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Startuprr – Conversion Optimize Landing Page Html Template will help you to build High Conversion landing pages for any product or services. Landing pages often go overlooked in ad campaigns, learn how to optimize your landing page by properly structuring it and presenting the appropriate information to the user. Last Updated on: March 16, 2016 Devesh Sharma 10 CommentsA well converting landing page is a highly specialized ad copy that is there to guide the person that comes to a landing page to make purchase. Not just that, landing page can also be used creating custom templates are used to sell apps, themes, plugins, and consulting appointments.
WordPress it the perfect platform to use for this, but only a handful of themes comes with a well designed landing page. At WPKube, we are using Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress, which comes with a simple landing page only good for “thank you” or “start here” page. A proper landing page should be designed separately from the main site, and should not include any external elements such as header, navigation bar, sidebar, footer, or any external links, that may distract the visitors from your message. Social proof – add some kind of social proof such as testimonials and social media buttons.
According to a recent study done by Hubspot, only 48% marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign, companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10. Some time ago, I wrote an article on the top landing page plugins that are available for WordPress.
OptimizePress is a powerful theme for create landing pages, sales pages, membership portals.
It is much more than a theme because it also comes with a plugin version, so you don’t need to worry about changing your theme.
Optimize Press is a full fledged WordPress theme with options to create landing pages, blog pages, training areas, and membership sites.
Other things you can do with OptimizePress includes – creating webinar pages, download pages, and Overly optimizer that lets you create awesome looking popups for your site. Additional features include: responsive design, shortcodes, intuitive options panel, mailchimp integration, and extensive theme documentation. One big advantage of purchasing theme from ElegantThemes, is that you will get access to 86+ other application themes (4 premium plugins), each designed for different niche. Permatex is designed specifically to generate leads via your site through the use of custom forms. JustLanded is an incredible theme that will supercharge your WordPress website and it is not limited to just landing page, you will get blog option, contact page, powerful admin options panel, and more. This is a powerful lead generation and online marketing theme designed to provide you with all the building products required to sell a product online. There are plenty of them as well, and technically using a plugin would be much better option, as it will allow you to add landing pages without changing your current WordPress theme.
Sure, OptimizePress is an expensive but then again it provides a complete solution along with a membership feature, so you don’t have spend extra money on membership plugins. A lot of premium themes come with a landing page template that is great for a PPC campaign or whatever else. I’m using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes and it allows you to build great landing pages. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).
Below I've put together a list of some our most favorite WordPress guides and how-to tutorials. WPKube is an online WordPress resource which focuses on WordPress tutorials, How-to’s, guides, plugins, news, and more.
Founded by Devesh Sharma, the main goal of this site is to provide amazing information on anything and everything WordPress.
If your current theme wasn’t designed to optimize conversions, then you’re fighting against the flow whenever you create a new page.
In order to boost those conversion rates without getting frustrated or investing a ton of work, you need to invest in a theme that specializes in landing pages. There are a sea of options out there, all with their own unique features and pros and cons. OptimizePress is one of the most well-known WordPress themes for creating high-converting landing pages.
It not only gives you plenty of professionally-designed templates for landing pages, but also for creating membership portals, sales and marketing pages, training and course pages, and even webinar registration pages.
OptimizePress also includes an easy-to-use live editor which you can use to customize any of the templates, or create your own. There are over 40 different elements available to add to any template, including graphics, audio and video players, text boxes, buttons, guarantees, feature blocks, Facebook comments, countdown timers, progress bars, and more.
Track analytics with Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and Kissmetrics.
WordPress themes and plugins by Elegant Themes are known for living up to the brand name, and Divi is no exception. The Divi Builder allows you to start from 20+ different pre-made page layouts and edit them to create unique landing pages. Available modules include text, images, testimonials, calls to action, counters, subscription buttons, sliders, pricing tables, and more. Divi includes templates not only for landing pages, but also for portfolios, ecommerce sites and product pages, image galleries, etc. In order to access Divi, you’ll need to purchase a membership to Elegant Themes, which includes access to all their other WordPress themes, and plugins as well, depending on the level of membership you choose. One of the fastest-selling themes on ThemeForest, X claims to give you “a page building experience unlike anything you have ever seen,” which is a bit melodramatic — but it may just live up to the hype.
