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Landing pages often go overlooked in ad campaigns, learn how to optimize your landing page by properly structuring it and presenting the appropriate information to the user.
Many landing pages contain a form field section, usually with the intention to guide visitors into submitting their personal information. Lastly, you can also decide to test what text works best in the form’s submission button; does “Get it now!” work better than “Submit”? Now it’s time toset the frequency rate at which each version of the landing page will be presented. Oren Rachum is a copywriter with experience in advertising, online marketing, and online campaign optimization. He also conducts professional workshops that help organizations improve their advertising work flow and results. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign can often come down to the conversion rates of your website.
Finally, the overall goal for landing page optimization is to ultimately increase your conversion rate, whether it be sign ups, sales or form completions. All the copy that you include on your landing page should be carefully thought out and planned.
A good balance of content and images can be the difference between a high converting landing page and a poor one. Asking for too much information creates a lot of friction and will often scare visitors away.
Trust can be built in a variety of different ways and is effective in increasing conversions. Alaister Low Alaister Low is a co-founder of Growth Giant which is a tool that uses the Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm to continuously test landing pages. Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. Hosting landing pages directly on your website can generate qualified leads and increase your sales. Here are 25 tips you can act on right now to make the design of your landing page more effective.
The easier you make it for your web visitors to see who you are, what you’re offering, and what you’re asking in return, the  more likely that person is going to convert. Here's a video where our Customer Success Lead Bree teaches several ways to achieve landing page optimization. Example of renovation landing page with a clear phone number in the upper left hand corner.
One of Wishpond landing page templates (which are easily customizable!) with images of smiling people. Start with a few of these tips - or try them all - to increase your landing page lead-generation success. Use Wishpond to generate leads, track their activity, and nurture them with automated email campaigns. Visitors arrive at your website through a multitude of channels such as; Pay-per-click (PPC), organic search, emails, print ads, radio ads etc. Landing pages are a way to match your marketing message and service offering with their objectives, without overwhelming and causing them to leave out of pure confusion instead of discontent. When used properly, landing pages can cut the sometimes lengthy process of consumer research time significantly and give them the ability to achieve their goal in visiting, whether it’s making a purchase or submitting a lead. Too many exclamation points, sarcasm, and industry-specific terms might turn your viewers away. Too many images, long text, and huge buttons feel spammy, and will only deter your audience. If you are providing information that you want to be shared, enable social media sharing buttons. If you have contact and submission boxes, provide the appropriate fields in order to get to know your viewer, but also to respond correctly.
You land on a website, start scrolling, and within seconds a huge pop-up window covers the page. Despite a proliferation of detailed landing page breakdowns online, we’ve all had that experience of clicking on an interesting looking ad or link only to be confronted with bland, low-impact content. You only get one chance to make a first impression as the old saying goes and, for far too many sites out there, that initial encounter is a deeply underwhelming one.
In this article, we’ll take a look at seven exemplary landing pages to learn from, and point you in the direction of useful further resources for spiffying up your landing pages in WordPress and beyond. Finding the right elements to include in a landing page should really be a solved problem at this stage. Eye-catching imagery or video: High-quality video and photos keep people from clicking away. Avoid distracting links: Your landing page should be focused around one clear action you want the user to take. Provide detailed descriptions: Certain segments of your audience will want detail and technical specs. There’s a lot to like about the landing page for Email1k – a course designed to boost your email newsletter subscribe rates. All of that’s before we even get on to the stellar list of product testimonials from giants of the internet marketing world such as Bryan Harris and Brian Dean.
Ramit Sethi is a man who knows a thing or two about consumer psychology and building wealth.
Ramit is justifiably famous for his commitment to salesmanship in print and this landing page is a superb example of the power of well-crafted copy. This all looks simple on the page but there’s an awful lot of copywriting skill on display here and the execution is spot-on.
Life, as we all know, is too short to drink bad wine and the good folks at Vivino have an app dedicated to making sure that unfortunate event never happens.
If you include the microcopy on the call to action buttons here, this page has already done pretty much all it needs to in a grand total of 19 words. On first glance, the visitor has the option to instantly take action in the form of the app sign-up links. Vivino are making sure they hit all those potential desire points in a carefully considered sequence while constantly providing interesting reasons to stay on the site.
In this case, the landing page we’re looking at is a highly-focused offering from Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income fame) asking users to vote for him in the 2015 Podcast Awards.
Finally, the visual design shows you have opportunities to be creative on every type of landing page. Setting the call to action off against a backdrop of hundreds of hand-written thank you letters from real fans provides a wonderfully personal touch. It’s a new but surprisingly crowded field so the pressure is on to hit it out of the park with the landing page.
