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When taking the cover off, I scanned with my naked eye for bad electronic component but I could not find anything. This is a made in China CRT TV set and was brought to my shop with a vertical deflection problem.
Most of the time, you can turn the TV and you could see the vertical line across the screen but in my case here, the TV was dead. I could read the 300 volts on the main capacitor and 124 volts was reaching the horizontal transistor.
The moment I soldered out the vertical IC, power came back to the set and I could see the vertical line across the screen. I replaced the vertical IC and the TV came alive and I could see a picture but there was something wrong with that picture.
It was lots of work but at the end, I won the challenge and the joy to see that TV come to life was wonderful. This microwave oven was brought to my shop for repair and the problem was, it does not heat up.
I checked the fuse that is connecting the transformer to the main capacitor and it was open. It is a very easy process to replace the capacitors but it is very important to make sure that the old capacitor in the microwave oven is discharged before replacing it. The microwave ovens are very easy to fix and it can generated good income if you know how to do it. I have recently seen these pop adds "Mom at home earns $7000 per month", " After having kids this women left her job and is now working from home making 1000's" "Google pays me a check of $4000 per month", "Stop surfing the net start earning?" " No experience required" Have you seen these adds?

I am sure you would have been curious to go through see websites and  find out whether you can make that kind of money?, obviously if you are a mom and at home why not try to earn a little bit more? Sometimes there are video tapes of prominent Channels such NBC, CNN, Indian news channels etc where you can easily make out that the news readers voice was dubbed. A high number of Nigerians have been caught doing these scams along with the some Indian citizens.
Recently these pop ups have risen in number, it proves that these scam artists have become desperate and are not making much money. If you still wish to try out these kind of websites, then do so on your own risk and always try to make a payment online through PAYPAL your money is safer like that. Here in this article we are going to share some genuine and most trusted online work from home jobs sites which is really offering genuine work at home legitimate jobs without investment. But here in our blog we are never asked any types of fees or anything, just we are trying our best to provide genuine resources to offer our visitors work from home jobs, which is more legitimate and trusted. Millions of people around the world are already working with this site and earning some handsome income online via this best work from home jobs sites.
It enables users to earn virtual currency and real life rewards for their everyday web activity Survey Work, Online shopping, sign up offer, post ads, search things on search engines as per requirement.
From experience, when I hear a ticking noise coming from inside the TV set and the stand by light is not on, one thing comes to mind; the problem is in the high tension area. Usually a vertical problem is shown on TV screen with a black screen and a line across the screen. The magnetron is not shorted out; This testing is done by testing the ohm reading between the metal body of the magnetron and the two terminals of the magnetron.
Even if the capacitor is bad, just make sure, it was discharged before replacing it with a new one.
I thought writing about a very important public issue which is indeed a very important one.
One of such websites wanted me to pay about $35 and start away and earn $1000 just like that by registering with them. So, please download a pop blocker like "ad block plus." I sell and buy a lot on eBay and these pop ups come out of nowhere like crazy rats! There is lots of work and reward offers here you can start working online from home here on this site. There are lots of types of work there like finishing the survey by giving your opinion, get paid offers, sign up for different sites, post ads on craiglist.
From experience, I have seen it happen so many times that when there is a dead short in the vertical IC itself, it could affect the whole TV and in this case the TV was dead. If you get any reading between the terminals and the magnetron metal body, it is shorted and needed to be replaced. Many repair technicians replace the fuse with higher amp rating causing the magnetron to blown or shorted it on the long run.

Took the cover off and scanned the power board with my naked eye but could not see anything there. They trap you by showing you videos of women making a lot of money at home baby sitting their kids and testimonies of people being paid, fake photo shopped checks which are very easy to make and not to forget that fake testimonies can be made on fiverr for $5. These people are scam artists and have multiple accounts in multiple location around the world and it is almost impossible to track them and even if they get caught or arrested  they do for a very small time and they run back to their countries to do more scams!!. They also have a  lot going on in their list of scams, have you received mails claiming that "You won $1000000 or 2500000 pounds?" these are fake emails and they are probably the same people who have now started the work from home scam.
Do not disclose you credit card details or identity to these people as they will use your account information and steal cash from you and disappear. There are a many sites you can sign up for freelancing work from home job offer and start working on this freelancing job sites. To confirm my analysis, I checked the 25 volts coming out of the secondary section of the power supply and they were missing. When turning on the oven, I could hear a loud noise coming from inside the microwave oven and it did not heat up the water. It is very important to replace it with the same fuse specification to avoid any kind of problem in the microwave oven. Many of the times websites have testimonies of women talking about how much they make and NO Experience required as these are simple data entry jobs or translator jobs. Yeah, that's how much it costs these people to fool and steal thousands from many innocent people who are already struggling to make money.
In this case since both has the same problem, if I am able to fix one of them, there should be no problem fixing the other one. The vertical IC has a dead short in it that it was pulling the 25 voltages down to 1 volts only. Usually, this is a problem with the main capacitor in the microwave and I think that is the main reason why the fuse was blown in the first place.
I want to block all of these adds and send all these cheats to jails of their respective countries. The only way to know is by checking the specification of the vertical IC online and you will know which leg that is getting the power. In my case, the vertical IC LA78041, leg number two was the power feed to this vertical IC.

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