Using the X theme, you can create your landing pages by live editing right from the front end of your website using a minimalist, app-like interface called Cornerstone. This theme includes four different “stacks,” designs you can choose from to give your site a unique look.

This aptly-named WordPress theme allows you to quickly create effective landing pages, and includes plenty of options to make them unique. This is a nice, basic theme for quickly at easily creating a one-page site with a drag-and-drop interface. Drag-and-drop editor with modules including animated testimonials, image sliders, price tables, etc.
Landing is another theme that features a drag-and-drop page builder for quickly creating landing pages. You can set up video or slider backgrounds on any page, and play around with 60+ available animated transitions to create a beautiful one-page site with parallax scrolling.
Unique features include video or image slider page backgrounds, and 60+ page scrolling animations.
Startuply advertises itself as a multipurpose theme for startups to quickly validate their ideas and find their first users.
It comes with Visual Composer, which allows you to edit your pages with a drag-and-drop interface. One of Startuply’s more unique feature is that it comes with a form manager to design and control all your opt-in forms. Landlr is a one-page theme that features a modern flat design look that’s fully responsive. It also includes the “Slider Revolution” plugin for great page transition effects and video embeds.
Dragness is a theme aimed towards businesses looking to create unique and effective landing pages.
You can choose from 6 different colors for your theme, and it includes a drag-and-drop page builder with plenty of modules like testimonials, lists, contact info, calls to action, and more. If you choose the lead generating form for your homepage, you can customize the form fields to get exactly the information you need.
Meminz is a theme that specializes in creating one-page sites for software downloads and app websites, though really it can be used for any kind of one-page site for gathering emails.
It includes 6 different landing page template designs, plus a bonus login and registration page. It’s a simple theme, but the included templates are quite visually striking and place the emphasis on getting you email signups. Scalia advertises itself as a multi-concept business, shop, and blog theme, and its customization options don’t disappoint. Scalia also includes Visual Composer, a drag-and-drop editor to customize your pages, and is optimized for use with WooCommerce. This theme is really packed with features, and gets high ratings for extensive documentation and customer support as well.
If your website is focused on getting conversions, try one of the above themes for quickly creating landing pages.
If you’re looking for a complete solution to help you create landing pages, whether it be sales pages or squeeze pages, you may find that a theme like OptimizePress is better suited. Many landing pages contain a form field section, usually with the intention to guide visitors into submitting their personal information.
Lastly, you can also decide to test what text works best in the form’s submission button; does “Get it now!” work better than “Submit”?
Now it’s time toset the frequency rate at which each version of the landing page will be presented.
Oren Rachum is a copywriter with experience in advertising, online marketing, and online campaign optimization. He also conducts professional workshops that help organizations improve their advertising work flow and results. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Without it, majority of sites running online won’t survive, because the entire point of creating a website presence is to generate more leads to the main business. For example, most of the personal and blogging themes available on ThemeForest and MojoThemes, does not come with a landing page template.
It is very clear that you need to use a third-party plugin or theme, if you want to create a proper landing page that converts. Today, I am going to share a number of premium WordPress themes that will allow you to create high quality landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, membership pages, and more.
Easily create professional and high converting landing page in minutes, without touching any code.
This theme is ideal for bloggers & marketers who have a single product to promote (such as an ebook or iphone app). The theme comes packed with a dozen of great features such as mailing list ajax form, pricing tables, responsive design, 2 HTML subpages, and google fonts. It also features a number of different variations on the layout for landing page and can be customized with drag & drop editor.
It comes with a straight forward and easy to use controls, so you can modify the theme in a matter of minutes.
Kodax is not just designed for selling products, it can also be used for blogs, portfolios, and company websites. Each theme I listed above has it pros and cons, so rather than simply choosing any random theme, look at them all, and see what suites your purposes. This plugin is great choice for creating landing pages, as it comes with a good amount of pre-designed templates, marketing pages, mini-squeeze pages, and more. You may also want to check out our roundup of 10 Best list building plugins to grow your subscribe base.
The WordPress theme Simple Leads come with landing page that could be used as a sales page and you also get all the other theme features. Whether you’re looking to convert them into members, subscribers, or loyal customers, you need a WordPress theme that supports that goal.

