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About LSIncOur company was established in 2001 by providing Navy clients support in numerous Logistics functions which became our foundation as reflected in our name, Logistics Support Incorporated, (LSInc). The financial report, according to Goff, is required to reveal the 10 highest-paid employees within U.S. A little detail concerning what is known about compensation structure (base plus bonus available etc) and reminder concerning number and type (friendly vs OG etc) of games during this April 2012 to March 2013 period would be helpful so these figures could be understood in context.
Most of what is known is unfortunately from the 2006 contract article so even if included is just speculation six years later. PS- the comments written on current CBA iare it is more favorable to the players, so player compensation should rise, even in down years in the cycle.
It must feel strange playing on Thorns for $6k a season (Shim) when teammate Morgan is getting millions. Still, it’s an awkward situation for sure, but I think the US does it better (highly compensated players divided evenly across the league) than somewhere like France (Lyon on PSG get millions from their owners while all the other clubs are essentially amateur).
Not unlike when Beckham started playing for the Galaxy and some of his teammates were making peanuts.
Mostly I agree, but there are special coaches that can lift a team to success, like Lombardi in the NFL. It is very likely that all of the Olympic roster players r within a few thousand of each other right behind Morgan.
There may also be some other payments for appearances and the like that make a difference for some players, but it does show why Pia was perhaps reluctant to bring in too many new players — she had to keep to a budget.
As far as I can tell in her 5 years at the helm, Pia brought in 4 new players and tested some more. You can certainly see the financial incentive to make a WC or Olympic roster, and to win those tournaments. As TomF points out elsewhere, soccer (any sport for that matter) is a route in the USA to fully or partly paid higher education for girls. I hate to explain the facts of life to you Karl but ladies’ football can be divided into BM and AM, that is Before Marta and After Marta. Do not question the castle dwelling, rich, beautiful,and humorous football and newspaper expert.
In the US however, the most important goal for our best youth players is to get a soccer college scholarship, which can be worth well over $100K, which also translates to much higher paying jobs when these kids go into the real world.

Well, if you want to tell me that former NWSL pros earn more money than former Bundesliga players, I`d like to see a proof. When Japan won WC-11 the JFA allegedly were not planning to give them any bonus so the Kirin brewery stepped up and gave each player about $10k (ten, not hundred). There is very little money in European ladies soccer, which explains why so many of them play abroad. Interesting, what was the JFA planning on doing with the cash prize for winning the WC if they weren’t going to split it among the players?
I do not remember how little the Nadeshiko got for winning the WC but the world champions have not earned much out of their achievement.
As for them traveling coach, it was the British media who ferreted out the story and pursued it. There is not a german soldier alive who ever fought for anyones freedom but only the enslavement of others. Equal prize money has also been the rule for the skiing events for many years now, though individual sponsorships vary of course. In figure skating and gymnastics the ladies ought to pull in ten times what the men get but I doubt if that is the case. Then comes Potsdam ahead of seventh graded Tyreso, who in turn has a substantial point-distance down to Zurich, Liverpool Ladies and Sydney in tenth place.
One odd observation is that Malmo (now Rosengard), who won the Swedish league ranks below Tyreso, which suggests that the Champions league trumps domestic leagues.
They seem to have a self-appointed status and are incorporated in Lausanne, where the IOC hang out, and not Zurich, where the gnomes of FIFA sip their tea. Given how the French blotted their copybook and that Ms Marozsan is more of a striker, Lena Goessling was a decent choice. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. At least one US player has successfully gone down the body paint route while others have used startegically placed balls, so the option exists.
I’m sure there are issues, but Morgan probably employs her teammates in her camps and the like, so there can be an advantage to being on her good side.
Given the NT’s record under her, it is difficult to see what extra players were needed.

The fact that the Victory Tour was very successful compared to 2008 means they were paid much better than expected.
Stanford (O’Hara, Press) and Berkeley (Morgan) are among the worlds very best universities while Duke, UNC and Notre Dame are jolly good also.
Lyon started it but another key person was John Terry who saved Chelsea Ladies from extinction. Wouldn’t it be great if these 10 teams played against one another in some kind World Club Cup tournament.
It is not for everyone and some lady sportspersons have famously declined generous offers to be folded out. She has and then some…All these women are underpaid compared to their male counterparts. Plus Morgan was smart not to take the fancy place the team offered and instead shared an apartment. Really, JK is paid $3M in a WCQ year, but with a $500k penalty if they don’t qualify. Let them earn their lioness’s share through their clubs and give the club a bonus when a player is selected to the NT.
The big money seems to be in the German and French leagues, maybe a bit in the English now. Or even if the clubs from UEFA can manage a few friendlies with non-UEFA clubs would be interesting to watch. This gives FIFA a chance to put the WC in Europe again, possibly in France or England, so Japan will be rewarded in one way or another.
If Shim is thinking at all it is that it is nice that the sport has grown enough women are able to make a little money at all if they reach the top of their field like Morgan has. On another note, Hope Solo might be pleased that she got voted 2013 Best Goalkeeper over Angerer.

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