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It’s no surprise that traditional TV advertising no longer has the same influence when it comes to fighting for audience attention, with on-demand TV and second, or even third, screens now all contending.
To overcome this, retailers are realising that they need to switch their attention to digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, and look to digital solutions as a means of engaging today’s increasingly switched on audience. Campaigns need to be innovative and original to grab the attention of an audience that is already swamped with information. This kind of campaign is much more likely to engage and grab the attention of the on-the-go consumer than traditional billboards or posters.
Digital screens should be strategically placed in areas with high consumer traffic to engage a large audience and drive sales. Digital screens can be used in any number of ways but should always offer the consumer a chance to engage with the brand. Blippar is perhaps the best example of this – consumers hover their mobile devices over everyday objects in shops, or on adverts or posters which then triggers an animation on their mobile screen.
This kind of integrated approach, implemented across electronic billboards and on in-store screens, can give businesses a real edge over their competitors, especially when considering that the average person checks their phone an astonishing 110 times a day. While QR codes have huge benefits in terms of their accessibility, visual recognition technology is now showing itself as an appealing option for digital integration. Other benefits lie with its ability to be easily managed by the brand or business deploying it.
More and more, retailers are looking to gear content on digital screens to appeal to individual shoppers. DOOH advertising is on the rise, with revenues in the US increasing by 13%, from $840 million in 2012 to $950 million in 2013, according to Media Post. This enables you to make a very efficient call-to-action or associate your QR Code with your brand.
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In this era of digital this and mobile that, it seems many of the most widely used advertising tactics of yesteryear have taken a back seat to the shiny new trends. When you’re working on crafting a list of marketing objectives for an upcoming campaign, increased awareness for a brand, product or service is almost always near the top of the list.

The creative options with out-of-home advertising aren’t limited to the capabilities of digital billboards and signage. If you’re looking for ideas or need help getting started with out-of-home advertising for your brand, contact SKAR. YEESO Out of Home Advertising Trucks with Digital LED,, better options than bus shelters Screens, View led advertising truck, YEESO Product Details from Yeeso Multimedia Mobile Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter recently launched its first ever DOOH campaign in Canary Wharf, using digital screens to show items being purchased from its site in real time, as well as where in the world the sale was taking place.
As well as being used in the public space, digital screens can be used to good effect in store. Some of the world’s biggest household names, such as McDonalds and Google have already begun utilising screens that link with smart-phones. This may be a short animation, more information about the product or a game that shoppers can take part in for example. Integrated, DOOH advertising is a great way for retailers to reach a busy, audience across a host of locations, whether out shopping, waiting for the bus or in town squares. Not reliant on a fixed physical code, anything from a specific image or physical product can be used to prompt a link via a camera. Unlike QR codes, visual recognition technology removes the need to reprint or redeploy when it comes to a change in campaign for example. This is largely achieved via none intrusive personalisation which uses technology, including iBeacons, to change content based on specific shopper information. UK companies should also look to develop an integrated digital-first approach when it comes to out of home advertising if they are to stay ahead of their competition and reach an audience that has become more interactive. While it may not offer the same data acquisition as other media, the creative freedom and placement opportunities make it a natural – and influential – way to increase awareness and reach people through fun, authentic experiences. This is a great example of how digital screens are being used to communicate information in a lively and eye catching manner, while simultaneously advertising Net-a-Porter’s global reach.
With consumers more willing to undertake research in order to find the best price, retailers need to offer the best shopping experience to encourage customers to shop in their store rather than looking to a competitor or buying online. Passers-by are given displays that offer QR codes, for instance, which, once scanned, activate content on mobile devices.

Targeting consumers on their mobile devices enables the opportunity to engage, despite their busy and hectic lifestyles. Moreover, it’s also much more user-friendly for developers who don’t have to use enclosed platforms such as Blippar or Layar. This could be how close the shopper is to a digital screen; whether or not the majority of shoppers in the store are female or male, as well as external influences such as the weather. Whenever you’re driving in your car or strolling through a store, take note of all the different potential touchpoints. Escalators, manholes, foul ball poles at baseball stadiums, projections on the side of buildings or whatever you can think of are fair game, meaning the only true creative limitation is your own imagination … and the world around you. By giving potential customers a lasting and engaging shopping experience, digital displays can be used to convert casual browsers into brand ambassadors.
For instance, if there is a high number of traffic in the ladies wear department, digital screens will change to highlight ladies wear promotions.
Many out-of-home advertising executions, in fact, were “going viral” long before going viral was something all marketers wanted to do. With so many placement options, out-of-home should be incorporated into virtually any marketing plan in some way, shape or form. Digital signage can give marketers the opportunity to tailor and alter messages with nothing more than a few clicks, which makes messages timely, relevant and, ultimately, more memorable. In the past we’ve updated jackpot amounts in real time for the Nebraska Lottery and are currently planning to incorporate countdown clocks for an ETMC membership drive. Both of these executions are simple to incorporate but add a robust dimension to the ads creating a heightened sense of urgency.

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