Below we’ll take a look at the most popular landing page themes, so you can compare and see which one will best support your goals for your website, and get you more conversions. The editor is a sidebar that sits next to your live site, so you can see all your changes in real time without needing to reload. It also comes with a plugin, so you can still create landing pages using their templates and the live editor, even if you don’t want to switch themes. Divi is a flexible WordPress theme that includes a drag-and-drop page builder for creating beautifully designed and effective landing pages. With your purchase of the X theme, you also get over a dozen premium extension plugins by the developer to complement the theme, including Video Lock (a tool that allows you to place offers and calls to action right in your videos), OLark (a live chat plugin), Visual Composer for optional drag-and-drop page editing, and others. Its main feature is a completely customizable homepage, with 6 widgetized areas for you to add your own content.
It comes with a variety of landing page templates for featuring agencies, products, apps, e-books, companies, portfolios, events, and even wedding pages.
Plenty of add-ons are also available to purchase to expand your options for drag-and-drop modules, including timelines, counters, progress bars, countdowns, and more. It includes seven different homepage layouts designed to get you lots of signups, three “Coming Soon” page designs, and over 10 different opt-in form pages. From the theme’s admin panel, you can customize scrolling options, menu appearance, typography, layouts, and more. You can choose to redirect upon form submission, integrate with Mailchimp to build your email list, send an auto response to signups, etc. While it is a one-page theme, every section is technically its own page and has its own unique URL, so it’s indexed separately by search engines.
You can choose from two different homepage versions: a lead-generating form or an image slider. While it’s not quite as flexible as some drag-and-drop editors on this list, you can still customize the colors, fonts, and text for a unique look.
You can set up an autoresponder from within WordPress for all your new sign-ups, or integrate with MailChimp to automatically add them to your existing email list.
You can edit your pages with a drag-and-drop editor using the included Visual Composer, and choose scrolling animations for your page transitions.
It includes five unique looks to choose from, and over 150 page templates for a variety of purposes: blogs, portfolios, galleries, shop pages, it’s all here. If a landing page plugin sounds like a better option for you, see this post for some alternatives to OptimizePress.
She loves working with B2B & B2C businesses to plan and create high-quality content that attracts and converts their target audience. I started this blog to give you the advice and resources you need to grow your blog and take it to the next level. To achieve a strong landing page as the basis for your future optimization testing, you will need to know exactly what your landing page is offering. The main idea is to create multiple tests for selected individual elements of the landing page. Sometimes just by changing the headline’s tone, or by shortening it, you are able to dramatically improve the overall results. It has been proven repeatedly that changing a landing page’s layout, for example: moving the form field’s location, or aligning the headline to the center as opposed to right, can significantly change your visitors’ initial response to the page.
Many times, certain third-party seals of approval can produce higher credibility and enable visitors to feel comfortable when submitting their information.
Yes we admit, we did change two elements (the form and the button), but only because we did not want to have a red button on a red form.
Go back to the Optimization Center – there you will be able to set the frequency rate of each version by adjusting its percentage.
You will now be able to decide which of your variants works best statistically, and zero down the frequency of the less successful ones. Though, you can easily add new opt-in forms from other service provides, if you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can easily make customizations like changing color, text size, fonts, images, etc, via intuitive user interface. The drag-and-drop editor has an easy to use, intuitive layout, and is very flexible in how you can place each module. When not writing, you can find her reading speculative fiction, watching Star Trek, or playing Telemann flute fantasias at a local open mic. After trying out a few different offers, you will get a sense of what works best with your target audience and product.
The look and feel of the page will also be influenced by the background color, or the different coloring and texture of the elements it contains. For example, sometimes changing the color of the form’s submission button will change the overall balance of the landing page, and draw your visitors’ eyes directly to it. However, we did have only one question we wanted to evaluate – Does making the form more apparent improve our results? One big advantage of using this plugin is that the landing pages are well-coded and light weight, which means they load quickly and convert more. As a starting point, questions that will help you create a good landing page are: What is the benefit that you are providing the user with?
This means that variant A will be presented to 60% of the visitors, while B will be seen by 40% of the visitors. Many times, our own personal preferences may deceive us into thinking that what seems like a visually pleasing element is bound to work in terms of a higher conversion rate, but that is hardly ever the case. Many times providing less fields to fill, would yield higher conversion rates, and most of the times you don’t even need the info gathered in those redundant info fields.

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