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One of the great oddities of the current job market is that job openings (as reported by the BLS) and help-wanted online ads (as reported by the Conference Board) have both been on the rise over the past year.
Many companies routinely bring people in for an interview, for a job that doesn’t exist.
Many are collecting unemployment and refuse to take a job making less than the one they were laid off from, because if they're laid off from the new job, the unemployment amount will be lower. The business climate is also one of severe uncertainty - no one knows what’s going to happen with taxes or health care next year, so they hold off hiring.
Or is it the lack of real human interaction that is causing the mismatch and ongoing empty jobs? Until businesses realise that the labour market can and will swing the other way, they won’t understand what loyalty means. What I am seeing in my odyssey of the past 8 months unemployed is that most of the job postings are bogus.
Or it could be that some folks are more comfortable sitting on their couches collecting unemployment. Many companies routinely bring people in for an interview, for a job that doesn’t exist. The same job may be posted on every single major job board, then the other boards copy it from the others, so the same job is listed 8 times on 8 sites - 64 listings for one actual position. What really made me catch on was the same job posted every day, or showing up one week every month or same job attributed to a different employer each month. Also HR is not there to understand the applicants’ background, they are there to weed candidates out.
A recommended book that can help better one’s job search, it gives one insight into the games HR and companies play when hiring, is “What does someone have to do to get a job around here? Although finding a job when the economy is going through tough times is difficult, there are some companies that are planning to increase their staff strength. Job openings soared 8 percent to 5.75 million in July, the most since records began in 2000, the Labor Department said Wednesday. If companies decide to offer higher pay to attract more applicants, that would provide a much-needed boost to wages. Some economists say that a mismatch between the skills of many of the unemployed and the skills needed by expanding companies is a big reason that openings are rising more quickly than actual hiring. In the past 12 months, average hourly pay has increased just 2.2 percent, up from a 2 percent pace in July.
The figures come after last Friday’s jobs report pointed to steady, if modest, hiring. Job openings have soared particularly high in professional services, a category that includes highly-skilled jobs in fields such as information technology, engineering and accounting. Tom Gimbel, chief executive of the LaSalle Network, a Chicago-based recruiting firm, says that many of his clients are struggling to fill technology jobs in specialties such as data analytics, social media marketing and cybersecurity. Still, the fact that employers are willing to advertise so many jobs suggests they are confident the economy will grow strongly enough to generate greater demand for their goods and services.
The number of available jobs also rose in lower-paid areas such as retail, hotels and restaurants. More openings could contribute to a decision by the Federal Reserve next week to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. Fed chair Janet Yellen has indicated that she closely follows the openings, hiring and quits data. Since its launch five years ago, the Mashable Job Board has been a hiring hub for more than 3,000 employers.

The Digital Marketing Manager will respond to RFPs, create sales materials and oversee the execution of our partnerships, serving as the digital lead on assigned accounts. This position is focused on building, maintaining, analyzing and optimizing digital-marketing initiatives reaching the business community. We are looking for a dynamic and accomplished sales professional who will be responsible for achieving advertising revenue goals while covering a agency and client-sales assignments.
This role reports to our Sales Director, and requires close coordination with the rest of Bloomberg Custom Content Sales, as well as the full global Bloomberg Media Sales Group and all supporting divisions. Puppet Labs is seeking an outstanding copywriter to join our marketing team, and take our content-marketing efforts to the next level.
This role has heavy involvement with Marketing, Promotion and Sales for Urban and Pop artists signed to various labels across Sony Music. The position is responsible for implementing the plan, evaluating and contributing to web content in an effort to achieve the association's marketing, branding and messaging objectives.
Advertising Age is looking for an energetic, detailed Advertising Sales professional with excellent communication and project-management skills to manage, build and diversify a sales territory. These are usually signs of good labor demand.However, actual new hires and employment growth have only edged up mildly. Thus, if the tax rate remains favorable, and the marketing forecast supports an increase in payroll - the company can move quickly. I watched this done time and again at Dell Computer - to the point that I told my Director that I would not longer participate in the hiring process.
Also, more than a few are collecting unemployment while simultaneously working for cash, these people are very difficult to hire.There is no monitoring whatsoever, in my state of Virginia, like there used to be, to make sure recipients are actually looking for work.
If I was a business, I wouldn’t be hiring anyone either until I knew what the ramifications for my 2011 bottom line would be. The real ones are part time, contract, no benies for a fraction of what the job paid a few years ago.
Companies exist for one thing and that is to provide a service at a reasonable cost and MAKE A PROFIT!!! Could it be companies looking for someone with a higher degree and the lay off who has a lower degree?. Applying on line does the same thing via algorithms or required info matching against the position. Our inflatable advertising balloons and blimps are manufactured from the highest quality materials and have a long outdoor life. Our inflatable advertising balloons and blimps are manufactured from the highest quality materials and have a long outdoor life. The figure suggests that many businesses are having trouble finding people with the skills they need. If instead they simply take more time sifting through applications to find an ideal candidate, that would slow overall job gains. They argue that if businesses can’t find the workers they need, then wages would rise more quickly.
Employers added 173,000 jobs in August, the fewest in five months, though job gains in June and July were revised higher. The data reported Wednesday, in the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, represent total hiring, as well as quits and layoffs. The Fed has held the short-term rate it controls at nearly zero in an effort to encourage more borrowing and spending.
We have showcased career opportunities from companies such as Google, Edelman, Viacom, Yelp, American Express, NBC Universal, Digitas and many others seeking to attract our audience.

Job seekers can now create user profiles, upload resumes and application materials, sign up for job alerts, browse our employer directory, and search and apply for jobs through mobile.
Check the Mashable Job Board daily for more available positions in different industries, and read our Job Search Series for useful career tips.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In other words, good labor demand has not translated into actual hires.We can see this most clearly in the business and professional services sector (advertising, law, computer programming, etc).
But it's also hiring, particularly in new areas like software-defined networking, analytics, cloud computing, computer security.
For example, construction workers who lost jobs in the housing bust may not have transitioned to fields where jobs are plentiful, such as health care. And if they were truly desperate, employers should be willing to perform more training of new hires, these economists say. More quitting would be a good thing because most people quit to take new jobs, usually at higher pay.
The chart below plots the rate of new hires against the rate of job openings in this industry.Job openings in business and professional services (the blue line) have soared in recent months. You MUST give 2 weeks notice before you quit, but you may be terminated without notice, without warning, and without severance. You come in prepare yourself and they don’t have the courtesy to tell you that the positions been filled. Amazon, Dell, and every other company that paid top wages, plus stock options emerged on top - because they provided an incentive for people to work hard.
I do like its job section where one can use linkedin to directly contact the hiring personnel for a specific opening. It's involved in all the latest tech areas like cloud computing, security, health care tech and smart grids. Inflatable balloons and blimps are a proven way to attract customers to your business or promotion.
Inflatable balloons and blimps are a proven way to attract customers to your business or promotion. All most people want, is a job that pays a fair wage, and can give them a sense of security, while remaining to be a tolerable environment. But hiring (the red line) is flat or even trending down.This is pretty much the pattern across the whole economy. If they were really interested, I'd pad my wage by 5K or so and by changing jobs three times, ran up the wage ladder pretty fast.
Urgent Job Requirement for Bucks Gainer Advisory companyJob Responsibility for Business Analyst profile • Business generation through personal sales.
Any wild […] Juber Shaha - Hi my name is Juber, I am from Crescendo Transcription Pvt Ltd. But the statistics also suggest that hiring pressure is building up in some sectors of the economy.
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