The first thing to notice is the selection of large-format images the landing page cycles through.

Moving on to the text, Asknative gets things right with a crisp headline paired with follow-on text that sells the benefits in less than 20 words. There are also a number of WordPress-based landing page plugin solutions out there with OptimizePress being the market leader.
We should also point out that Enfold is more than capable of being used to make high-impact landing pages. The blogs of any of the providers mentioned here typically contain highly useful info about how best to plan your landing page strategies. Landing pages are one of the most high-impact online tools you can use to transform your business from good to great. As the examples above show, the basic principles behind an excellent landing page are simple, but execution and attention to detail are what make the difference. The examples we’ve selected all reward careful study and there are thousands of other pages out there to learn from. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. To achieve a strong landing page as the basis for your future optimization testing, you will need to know exactly what your landing page is offering.
The main idea is to create multiple tests for selected individual elements of the landing page. Sometimes just by changing the headline’s tone, or by shortening it, you are able to dramatically improve the overall results. It has been proven repeatedly that changing a landing page’s layout, for example: moving the form field’s location, or aligning the headline to the center as opposed to right, can significantly change your visitors’ initial response to the page. Many times, certain third-party seals of approval can produce higher credibility and enable visitors to feel comfortable when submitting their information.
Yes we admit, we did change two elements (the form and the button), but only because we did not want to have a red button on a red form.
Go back to the Optimization Center – there you will be able to set the frequency rate of each version by adjusting its percentage. You will now be able to decide which of your variants works best statistically, and zero down the frequency of the less successful ones.
It covers a lot of interesting points about website optimization and we wanted to elaborate on the main points in the diagram to give you more details on how to get the most from your website. There are literally millions of different websites online and it’s difficult to stand out from the others.
Optimizing your site and landing pages allow you to potentially make more revenue with the same traffic. Each bit of text should serve a purpose of either informing the viewer about something or convincing them to do something.
Make sure the message and the content on the landing page matches the copy in your ad creative.
The purpose of this landing page is to get viewers to do one thing and that is take action on your CTA. This will make visitors feel a lot more comfortable on your site and increase your conversions. Ask for only what you need and you’ll find that more people are willing to fill in your form or survey. Building trust is a way to make customers feel more comfortable and secure spending money on your site.
User or customer testimonials work well to increase conversions as they provide comfort for people who are on the fence considering whether or not to invest their money in your product or service. Each landing page should have a single purpose and everything on that page should be organized in a way to promote that goal. It automatically directs traffic to your better performing pages to ensure you get the maximum conversion rate.
You’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t get this - or just can’t effectively implement it. Easy to navigate - Keep your page free of too much information, too many images and too much clutter. Whitespace - Use clean designs and direct your prospect’s attention to your offer, benefits and Call to Action.
Complementary (and contrasting) colours - Colour design is extremely important in optimizing your landing page. It’s where you direct traffic from online advertising, social media, email campaigns and so on.
Competitive advantage - Use your marketing smarts to succinctly show how and why you’re better than your competition.
Sense of urgency - Use scarcity tactics such as a limited supply of your product offering, limited time for your offer, or limited numbers for offer.
Know your customer - In order to design and create a fully optimized landing page, you need to know who it is you’re marketing to. Contact information - Show your phone number, social network links, and even the address and a map and of your location. Keep your campaign consistent - This seems pretty obvious, but when you’re running a marketing campaign, make sure whatever your promotion is about remains the same through your sales funnel. Show a face - Studies have shown that using smiling faces (particularly the smiling face of a woman) increases trust. Use customer testimonials - Share good quotes from your customers - and show their face and name.
Determine the length of your forms - It’s a fine balance between asking too much information in your form fields, and increasing your conversion rate.
Use keywords in your page title - The URL path of your landing page should include your keywords. Use keywords and keyword phrases in your text - Make it clear to search engines (like Google) what your page is about. Use relevant meta tags - If you’re not a technical type - don’t go all droopy eyes quite yet, you’ve almost made it through the SEO tips. Having an alert system, such as receiving an email on a submission, will ensure that you are aware of the requests and capable of responding as quickly as possible. 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. If your website does not have a mobile version, or is not responsive, you may lose your visitor. If your visitors are directed via email marketing, make sure they have the option to opt out or unsubscribe. We highlight exciting technologies, and breakdown the confusing ones for businesses (and people alike) that want to keep their finger on the pulse.
