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O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde. If you’re in the e-commerce business and looking to increase your conversion rates, you’re in the right place.
As an e-commerce store owner, you should constantly be optimizing your conversion rates and – most importantly – profits.
In this article I’ll focus on how to optimize your product landing pages’ usability and conversion rates by testing and following best practices for e-commerce pages. When it comes to e-commerce conversion optimization every store is different, and what worked for somebody else might not work for you. Since people can’t get a hold of a product when buying online, getting up close to it in the images to see details is essential. World Of Watches does a great job of this, offering contextual images of the watch on a wrist and high-quality zoomable images from alternative angles. According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. If the reviews are in-line alongside your products, the visitor doesn’t even need to leave your page to go looking for reviews around the web. In this case study Express Watches added customer reviews right into their product pages and saw an increase in conversion rate to sale of 58.29%. Test adding on-page reviews (impartially submitted by users) to your single product pages and see if your conversion rates improve. According to BigCommerce incorporating wishlists or “want” buttons helps customers remember a product they liked but couldn’t buy straight away. Shopify offers an app for the Want button – these post to people’s Facebook timelines too and drive more social traffic to your store. In this case study by Marketing Sherpa, they leveraged a mixture of transactional emails and segmented email lists to increase sales and conversions. The first step was to show out of stock products with the option to get notified when they were back in stock.
Let’s take the previous example of signing up to get notified when products are back in stock.
In this case study BettingExpert did just that, and saw a 19.47% increase in their form conversions.
Test adding privacy policy links to your get notified forms or lead generation forms on your product pages to increase conversions. Always anticipate the questions your prospects will have and make those answers available to them. You all know recommending related products is a great way to increase your average basket value and conversion rates.
So you all know the benefits of using live chat on your e-commerce websites; as long as you’re tracking those chat conversions, it’s convenient for the customer and cheaper than phone-based customer service teams. But the real value of live chat, in my experience in testing with Olark, is in the transcripts.
With Olark you can review and even export your live chat transcripts for analysis – this is a powerful conversion tool! For example, we used live chat in this e-commerce CRO case study and found there were information gaps on the e-commerce store’s product pages: things about the products the visitors wanted to know but couldn’t find answers to. Customer: “Hey guys, Could you please tell me if your sterling silver jewellery will tarnish if worn in salt water?
Analyze your live chat transcripts for product information gaps and add the missing information in-line alongside your products on the landing pages. Visual hierarchy is about guiding your visitors step by step through the different elements in your page design. In this case study Underwater Audio improved the visual hierarchy of their landing page by changing the order of the different elements of their value proposition: the headline, features and benefits section, image and call to action.
Test changing the order in which visitors read the different elements of your product landing pages.
Make sure to test your product copy length and be more explicit and detailed for complex and expensive products. For example in this case study a fitness business spoke with their customers to learn what was missing from their product pages. This prompted the business to create better product images and videos that address this question. Test adding videos to your product landing pages (if the your data suggests you need them) and only invest in one or two videos at first to test their impact on profits. It seems like a no-brainer, but so many stores I see don’t show shipping costs until much too late in the buying process. Nearly half of all online orders come with free shipping, so you should at least test if you can build shipping costs into your product pricing and see if it creates more profit. A study by E-tailing found that 44% of people abandoned a purchase process because the shipping costs were too high. If your product doesn’t allow for free shipping then make sure to use a flat rate fee and show it on every page.
In this study 47% of people showed they would abandon a purchase if they got to buy page and learned shipping was extra. In the age of 30-minute drone deliveries, customer don’t expect to wait long for their products.
An infographic from Milo demonstrated that visitors are much more likely to abandon the sales funnel if they have to wait days on end for delivery times.

When asked what would encourage them to complete their purchase, 60% of respondents said a guaranteed delivery date.
Test adding expected delivery dates to your product pages or offering guaranteed delivery dates and displaying them in-line alongside your product. When someone tries to add a product to their cart, you want to let them know they have been successful.
