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Optimizing WordPress is very important, WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites.
Simple, I hope to encounter more sites with this enable as I work on many different sites each month. Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to sign up for simple optimization tips, or why not send me an email with your problems and Ill look for a solution.
Excellent thanks for the tip, I logged in just now and sure enough there was an option to optimize my websites!
At first I thought it was a typo but have called HG and had this confirmed through a JR Admin so all systems go. Hey thanks for the comment, it can have a dramatic improvement in some cases, as it compresses your content by adding some coding to your .htaccess, usually the one outside of your sites root, so it compresses all your scripts and content. Side effects, so far I havn’t come across any major issues with it as the script that is added, has some variable parts for certain browsers that may not support gzip compression.
But anything that makes your sites overall size smaller is generally a good thing for your server, cpu, ram and the end user, ie, the people who visit your site as they dont have to load as much in terms of bit size. Yes, some hosts dont allow it, mainly shared, but if you have VPS you can enable it via easy apache. By enabling the “Optimize Website” function, the files on your site will be compressed before being sent to the viewers automatically.
For those of you who used WordPress to build your site, we strongly recommend our previous article on “10 Ways to Speed up WordPress load times”.
The very first thing you should do if you want to optimize your website for Google is do some keyword research. There are a few keyword research tools out there but the one that is used the most is owned by Google and is known as the Keyword Planner tool.
While doing keyword research look for search terms that are related to what you want to be found for, have a decent amount of monthly searches and are not too high competition.
Once you’ve found your match, you should attempt to purchase a domain which closely matches the search term. If you are not able to secure the domain of your choice, than most people just go with something related to their business name. Your page titles are very important when it comes to letting Google know what each individual page is about. If you are a well known brand, it helps to include your company name at the front of the page title. Use the Keyword In The Page Content, But Be Careful To Make It Natural And Don’t Overdo It! On top of making sure your keyword is scattered throughout your content, also make sure that the actual content itself is interesting and worth reading to potential visitors. In the same scenario, if Google believes that your website has 120 pages, than this means that you have some duplicate content issues.
Getting this settled out with Google is a great step to take in regard to optimizing your website. In conclusion, make sure that your website has great content that people actually want to visit and always keep Google in the back of your mind. As always thank you for reading and make sure to leave your questions, comments and concerns below in the comment box! While this year’s Halloween marketing efforts seemed a little weaker than years past (see this great crop of Halloween brand videos from last year), there were still a healthy number of brands delivering some tricks and treats. Surprisingly for a candy brand, Skittles debuted their first-ever Halloween commercial this year. Chupa Chups, a maker of lollipops, created an innovative choose-your-own-adventure game on Instagram taking users through a haunted house. Today, we thought we’d provide some examples of engaging videos from seasoned Viners.

Published around Halloween time, his video created by laundry detergent brand Tide is a clever and funny spoof of the movie “Carrie”. Target, which makes some pretty creative Vines, used the medium in a unique way with this one.
With all the social media and video-sharing sites out there, what interested us about Vine? It’s Digestible – Since Vine videos are only 6 seconds long, they are easy for people to quickly watch and digest.
It’s Looping – The looping nature of Vine videos—they play through and then jump back to the beginning and play again—makes them hypnotic and addictive. We figured Vine could be a fast, simple and fun way to present our company to the online world. The challenging thing about Vine (and what makes it cool) is it straps you with some serious limitations.
Filming – The Vine app that you use to create videos requires you to hold your finger on the screen of your device to record. Editing – While the Vine app allows you to trim the length of clips, you can’t do a whole lot of editing tricks with it. While these limitations may scare you off from Vine, they are a part of what makes it such a fun, creative challenge. Sidenote: Our favorite MONSTER example of the creative power of limitations is Jaws, a movie that would have turned out totally different if Speilberg wasn’t limited by a malfunctioning mechanical shark. So we came up with what we thought was a decent little concept and set out to create our first Vine video. That’s why when you distill the role of your website, or social media, or content marketing, or public relations, or email marketing, or event marketing, or a thousand other things, down to how many leads they produce, your data isn’t really accurate because it’s discounts everything that came before the action. In a previous blog post, we shared some information from the Q&A session with Google’s VP of Global Small Business Marketing. Here’s some advice from Google on how to better your chances of getting your business seen in search results. Google has become a huge part of our everyday lives (just think how often people throw around the term “Google it”). Dijk notes that this is a difficult question and, unfortunately, there is no secret recipe.
Dijk notes that while social marketing seems new and complex to many small businesses, it has actually been around for thousands of years. There is a lot of data out there, but the thing small business leaders need to ask is: What is important to my business? SEO and speed to the two main key factors and I always emphasize this with my clients sites.
For those on shared hosting, an alternative is to get a CDN like Max CDN, as stated in my footer, its all I use.
The optimize website is simple using apache to compress, which is a mod that is installed on your server, if you have a dedicated server you can enable a variety of mods and this is just one them that they kindly allow shared hosting sites use. Please note though that this is not enabled by default in all cPanel installations as it requires the server to have mod_deflate enabled on it and not all hosts enable this option by default. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the load times is to make use of the “Optimize Website” function” in the cPanel.
The goal was to create a visual story around Halloween with a do-it-yourself theme (learn more about the campaign in this Ad Age article). That post explored the benefits and challenges of using Vine and provided a couple examples of our own first-time Vines. Since you can click on a Vine video at any time to make it stop playing, they turned this Vine into an activity decision-maker. They regularly produce fun, simple Vines with standout sound effects that effectively spotlight their seasonal products.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Vine before, here’s the site description: “Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Limitations are often good in that sense—they make you think differently and find workarounds. How often do you see something from a company you’ve never heard of before and leap into action? But you also may get 10 emails from the company before the brand even sinks in and you make a connection with what they sell or what they do. During the event, experts from Google presented on a number of different SEO and Web marketing topics—providing practical tips and insights for businesses looking to expand their online reach.
In today’s post, we’ll share some key search engine optimization (SEO) tips from another Google presentation.
If people are looking for a particular product or service and they discover your business in the search results, you have a chance to increase your brand awareness and potentially add a new customer or client.
We turn to Google search when we have questions or when we need to find businesses, products and services.
By following the practices described above, you can expand your online reach and open the doors to an eager audience of potential customers. During the event, a variety of Google experts discussed how online marketing can help small businesses succeed on the Web. Where would a local small business hesitant about online marketing and advertising get started?
They wanted to expand so they started using Google AdWords, online video, social media, and other online marketing efforts to expand globally.
It’s not about likes, it’s about people engaging with your content and sharing your content. What is an average customer spending in your store?  How much will getting a new customer cost you?
When it’s very cold in the Midwest and pipes are freezing, as a small plumber you have a huge opportunity.
It appears that you use HostGator as your web host and they do enable this by default on all thier Shared, Reseller, and SEO servers. Like a low-budget horror movie that’s so poorly produced and frenetically put together it makes you smile the whole time you’re watching it. When you enjoy what you’re doing and when you’re energized by it, that comes through to people.
Like that growling green creature that lives in our basement, they’re part of the MONSTER family. It’s about engaging with your audience, which may actually only be a small percentage of people.
Dijk provides this example: If you own a restaurant and you see your lunch is empty on certain days, those are the days you want to focus on drawing people in. Oreo has a slew of great, fun, engaging Vine videos—to the point it was hard for us to choose just one. Too often, businesses attempt to simplify and distill the process that creates a lead to a single effort. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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