The difference between getting these right or wrong is one you’ll feel almost immediately in your pocket as a site owner.
There are innumerable infographics around the web that break the matter down in considerable detail.

Confident typography and a striking color palette combine to make you feel you’re dealing with a professional offer straightaway.
Scroll a little further down and you’ll see enticing product bonuses from services such as WP Curve and Wistia.
You can see all that expertise on display at the deceptively simple landing page for his No-Stress Salary Negotiation course.
The headline sets the stage with a combination of promise and detail and is swiftly followed by a question guaranteed to grab the attention of virtually any reader: Are you getting paid what you deserve? Someone has clearly put themselves very much in the mind of a potential user when designing this page.
If you have any type of interest in wine, you’re almost certainly going to be open to either reading about it, searching for particular varieties or browsing listings of recommended vintages. Firstly, solutions such as LeadPages exist for automating several aspects of putting together high-quality landing pages. The action Pat’s trying to get users to take here is extremely targeted, and smart to boot. Travel startup Asknative aim to match travellers with locals to the mutual benefit of both.
More often than not, a form of transport is also subtly included in the image to reinforce the central travel theme.
Our landing page example is just one illustration of how you can put Enfold to work in this regard.
After trying out a few different offers, you will get a sense of what works best with your target audience and product. The look and feel of the page will also be influenced by the background color, or the different coloring and texture of the elements it contains.
For example, sometimes changing the color of the form’s submission button will change the overall balance of the landing page, and draw your visitors’ eyes directly to it. However, we did have only one question we wanted to evaluate – Does making the form more apparent improve our results? Visitors will be able to more intuitively navigate and use your site which will work to improve the overall experience. This allows more budget to be placed into marketing and gives your team more scope to try creative marketing campaigns. Make sure the content you use is relevant to what the landing page is about and emotive enough to get them to take action. Use contrasting colors, large font sizes and prominent placement to emphasize your CTA buttons or text.
Adding a Facebook widget that displays peoples friends that have also used a product or service is also a great way to build trust. There is only one group of people that will tell you what converts best and they’re your own customers and visitors. You could have the perfect landing page with an incredibly high conversion rate, but if visitors have to wait too long they may just leave. This will ensure that you’re getting the most from your website and not loosing valuable customers and revenue. Avoid conversion drop-offs by making it easy to see why your visitor is on your page and what they need to do. In other words, make sure all your pertinent landing page information can be seen on screen, without having to scroll down.
When traffic lands on your page, you need to market effectively to get your interested visitor to convert.
Show that your product, service, coupon, contest or whatever it is you’re offering gives so much value that they simply can’t refuse.
Make a list of demographics for your target market, or even write out a number of buyer personas that detail the daily behaviours of your intended consumer. The longer your form, generally speaking, the fewer people are going to make the time and effort to complete it.
If they feel lost or as if they hit the end of the internet, there will most likely be a bounce. There’s a nicely integrated scarcity factor at play in the form of a countdown to the next available course, and some admirably direct copy making the initial pitch. He’s making a very personal appeal to his user base and setting up opportunities for reciprocal favors somewhere down the line. Considering that travel experiences (pictures, posts, videos) are omnipresent on Facebook, this is a very smart way to be getting potential users to sign up with this type of app. As a starting point, questions that will help you create a good landing page are: What is the benefit that you are providing the user with? This means that variant A will be presented to 60% of the visitors, while B will be seen by 40% of the visitors.
There are a lot of specific ways to build trust which can also help with increasing conversions.
Helping users effectively and quickly use your site is crucial for conversions and website optimization. Answers to these questions will help you figure out how to go about creating your landing pages and what content to place on the page.
If your page doesn’t appeal immediately, your prospect will leave to other pages - maybe even your competitor’s! Keep your list of benefits and unique selling points the same throughout your online advertising and promotions. Keep your form fields to a minimum such as “first name” and “email” as mandatory contact information. Just make sure your landing page has a title, and you use that title when you’re creating the page on your website.
Think of this as how to speak to Google, just like you speak to your customer to tell them what you’re about. You wouldn’t want to click a link about apples, to land on a website about hula-hoops – right? The only action that should enable a pop-up is when clicking a button to play a video or to bring up a short contact form.
Many times, our own personal preferences may deceive us into thinking that what seems like a visually pleasing element is bound to work in terms of a higher conversion rate, but that is hardly ever the case. Many times providing less fields to fill, would yield higher conversion rates, and most of the times you don’t even need the info gathered in those redundant info fields. Show the obvious appeal or value exchange in your CTA - make yours an offer they can’t refuse.

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