Test adding more interaction design best practices to your product landing pages so your customers always understand what’s going on. Appliances Online created 125 user testing videos (giving them about 250 hours of footage) to find problems with their product pages.
For example, many users said the pages were too busy; others said the service information needed to be more explicit and the video experience could be improved. These improvements resulted in a 9.5% increase in sales, and 37% more visitors viewed the product videos. You must remember that just because a “best practice” or a certain test increased someone else’s revenue, it won’t necessarily do the same for you.
You nailed, user experience is so important to conversion rates, something I think people forget about and overlook in exchange for tactics and supposed quick wins. Nice article on how to optimize product landing pages usability and conversion rates by testing and other important tricks. I was working with a startup company a few years ago, when they wanted to test advertising with Google Adwords. We discussed matters with an advertising company who did all the relevant research into the company’s selling points and unique features, studied our target audience, came up with a list of keywords – you know, doing all the preparation necessary for a  good advertising campaign. Then they asked us if we want them to create the specific landing pages, or if we were going to do.
I won’t bore you with the outcome of our advertising campaigns (they weren’t very successful), but I will try to help you avoid my fate. As you can probably imagine, if people land in a page that looks nothing like our company, or even remotely associated with our company, they will be suspicious. These two things have to be agreed on before you start the landing page marketing campaign. So again, make sure that you know what your goals are, and monitor them daily, to ensure that you meet them.
So check up with the sales people, track users all the way until they actually pay money, and keep adjusting the landing page until you get the best possible conversion rate, and see sales start to increase. Learn how to optimize your website's landing pages to increase conversions on both mobile and desktop devices. In this article you’ll learn 16 tips for optimizing your e-commerce product pages and the mindset you need to achieve explosive business growth. From the landing page to the payment confirmation page, you have to optimize the flow of your visitors through each step. But remember, while conversion rate optimization best practices can guide you in improving your profits, there are no hard and fast rules. Never make changes to your e-commerce store without testing if they make you more or less money. But when you’re shopping online, you can’t hold or feel a product, all you can really do is look at it. And 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation (Search Engine Land).
The traffic is also primed for conversions as people love to buy what their friends recommend.
When the products were back in stock the lead email list got sent a transactional “back in stock” email, inviting them to return to the store and checkout.
So adding trust factors such as privacy policy links to forms can really help boost your conversions.
You could further increase conversion rates by testing adding a privacy policy link to the form. So it’s worth testing if placing sizing information alongside the product affects your conversion rates. But to take your selling to the next level, you can add personalization to your recommendations.
The path they take and the order in which they experience your design and copy can be the difference between a bounced visitors and a checkout.
For example, don’t ask them to add the product to their cart before teaching them enough about the product and its features. The results showed that for search traffic, revenue per visit increased between 25% and 100%, depending on which consumer segment they were analyzing. If it works as well as it did for this business, it’ll be worth rolling out more videos for your landing pages. It’s important to communicate shipping costs on every page (especially your product page) and where possible to offer free shipping. I think the best results come from continuously optimizing and experimenting with both the PPC and landing pages, and making sure they evolve in tandem. This is where having a solid value proposition really pays off, so you can leverage it throughout your sales messaging. I agree social proof is a good add in, but be careful not to add social buttons with low shares counts, or it may count as negative social proof. They hadn’t actually done any advertising beforehand, as all the traffic was coming in through word-of-mouth, but they felt that they needed a boost in sales and the number of users. Now, I know why you need message-relevant and channel specific landing pages, and that good landing pages increase conversions (and awesome landing pages REALLY increase conversion rates), but unfortunately, my boss didn’t.
This post will help you help explain to your boss, client, or anyone else who isn’t sure, exactly why landing pages are not just nice to have, but vital, and how they can increase a company’s bottom line.

And when you want people to leave us their personal details, the last thing that you want them to be is suspicious. We can see that from the one hundred people who clicked the ad, only five people completed the whole signup process.
