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Jargon-free technical support and buying advice to help make sense of our members' computing issues. Whether you're new to us or a longstanding member, there are several ways to get in touch. Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. Trabajaron con transistores, la primera , la TX ? 0 ( Transistored expeimental computer 0 ) y DEC (Digital Equipment Company). En 1984 aparece el CD ROM, por Philips y Sony; NEC fabrica un Chip de 256 Kbits e IBM un chip Ram de 1 Mb, intel introduce el 80286.
Estos ordenadores son fabricados por Apple Computer, quienes virtualmente se "aislaron del estandar impuesto por las PC. Tiene similitud con las PC, puesto que pueden funcionar con varios sistemas operativos como linux, que corre en ambas plataformas, aunque tienen que hacerse versiones especiales de algunos programas para Mac. Joseph Jacquard automatiza los telares mediante las cintas de papel perforado, que suministran los dibujos de las telas. Charles Babbage construye la máquina de diferencias, que soluciona polinomios de segundo grado. Ada Byron, Contesa de Lovelace e hija de Lord Byron, el poeta, documenta el trabajo de Babbage y escribe programas para la máquina. La empresa Tabulating Machine Company, fundada en 1896, cambia de nombre por el de International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Lanzamiento del sistema operativo Windows 95, un entorno multitarea con interfaz simplificada y con otras funciones mejoradas. Los procesadores actuales de intel Core 2 Duo y pentium IV core Duo, AMD AM2, con 2 GB en Ram y 500 MB en Disco Duro, actualmente tambien extiste el terabyte es una unidad de medida de almacenamiento de datos cuyo símbolo es TB y puede equivaler a 1024 GB.
Here at Mid South Computers we offer new PC Computers and Apple Mac Computers at an affordable price. During a recent meeting with journalists in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella spoke about Microsoft’s Office strategy and its focus on productivity. He then describes Apple as a hardware company — which, of course, is only part of their story. One of the main points of differentiation in the Mac or PC debate is the costs and upgradability of hardware. If that much R&D flows into building better machines, it’s no stretch to think that higher-quality hardware and better support wouldn’t be a part of the mix. But as good as it might be, Mac hardware does have limitations when it comes to configurations. But remember, some hardware upgrades aren’t officially recognized by Apple, so you’re responsible for repairs and compatibility.
On the software side, there are some other areas of the Mac or PC question IT managers and decision-makers need to consider. That said, with as many configurations as there are with Windows, the gap isn’t as large as you’d think in terms of flexibility. Though Windows users still have significantly more to fear, viruses are becoming more and more platform-agnostic — not to mention increasingly focused on the mobile sector. From the looks of it, IT asset disposition (ITAD) of your decommissioned assets may seem like duck soup. IBM introduce el primer disco duro, y aparece en 1956 la UNIVAC, luego ERMETH, en 1957 FORTRAN, en 1959 el lenguaje COBOL, y en 1960, una computadora de 120 mil dólares. En 1985 la computadora Cray llega la velocidad de 713 Mflops, Intel lanza el 80386, y en 1988, Motorola lanza sus procesadores RISC 88000, en 1989, el procesador Intel 80486. In short, he says that Microsoft’s value proposition to customers is that they make products that empower others in their work and personal lives. Unfortunately for Nadella, as The New York Times points out, making tools for productivity is everyone’s strategy these days. And if you buy into at least part of Nadella’s assessment of Apple, it’s easy to see why Mac hardware and its ecosystem could be pricier than your standard PC.
Apple’s strong ecosystem — of developers, the app store, support and partners — is also often cited as a reason for potential price premiums.

If you want to upgrade things besides the RAM or hard drive, you’ll likely have to move down to find a cheaper Mac, sacrificing upgrade options and performance. Anyone who spends time supporting older applications in the enterprise can certainly attest to this.
WinBeta says there are more than 175,000 apps in the Windows Store, compared to almost 20,000 in the Mac store. And since Apple’s Mac Store is geared for workstations, it brings some different dynamics to the software debate. That’s a big lift when it comes to OS X, because users don’t have to keep track of driver updates, security patches and anti-virus software. While this has been a traditionally strong area for Apple, the gap here, again, is not as large as it once was.
All platforms and devices are tools, and all of us have to pick the right combinations for what we do.
And are there still enough gaps between the two to drive someone to choose one over the other? Building high-performance frankenmachines is a lot easier with Windows than with Hackintoshes.
It’s not unusual to see (sometimes much) older HR, engineering or payroll applications still running on Windows machines — Microsoft only ended supportfor Windows XP this year, 13 years after XP’s release. The good news is that the companies that make our tools are competing hard to be the tool of choice. Every computer that we sell comes with the peace of mind that you have local, professional service support to back your new purchase. But outside the mobile space is Windows has more options, with apps for music, video and communication tools like IM and chat. Microsoft now has tools like Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender in Win 8) that make protection a point-and-click process. While Apple’s legacy in this area gives it a built-in advantage with creatives and quality of experience, Windows has been attempting to catch up with boosts in  processing speed, support for multiple monitors and better support for peripherals and device compatibility. We can have any computer you may want, at a price you can appreciate, at our shop in a day or two.

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