient’s email only (used to receive the download links of your files), it allows you to send max file size 300MB for free. If you like to send larger files, such as those HD videos that can reach over 100MB or even 1GB, you need to consider other alternatives.

It is the most convenient way users can upload large files from one location, then download it from another location.
Also discussed: importing and exporting GEDCom files, how to add family data, notes, photos and documents as well as talk about the ShoeBox app (iOS and Android) that enables you to capture images and documents on your phone and upload to your family tree.
There are many free online chat service can help you for that, such as Skype, MSN, QQ and so on. These file transfer services also offer free tools for mobile devices, such as file transfer app for iPhone iPad, Android smartphones, so you can easily send big files from mobile phone to computer, or from a computer to mobile phones. These free tools also designed for other purpose, but they can also be used as peer-to-peer transfer tool, and best of all, they do not limit the file size you can transfer, and they are totally free. If you use Dropbox to transfer big files through their desktop client, you will find there is no size limit at all.

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