As I explained before, sometimes the data that we look at can indicate a different problem. Those are part of the changes that may be required after we take a look at the page analytics.
In addition to PageWiz, he also writes for himself on his own blog, in between numerous cups of coffee. Every page element is a potential conversion-killer, with navigation bars being particularly effective at reducing click-throughs.Each link in your navigation bar is a potential way of exiting your landing page without clicking the CTA. So to make up for these shortcomings you need to work really hard on making sure your product images rock. So it’s really important to test how adding reviews to your product pages affects your conversion rates.
He is a head marketing mentor for Google and a member of the prestigious Google Experts Program. Increasing trust by adding user submitted reviews is the best way to increase conversion rate. He was adamant that the one landing page that we did have would do the job quite nicely, and that there was no reason what so ever to create more. After all, he clicked the ad with ‘Best Customer Service’ on it, not the one with ‘Free Shipping’. For instance, I had this client who was looking for conversions – people signing up to use his service.
For instance, we see that while thousands of people are clicking the ads, no one is actually converting.
If you want to change the button to a bright pink on the landing page and see if it has any effect, leave the original landing page as a control group, so that you can see the difference in conversions between the two.
The landing page has one object – to deliver a single message to our targeted audience, and convert them into leads. If the leads that are coming in via the landing page just as good (if not better) than leads coming on through other channels, then yes, the landing page isn’t just working, it’s doing an awesome job. While Home, Products, Blog, and Contact links are essential for site navigation, their purpose has been served by the time a visitor reaches a landing page.With that in mind, it’s crucial to leave a single visible exit option. Every time John tries to explain that he already knows what he wants, Sam shows him a completely different car. It is far better to send him to a landing page with a huge ‘Best Customer Service’ banner on it, than to show him feature after feature that he wasn’t interested in in the first place.
People know the name of our company, which is why they click the ads that appear on the Facebook page, or in their email inbox, or in their search results.
We did the research, looked at the competition and at the target audience, and decided that 90 signups a month was going to be our goal. This can mean that while the marketing message in the ad itself is super awesome, the landing page itself isn’t delivering the message properly.
Channeling a visitor to a landing page without any links can make your would-be customer feel coerced and manipulated, so always leave a visible homepage button. How long do you think John will stay before he leaves, and goes to find a dealership that will actually listen to him? And we don’t know if we are increasing our conversion rates if we aren’t tracking the results.
It might take 40 seconds to load, so they close the page before they even see the amazing marketing message we crafted. When we reached a goal of 140 the first month, we decided to revise our goals, as we were obviously going to overshoot them.
Well, maybe no one clicked the previous landing page not because the button’s color, but because it was a holiday, and they were all conserving money. Recognize the Information Trade-OffLanding pages serve a sole purpose: they collect visitor information in exchange for a free resource. After all, it’s better to send a visitor back to your own site than force them to close a tab or go to another site.4.
Or maybe fifty people click the button, but there’s a technical problem, and only five managed to sign up.
Design Continuity Instills TrustWhen it comes to relinquishing personal information, people are understandably skeptical. Use Bullet PointsI mentioned bullet points for good reason: they convey the relevance and benefit of your landing page offer in the blink of an eye. With growing numbers of phishing websites, spam, and too-good-to-be-true offers, your visitors will be on the lookout for any signs that your landing page is in any way suspicious or misleading.Thankfully, design continuity makes it easy to reassure your visitors. When visitors click through to a landing page, you have a few seconds to make a great first impression, or risk your hard-earned visitor clicking the Back button. Use a Contrasting CTA ColorThere’s one crucial exception to the color continuity rule: your CTA. Your call to action needs to stand out from everything else on your page, and should be immediately visible when a visitor arrives at a your landing page.The easiest way to do this is by using a contrasting color—something that bucks the trend of your website’s design theme. Every instance of that color will trigger your visitor’s subconscious to pay attention, and encourage an all-important action whenever you need it.

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