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In breve: Solo per sistemi operativi Linux ed Ubuntu e stato creato un software di montaggio video, gratuito, davvero di buona qualita. OpenShot Video Editor può, in qualche modo, essere paragonato al famoso e commerciale Movie Maker per sistemi operativi Windows.
OpenShot Video Editor è comunque software libero (si regge solo su libere donazioni), molto stabile e "gira" anche su computer datati.
I video assemblati con OpenShot Video Editor possono poi essere esportati in svariati formati video.
Since version 11.04, Ubuntu Software Center has a nice feature to allow users to rate and review the applications.
Being nicknamed as the Photoshop for poor guys, but GIMP is more than enough to meet all of your needs if you are not a professional photographer or designer. If you need an application to edit audio files, Audacity is always the best choice for you whether you are using Linux, Windows or MacOS. Though replaced by Banshee as the default music player in Ubuntu 11.04, Rhymthbox still has the favor of many users.
If you have a huge collection of ebooks, Calibre is a must-have application, it helps you organize, save and manage ebooks, supporting many ebook formats.
Though the Canonical guys choose Empathy as the default chat application for Ubuntu, Pidgin will always have my vote for the best Linux messenger application. Le possibilità di montaggio video di questo programma sono piuttosto professionali e potrete usarlo senza problemi in ambiti lavorativi essendo un software open-source. It helps other people to find out which are the best available applications for their need.
Though you can easily download and install Google Chrome in Ubuntu, I still recommend you to choose Chromium instead.
It supports many audio many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Calibre also supports e-book syncing with a variety of popular e-book readers like the Amazon kindle. Can you provide me a list of FOSS software which can be used for video capture and video editing purposes under Fedora or Ubuntu Linux desktop systems? Besides the default applications, here is the list of the 9 applications that are not preinstalled but get the highest rating scores in Ubuntu Software Center. And if you are using Windows or MacOS and dont have money to buy the expensive Adobe Photoshop, GIMP will be your choice since it's totally free. In other words, it's really hard to find a media file (not broken of course) that VLC cannot play. And even if you are not a Linux user, this post will still be very useful for you because some of these applications can be used in Windows and MacOS as well ( and of course, totally free). Like Final Cut Pro, it requires some significant learning to be able to use well, but it is much more powerful than Windows Movie Maker. Reply Link Randy April 28, 2012, 8:32 pmPaul, this is the biggest problem with getting linux accepted.

Reply Link Douglas October 22, 2014, 6:13 amLinux is much easier than MS windows in most cases. I really like KDE Sabayon but newbies might be happier with Mint Linux.My favorite video editor is Blender 3d.
It is not that sophisticated with it comes to video and does have a learning curve but is very powerful, if you are willing to learn. Reply Link Inoel September 27, 2015, 4:37 pmThank you for leaving a reply on this old thread. My office needs to edit about 3 hours of video every day, splicing together the scenes from two fixed cameras.
There is some Linux software that might do it, but it is just too slow, awkward and buggy to use.
I am not a programmer but I am far from computer illiterate, in fact, over the weekend I was in the company of a computer programmer who complimented me on my knowledge…self-taught at that. I like the challenge of Ubuntu but sometimes you just need a question answered that will help you move on to your next phase of research. So I have learned not to bother with the Ubuntu support sites so much and just do general research on the ‘net , like YouTube (where I have found many of my answers, thank you).
All they want is to DL a few videos from tehir cameras, put them together with some transitions, add a soundtrack and maybe add some text.
What you want is a iMovie, Windows Movie Maker competitor, NOT Premiere.Dont get me wrong, Im happy there are high end video apps out there but for the overwhelming majority dumb wins every time.As an aside, how hard would it be for these programs and others to have two interfaces?
It would make the learning curve easier for those that need more while those taht dont could just keep using the easy interface.
Reply Link Dean Mapa August 18, 2009, 11:35 pmReading articles like this in the morning makes my coffee taste so much better. Reply Link sims August 19, 2009, 12:49 amPaul, none of the above hold a candle to the commercial offerings.
From what I’ve experienced, the more expensive packages, have easier to use interfaces. In the next few years we may see those apps grow into the free alternative of Finalcut – but not Cinelerra.
It does what it does, and there is no need to change.However, any pro would not waste their time on this software. A TV station or company that needs to do the same work over and over (weddings?) might do good to use this as they can save a substantial about of money if they have tens or hundreds of workstations. Reply Link frodowiz October 20, 2010, 7:02 pmwow, the next time i buy a tv station ill cherish these words. This article change my point of view in Linux Video Editing software Reply Link Alex August 23, 2009, 4:58 amI’ve used LiVES and I love it ! Reply Link George August 24, 2009, 4:01 pmYou really need to check out Pitivi, it is improving in leaps and bounds. Cinelera is much more powerful than Video Wave and is more near the class of Final Cut Pro and Premiere.

Thankfully my teacher had VLC, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to hand it in at all.
It seemed pretty unstable too, but I had to use it because none of the other ones had effects (at least, not at the time). I’ve even created a video sequence from a JPEG still which I then manipulated with Lives tools and output as an animated GIF. I further tune the size of the animation in GIMP which allowed me adjust the the frame rate on a per frame basis. For home use they may be OK, since home users can afford to recover from crashes and the like.
I have a client that uses both PCs and Macs to do digital conversion of analog video, film and stills, and they are slowly shifting to Final Cut Pro on the Mac platform. But the value of FOSS is choice – we do have several different editors, each progressing at their own pace. August 24, 2009, 10:29 pmA few months ago I tried Kdenlive for the second time (this time on Fedora 10), but I was disappointed by the constant crashing. Reply Link Douglas September 12, 2009, 8:59 amI use Blender 3d for most of my video editing. It is something for a pro with some 3d modeling skills or a normal person that can read and is willing to learn the GUI. Should be out in a month or two…The thing about Blender is that the programmers there work fast and this program is changing VERY quickly and improving VERY quickly.
If you don’t like it now then check back in 12 months and you will see huge improvements!
Premiere was very buggy for me, I don’t know if this is the case for everyone, probably not. Photographers used to make their own glass plates.The trade off is often money fortime, and the market reflects that. Then I discovered the tutorials atAkirad, and with some effort, have mastered its capabilities. Combined with FFMPEG (and a neat little GUIfor it called WinFF) and Audacity for specialized audio work, I have a suite that can do whatever I want and produce it in whatever format I desire. Reply Link Mark B February 11, 2010, 5:16 amKino always seems to be neglected when people are discussing Linux video editing. I’ve found it superb for simple editing, adding titles, etc of youtube clips and home video. I am sure kdenlive would be a better program but it crashes every time I have ever tried it. Quinn March 2, 2012, 8:20 amKino is a great program, but it only does standard definition video, and everything has to be converted to DV files (meaning you need a gigabyte for every 5 minutes of video, so editing an hour long video can easily take 12 gigabytes).

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